Brief Description

Whether you are a student sitting through a lecture or a professional sitting in an important business presentation, taking notes is a vital task for many people. The note-taking process has evolved with technology over time, to provide you with more control over how you access, archive, share and edit the important information you take as notes.

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Features & Benefits
  • Digitalize Your Work

    Electropen 3 is the perfect link between the Analog World and the Digital World. It uses normal pen refill and normal paper for note taking or sketching and converts these into real-time JPG images on the mobile, tablets and laptops. The Uniqueness of Electropen3 is that it allows the user to not only view the static JPG picture but also see the video of the entire process of taking notes or drawing a sketch; in the video format with a voice-over option. The in-built microphone allows the user to record high quality voice while taking notes therefore making them live.

  • Normal Paper, Normal Refill

    Electropen3 works with normal paper and normal refill 10 Rs. commonly available in the market anywhere. This eliminates any additional variable cost and adds convenience for the user.

  • Video Mode-Live Notes, Live Sketches

    Electropen3 comes with an in-built microphone that allows the user to record high quality voice while they take notes. The entire video recording of note taking and sketch making is stored in the Phone. This takes the whole experience of note-taking and sketching to a completely new level and allows the users to re-live the whole experience anytime, anywhere.

  • Suitability & Use

    Electropen3 is extremely useful for Teachers, Trainers, Students, NGO's, Skill Development Agencies, Product Designers, Marketing & UI/UX Professionals and other professionals for managing and sharing knowledge digitally. Electropen 3 brings benefits to on-line communication, remote teaching, training & learning.

  • Capture Notes Remotely

    Electropen3 uses a small receiver to scan your notes as you write on normal paper, additionally allowing you to voice mark your notes. You can eventually view your notes, images or sketches as a compact video on the Mobile Screen / Tablet wirelessly.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity

    Electropen 3 supports Bluetooth connection between Tablets, Mobile, etc.

  • Wired Connectivity

    You have the option to connect your Electropen 3 to your Laptops / Desktops via the wired connectivity option.

  • OTG Connectivity

    Electropen 3 also allows connection via the OTG cable.

  • Erasable

    Add a new dimension to your live notes – Electropen 3 now makes it possible for you to edit / erase your notes / sketches easily.

  • Colour & Size Modification

    Change the notes / art colours and/or your pen size to suit your requirements.

  • Digital Signature

    Electropen3 is extremely handy and very useful for capturing digital signatures.

  • Dimensions

    Change the notes / art colours and/or your pen size to suit your requirements.

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