Lite House

Lite House

Brief Description

Imagine your home is suddenly thrown in darkness due to electricity outage. You have to use your cell phone which is low is low on battery.™ðhat if you had a two-in-one Re-chargeable Emergency light which can also act as a battery bank to bring light into your home and also charge your
mobile phone so that you are not in dark and also connected to the world despite power outage!™éortronics brings LiteHouse, a magnetic base
LED lamp which can also be used as a emergency pow


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Features & Benefits
  • Magnetic LED Light

    Sticks on Surface with its Magnetic Base.

  • 450 Lumens LED Light

    Ideal for any emergency.

  • Set Intensity of Light

    High, Medium or Low.

  • Ultra Compact

    Perfect for pocket & Purses.

  • 4400mAh USB Power Bank

    Charges Phones & Tablets at 1A.

  • Configuration

  • Universal Compatibility

    Optimized Charging for any Device.

  • Packaging & Content

Tech Specs
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