Seesaw Mini WiFi HD cctv Camera VR


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Portronics has launched a very compact, affordable, easy to use and attractive wifi HD Camera “SeeSaw” which also has a two-way audio


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Features & Benefits
  • Smart Wifi Camera

    SeeSaw, One megapixel camera comes with 1280-720p HD advanced CMOS sensor and a high quality lens for very clear real-time video images at 30 Frames / Sec. It uses MPEG (Motion JPEG) and H.264 compression. It shows color video in good light conditions and black & white in the dark ambient light conditions.

  • Motion Detection Alert

    SeeSaw does Motion Detection.

  • View Loved Ones Remotely

    With SeeSaw, remote monitoring your home, loved ones like young kids or elderly parents or pets, valuables, cars, offices, etc becomes very easy, anytime from anywhere on your smartphone. SeeSaw can help you remotely take timely action in-case of any unwarranted event, so you can peacefully work away from home or office.

  • Office Surveillance

    The HD WIFI Camera is ideal for Residential, Small to Medium-sized Business (SMB) and SOHO customers for their indoor surveillance security needs.

  • Night Vision

    SeeSaw shows clear color video in good light conditions and black & white in the dark ambient light conditions.

  • Two Way Talk Feature

    The integrated sensitive mic and a good quality mini half-watt speaker on the SeeSaw body allows a remote two-way audio communication using SIP/VoIP with your connected smartdevice like phone / tab /laptop.

  • Adjustable 360° Magnetic Base

    SeeSaw has a strong magnetic base. So you do not need to 'wire' it and it can be tucked at right spots in home/office without getting noticed or creating a mess. All it needs is a powersource through any USB2.0 adaptor and a USB cable. All this makes it easy to install in minutes

  • Playback Anytime, Anywhere

    SeeSaw automatically records rolling video into your SD card. You can playback, snapshot or record clips to your own storage.

  • 1280*720 Pixels

    Now it's time to enjoy shape and beautiful images and videos.

  • Attractive Colours

    Available in two attractvie colours.

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