Car Power 4 Black

10.8A Car Charger with 5 USB Ports

Car Power 4 Black

Brief Description

Car Power 4 is an elegant and sturdy 5 ports USB car charger, with two USB ports in front and three port hub-with-clip at the back connected with a 5 feet long cable. The sleek design with color-accented rubberized finish matches the plush interiors of your car / SUV.
A total of 10.8A is sufficient to charge 5 of the very high current consuming devices, all at once. The front two priority USB ports deliver upto 2.0 -
2.4A each, depending on your device, and the rear three USB por


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Features & Benefits
  • 5 Port Charging HUB

    A totalof 10.8A is sufficient to charge 5 devices at once & 5 feet cable is good enough all sizes of cars and SUVs.

  • Smart IC Charger

    Car Power 4 has an inbuilt smart chip to protect your smart devices against over-current and over-charging.

  • Sleek Design

    Compact desigen with matt finish to match plush interior of your car/SUV

  • Back Seat Clip

    Itcan be easily stored in glovebox when not in use simply plug it in 12/24V sockets or cigarette lighter socket

  • Enjoy Your Family Tour

  • Universal Compatibility

    Compatible with all 5V Devices.

Tech Specs
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