RuffPad 10

10 Inch.Re-Writable LCD Pad

RuffPad 10

Brief Description

RuffPad 10 is a LCD Drawing Pad which can be used for multiple activities like: as a Writing Pad, notice or memo pad, reminder and to-do list pad, play games like crosses and naughts or tic-tac-toe, kids doodle board cum handwriting practice cum math practice pad, and also a sticky note pad on the refrigerator where you leave a messages for your spouse or kids. The Erase Button allows the user to simply erase the existing content on the pad with a simple press of a button making the pad ready


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Features & Benefits
  • Easy to Communicate

    Light and easy to carry and can be recycled.Can communicate with others deaf & dump people.

  • Ultra Thin

    It is lightweight, ultra thin and handy device which is ideal of homes, offices and in-between. The stylus is very user friendly

  • Content Safety Button

    The intelligent Lock key on the pad prevents accidental erasing of content on the pad.

  • One-touch Erase Button

    Tablet displays your notes until you erase them with touch of a button one-touch button erases notes instantly

  • Useful For Office Work

    Durable case and recessed screen are safe for office,school,travel and home use

  • CardBord Packaging

    It comes with high quality CardBoard Packaging

Tech Specs
  • Model :
  • Color :
  • Battery :
  • Product Code :
  • Body :
  • Display :
  • Surface:
  • Safety Lock :
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