Swipe screen Cleaner

Swipe screen Cleaner

Brief Description

We all love touchscreens and gadgets and life is unimaginable without them. Infact you are reading this article on one such device. We touch such gadget screens and surfaces all through the day – while working or having fun, eating or travelling, and from first thing in the morning to last in the night before we finally crash. Our oily & creamy snacks leave our fingers greasy and most of us, especially children and busy executives, do not wash our hands. On top of it, many of us nail-bite d



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Features & Benefits
  • Mighty And Gentle Microfiber

    Nifty microfibers easily clear away germs, dirt,dust and fingerprints from screens and Gadgets.Get reacquainted with your Smartphone.

  • All-in-one

    Integrated microfibers spray easy to Carry

  • Portable Design

    Swipe is designed with portability in mind

  • Just Spray and and swipe

Tech Specs
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