Tring Innovative Products CR2030 Button Battery X1


Brief Description

Remember the pain we lose or misplace our important and valuable things like wallets & purses, or our mobile phones, or home or car keys? Worst is when our children or old parents or pets wandering away in a park or a shopping mall. Portronics Tring, a small yet smart little multi-purpose device offers two-way anti-lost function, a key-finder function and a Remote-Camera Shutter function. You just need to pair Tring with your Apple or Android phone. The first function - "Anti-Lost", Tring and



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Features & Benefits
  • Easily Find Lost Things

    The first function - "Anti-Lost", Tring and phone alert you if they are separated by more than 10 meters, until they are brought in the range.

  • Location Record

    The phone has a "last location" record on the map after it is disconnected from the Tring.

  • 100% Dust & Water Proof

    Tring is 100% Dust Proof and Water Proof (IP67). This means you can safely take it outdoors, in heat or rain, without a worry.

  • Remotely Capture Images

    You can use Tring for taking pictures or selfies by just pressing the button on Tring and the paired smartphone will take the picture. It acts as a 10 meter long virtual selfie stick. You pair the Tring with your Phone using Bluetooth 4.0 (Low Energy - LE) you can do it right in the Tring's app.

  • Anti-Lost Buzzer

    If you misplace either one of the Tring (attached to wallet or keychain) or the paired phone, then the other one can be used to "Find" the lost one. For example, if you have lost the keychain or wallet that is attached to Tring, you just need to open the app on your phone and press a button in it, and Tring will start beeping wherever it is. Alternately, if you have misplaced your phone, you just need to press the single button on Tring, and the phone will start ringing even if the phone is in silent mode.

  • Tring Can be attached to most Items.

Tech Specs
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