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Magno R

backseat headrest magnetic mobile holder

Magno R

  • Magno R
Brief Description

MAGNO-R, a magnetic car phone holder which is a simple yet elegant solution for holding your mobile phones / tabs while you sit back and enjoy your favorite movies on your device. It’s a magnetic mobile holder especially designed and developed for rear seat person who wants to keep his/her hands totally free yet use the mobile device.


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Features & Benefits

    The level to fit on to the headrest is made of scratch less silicon mat to prevent any scratches to the rod and the body of Magno R is made up of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic which offers a good resistance to extreme temperatures and chemicals, hence giving it a long life.


    Magno R can swivel 360 degree giving your flexibility of view.

  • HOOK

    It can take heavy loads and can also carry handbags, coats, groceries, water bottles, and many more items.


    The strong magnet in the device can be rotated up to 360°, so another comforting feature is that you can us your device in a portrait as well as landscape mode. Its easy installation makes it compatible to all the cars.

  • Packaging

    Magno - R is easily attached to the headrest steel bars of the car’s front seat, facing the rear passenger. It has a 3M sticker metallic coin-shaped patch which you can attach to the rear of the device without worrying about spoiling the body of your device. You can stick it to the mobile cover also.

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