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Pen stick

Brief Description

Portronics presents its range of best in class selfie sticks which truly supersedes other selfie sticks that are available in the market. Meeting the contemporary times, the stick is available in various colour schemes apart from the regular black and silver colours. The Pen Stick comes in three colours- black, blue and Orange. This way, you get a chance to choose a stick that matches the colour of your phone. Your friends will be envious of you when they will see the stick. When they will be


Regular Price: ₹599

Special Price ₹399

33% off

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Regular Price: ₹599

Special Price ₹399

33% off

Features & Benefits
  • Light Weight

    The great advantage of this is that unlike those selfie sticks that use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi this system doesn't require and additional batteries that can run low and be unreliable. It also results in this selfie stick being exceptionally light at just 92 grams or s

  • Solid Grip

    Solid grip make it easy and comfortable to hold and with a sprung phone bracket it can accommodate any cell phone that measures between 5 cm and 8.5CM, even the heaviest of them will be held firmly in place by its strong grip. This bracket is full adjustable so as it can rotate a full 360 degrees and tilt between 180 degrees.

  • Compact Size

    When folded up this compact selfie stick measures just 13.4cm and can expand to 70cm so not only is it easy to carry but it's extremely versatile for composing shots. This avoid those, head filling the picture shots, and the obvious, arm reaching in from the side photos, without having to hand your precious phone over to a stranger.

  • Different Colors to Choose From

    Pen Stick Available in 3 Different Colors.

  • Works As Stand

    When watching videos, this item is a stand and any angle adjustable.

  • Attractive Packaging

    Pen Stick Comes with Attaractive Packaging.

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