Power Plate Prime White

USB Power & Surge Protector

Power Plate Prime White

Brief Description

Portronics Power Plate II comes with Three 5A electrical universal sockets and three USB ports. This entirely eliminates the need to trudge around with walladapters that take up a ton of space for every one of your phones/tablets. For safety & protection It comes with spike buster & surge protection circuit. It hasreproof material with 5V/2.1A/3USB intelligent charging interrfaces with a cord length of 1.8m. You can connect your monitor, CPU, Speakers, Laptop,Modem, TV, Sound system and many o


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Features & Benefits
  • Configuration

    Power Plate Prime comes with Three 5A electrical universal sockets and four USB ports.

  • Highly Compatible

    Ideal companion for desktops gadgets like laptops,printers,mobile phone etc Also connect your Refrigirator, Moxer grinder and other appliances

  • In-built Protection System

  • Four USB Interfaces

    Four 5V/3.1 A USB intelligent charging interfaces

Tech Specs
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