Power Wallet 20

Power Wallet 20

Brief Description

Personal gadgetry of present times like smart phones, tablets and bluetooth speakers have not only made life easy for us but also in a way have made us so dependent upon them that it is practically impossible to imagine a single day without them. The batteries used in these gadgets are not adequate to support extensive day-long usage by the user. Due to this, it is pretty common for gadget users to always look for charging ports. The latest techno solution to this problem has appeared in the



Features & Benefits
  • Quick Re-charging

    With a charging time of 10-13 hours, it is easy to be refueled of its lost energy simply put it on charge in the night and wake up finding it ready to serve.

  • 20000mAh High Capacity

    The device comes with a powerful 20000 mAh capacity, allowing the user to charge their devices multiple times through it.

  • In-built Protection System

    High quality internal circuit components, superior design and Industrial Grade material offer sturdy body, very high internal and external safety and performance even in extreme conditions. Power Wallet 20 also keeps your expensive devices more safe while charging as the internal electronics of your device remains absolutely safe due to its overload protection design.

  • Highly Compatible

    Power Wallet 20 gives you complete freedom to be truly mobile with your chargeable gadgets. You do not have to worry about compatibility as Power wallet 10 works well with ALL Mobile Phones like iPhones, Samsung Galaxy series, Galaxy Note, Tabs, HTC, MP3 Players, Digital Cameras etc.

  • Slimmest & Light Weight

    The device is designed to be light in weight and handy which is essential for those users who are travelling frequently and cannot afford to carry a large power bank with them.

  • Attractive Packaging

    It comes in a high quality craft paper packaging.

Tech Specs
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