Power Wallet 20

Quick re-charge power bank 20000mAh with dual USB ports

Power Wallet 20

Brief Description

Gadgets like smart phones, tablets, Bluetooth speakers, digital cameras etc are now part of modern day life style and for most people, they are must haves. While these gadgets have made the life comfortable and enjoyable, the problem is to keep them charged all the time. With Portronics Power Wallet 20, the 20000mAh power bank, user can recharge multiple of the above devices multiple times and on the go without the need to look for the power sockets. Power Wallet 20 is high capacity 20,000 m


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Features & Benefits
  • Quick Re-charging

    With a re-charging time of 10-13 hours, Power Wallet 20can be refueled for its lost energy simply by putting it for charging in the night to simply find it ready to serve in the morning. For heavy users with multiple gadgets and a busy lifestyle, they just forget about remembering to charge each gadget on wall socket, everyday. For normal users, they can charge the Power Wallet 20 once and they are good to re-charge their 1800- 4000 mAh smartphones for upto 4-7 times.

  • Power to Keep You Going On and On

    Built using the thinner and lighter Li-Polymer battery that have higher life span too, Power Wallet 20 delivers 20000mAh to charge multiple devices or a device multiple times. With 2 USB ports, 5V/1.0A and 5V/2.1A, user can charge two devices simultaneously with ease.

  • Safety is the Priority

    With 8 layers of advanced chipset protection system, high quality internal circuit components, superior design and Industrial Grade material for sturdy body, Power Wallet 20 keeps you and your expensive devices more safe against all possible hazards.

  • Universal Compatibility

    Power Wallet 20 gives you the complete freedom to be truly mobile with the chargeable gadgets. One can re-charge all mobile phones like iPhones, Samsung Galaxy series phones, Galaxy Note, Tabs, HTC phones as well as MP3 Players, Digital Cameras etc. with Power Wallet 20.

  • Light Weight, Thin and Stylish

    With Li-Polymer battery used in Power Wallet 20, the power bank is lightweight and thin which is essential for those users who travel frequently and cannot afford to carry a large power bank with them. The classy black colored, high grade plastic body material gives the stylish look to add in your style quotient of the mobile accessories.

  • Attractive Packaging

    It comes in a high quality craft paper packaging.

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