Scanny 7

Scanny 7 Portable scanner Portable Scanners 1200mAh

Scanny 7

Brief Description

Scanny 7 is an easy new portable scanner for going paperless. It’s tiny and mobile, so you can take it everywhere. Scanny 7 is the perfect choice for small businesses, mobile professionals or anyone else who needs a compact mobile scanner loaded with high performance features. Scan photos, business cards, invoices, statements, receipts, contracts, forms, handwritten notes and more with these lightweight portable scanners that take up minimal space whether in a briefcase or on desktop.


Regular Price: ₹6,999

Special Price ₹5,900

16% off

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Regular Price: ₹6,999

Special Price ₹5,900

16% off

Features & Benefits
  • Simple

    Scanny 7 loves making scanning simple just turn it on and insert your paper. It automatically pulls your sheet through and makes a digital copy in seconds. You get everything you need to go paperless in one box.

  • Confirmation LCD

    Built in 1.44 inch LCD to view the scans before you can transfer them to computer , now without computer also you are sure that scans are complete

  • Scanning Formats

    Scanny 7 different than other scanners as it's small about the size of an empty paper towel roll so you can tuck it away in a drawer when you're not scanning. Scanny 7 simple and sets up in two minutes flat. Scans are stored on an SD card (included), just like a digital camera.

  • Real time scanning

    The Scanner can also be connected to computer and with the help of scan app in your Laptop, the scans can be seen real time while they are scanned.

  • Rechargeable

    No more expensive and ever dying AA batteries and never be unsure that you will not have enough batteries when you need them. The scanner comes with inbuilt 1200 mah li polymer battery.Bundled adapter allows you to charge the scanner anywhere and anytime. Scanner will also get charged through the computer through bundled USB cable.

  • Simple Synch

    Scanny 7 stores your scans on a micoSD card (Not included) just like a digital camera. When you're ready to organize, simply insert Scanny 7 microSD card into your computer or connect the scanner itself via USB.

  • Resolution

    Scans can be done to the max upto 1200 DPI starting from 300 and 600 DPI. The scan quality is as good as normal large scanners without many hassles.

Tech Specs
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