Bluetooth 4.1 True Wireless Stereo with FM


Brief Description

BREEZE offers powerful 8W-45mm inbuilt speakers with great amplifiers to offer fantastic surround sound output - awesome bass and mid-range with very good treble. The powerful industry-leading size of 2200mAh lithium Ion battery can play music for more than 5-6 hours on a single recharge. The battery can be recharged in just around 2 hours. If you want true left and right channel stereo while listening to your favourite numbers or watching a thriller on your smartphone, tab, laptop or computer



Features & Benefits
  • TWS Function

    Now connect two breeze speakers using TWS(true Wireless Stereo) connectivity and get powerful stereo sound

  • In-Built FM

    Wireless FM with in built antenna to provide you music on the go.

  • Water Resistant

    It has IPx6 water resistant body which allows you to enjoy music both wire-less and worry-less


    With the built-in microphone, Breeze acts as a speakerphone so you can use it for hands-free mobile voice calls.

  • Play Any Time ,Anywhere

    Play Music Anywhere with Micro SD Card

  • 4-5 Hour Playtime

    Impressively long for a speaker this powerful.

  • Function Key

    Breeze is quick connect and easy to use.

  • Bluetooth

    Breeze offers a high Bluetooth range of almost 10m, giving you the comfort to play your music as and from wherever you want it. The Mobile hands-free communication is easy to operate

Tech Specs
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