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Phoni 3

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Phoni 3 is an amazing device which reduces 95% radiations coming from your phone. By distancing yourself from the phone you have connected the retro handset to, you keep your brains safe from harmful rays. The 3 colours available make it look in sync with the times and it can be called a "fashion talky" as well. Basically, Phoni 3 acts like a landline device which uses your mobile phone to connect with the world. A classical retro thing which reminds us of our childhood has always been a hit


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Features & Benefits
  • Radiation Free Call

    The handset enables you to make radiation free calls. It ensures that your brain is not affected by the harmful rays that your smartphone emits as the retro handset emits zero radiation itself.

  • High Quality AUX Cable

    The retro handset comes with a high quality AUX cable which will remind you of old landline phones. The cable is winded up like a spring to increase durability as well as length, so that you can distance yourself from the smartphone.

  • Rubber Grip

    Rubber grip on the handset lets you talk without worrying about the fact that the phone might slip out of your hands. Modern day phones are slimmer and have a metal casing around them which makes the phone slippery and tough to hold.

  • No Batteries Required

    There are no batteries required for Phoni 3 to function as it is powered by the phone to which you connect it. This saves you from the hassles of charging the device every now and then.

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