6 Promising Portable Gadgets that will make life of working professionals easier

6 Promising Portable Gadgets that will make life of working professionals easier

In today’s growing Service and Industry sector, to increase office productivity and minimise employees’ fatigue and boredom, some smart portable gadgets are available for office executives. Portronics is a leading and reliable brand in the market for people who are looking for smart & portable gadgets.

Here is a list of some portable gadgets by Portronics that can be very useful for office executives.   

1) Harmonics twins II earbuds- A good pair of earbuds is an essential office gadget. In offices, employees have to stay connected with their colleagues. Harmonics Twins II earbuds get them free from the messy wires of earphones all the time. 

 These are great because they simply connect to and switch between devices like your smartphone and tablet through Bluetooth, so they don’t need to switch the pairing between devices. They give you a Hi-Fidelity True Wireless Stereo experience which makes audio clearer.  

Both earpods and smart cases come with inbuilt rechargeable batteries (380mAh for the case and 40mAh for the earpods. The size of the smart case is pocket friendly and they use the latest 5.0 version of Bluetooth. They are ergonomically designed and come in three different sizes for all ear shapes and sizes.


They are also perfect for quickly making phone calls either from your phone or your tablet, as office executives have to make so many calls during in-office hours. You just have to tap the earpods, and you are ready to talk. They work equally well with iOS, Google Assistant, and Alexa and its Bluetooth can work within 33 feet range. And you can get all these features at just Rs 1629 only.                                

2) Power 45 - A power bank is the need of the hour. In offices, executives have to spend a lot of time working on laptops and tablets and making several calls over the phone. This drains out the battery of their devices quickly.

 They need to charge their devices frequently, but it's not always possible for them to plug in their laptop or mobile and charge them. Sometimes being present in a meeting over the phone or giving a presentation on a laptop makes it difficult to keep it plugged in. So Portronics Power 45 power Bank is the perfect solution for this.

 It has a powerful battery capacity of 20000mAh for maximum output. Its 45W output is more than enough to charge up multiple devices simultaneously and with the same speed. It can charge up your phone, laptop, tablet, speaker, headphones, or digital camera with equal compatibility.

It comes with superior charging safety features which protect your devices from charging-induced damages like over-voltage, over-temperature, incorrect insertion, and short circuits.

This power bank has dual type-C input ports and dual USB output ports to plug in your devices. Power 45 has LED indicators that indicate the status of the devices that are charging and vice versa. It has a wake-up button that acts as a power button to break the circuit to prevent the battery bank from self-discharging. All these features cost you only Rs 2799. 

3) Freedom 15 - Portronics Freedom 15 wireless charger is a very useful product for those who frequently need to charge their phones. In offices, employees have to plug in and plug out their phones frequently from cabled chargers that can damage their charging slot. So freedom 15 is their cup of tea. 

It has a dual coil induction charging system that makes charging super fast in just under 60 minutes. It gives dual charging position features for both portrait and landscape, so you just have to put your phone on this wireless charger in either position of your choice.

It is made up of a hard-built durable body with an aluminum alloy enhanced design for sufficient grip. You can easily put your phone in it without worrying about slipping from the charger.

It comes with dual charging mode, viz. fast charging mode with 15W and normal charging mode with 7.5 W. Do charge your phone at your own pace. It is lightweight yet powerful. It is only 130 gm but runs like a supercharger. It only costs Rs 1099 only.

4)  LCD Ruffpad 15 - It is another amazing and worth buying product from Portronics for office executives. They attend several meetings in a day, and they have to note down many tiny points in the meetings, have to give small presentations to their boss, set reminders for the next schedules, and so much other daily work which can be done on Portronics LCD Ruffpad 15.

 With a writing pad that provides you with the best electronic writing experience, office executives can draw, write, set reminders, learn or practice over this writing pad. The ruffled 15 is a 15 inches writing pad that makes your writing extra comfortable.

Its lightweight and compact design allow you to carry out your art wherever you go. It comes with a magnetic strip on the backside that sticks to any metal base easily. It protects your eyes by being radiation-free, has no glowing colors or glares, and fits for long hours working -safe for kids also. It costs only Rs 1199 only in your pocket.

 Ruffpad has long-lasting battery life, is shock-resistant, high a grade plastic body, and 3V button battery making it the best gadget for all your writing and drawing needs.

5) Muffs M1 headphones— Work from home is becoming increasingly popular, and many people are reluctant to go back to the office after the pandemic is over. Headphones are an essential part of the work from the home office since you can’t always control the noise around you in the home office. Whether you have loud neighbours’ kids, or just annoying people talking loudly in the coffee shop,  headphones can help you zone out and focus on your work distraction-free.

Portronics Muffs M1 wireless headphones have high ratings for sound quality and active noise. They make it so that you can clearly hear your music or phone calls, no matter how loud the environment is. It uses the latest 5.0 version of Bluetooth and is built with an ergonomic design for a pleasant experience for your ears.

muffs m1 over the ear headphones

It includes cushioned ear pads to make you feel comfortable for long hours. It has a 3.5mm AUX port to connect your headphones with another device through a cable. It comes with a powerful bass that gives you a better listening experience. You can have up to 10 hours of wireless freedom with muffs M1. It is available in five colors so that you can have the color of your choice. Also, it is very pocket friendly and costs you only Rs.1749. 

6) My Buddy + - Whether working from the office or home, executives must have to work on laptops. Working for long hours on laptops can be a reason for back pain, neck pain, and strain and causes so much physical fatigue. Bad postures for long hours can be worse, and wrong sitting or standing positions can reduce their efficiency in the workplace. Laptops get warm and are liable to damage if used without a cooling surface.

All these problems have a one-stop solution- Portronics My Buddy+ laptop stand. It’s a multi-utility cooler desk for your laptop. This ultimate laptop accessory allows laptop users to access their laptops in any desired posture.

This laptop table comes with adjustable height and angle features. Its height is adjustable between 23.5-31.5cm, and angular adjustments can be between 0-30 degrees. Its built is space-saving. Its legs can be folded and kept anywhere. 

One amazing feature of this desk is its inbuilt cooling fan that keeps the laptop cool while using it. Another unique feature of the inbuilt USB cable is present on this desk. Just plug in a device and play. No extra wire is required for the plugin.

It comes with unique wrist protection and an anti-slip system. A soft silica rubber is attached below the laptop and mouse area that makes your wrist and hand more comfortable. It is available in two color options and costs Rs. 2099 only.

Working professionals can use these six portable gadgets to reduce their fatigue, a mess of cables and workload, and increase their work efficiency and hours of work. These portable gadgets help them in executing their work in a more comfortable way that ultimately results in the betterment and growth of the professionals, and the company as well.   

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