About Us


What we do!
Since its inception in 2010, Portronics has been a pioneer in Portable & Innovative technology, dominating the Indian landscape, and how. A leader in the Consumer Electronics space, Portronics has launched over 1,600 products since its inception and continues to make access to innovation, easier. We believe that a product is more than just a gadget; its a lifestyle experience!

Why we do it?
With a PAN India presence, Portronics has been successfully delivering innovation at your doorstep for more than 10 years and is constantly working up the ladder of transformation. We were the first to introduce the Indian market to Portable Bluetooth speakers, power banks, portable projectors, and scanners. As user-centered, digital product sellers, our goal is to design products that go hand-in-hand with our customers, and also in their pockets!

How we do it?
We strongly believe that a gadget should be an enabler and not a liability. Having sold more than 10 million products in the past 10 years, Portronics products are extremely portable, user-centered, and innovative. We understand your needs and derive the most usable, stylish, and quality products, to the best of our technological capability.

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