A Complete Guide To Help You In Buying Type-C Cables In 2024

A Complete Guide To Help You In Buying Type-C Cables In 2024

What is a Type-C cable? 

Are you looking for a charger with lightning speed? Are you tired of carrying different types of cable for different gadgets? Are you looking for something that will transfer data faster to your devices?

Then you are in the right place. In this article, you will find solutions to the problems which everyone faced with Type-C cable.

The answer to all of your problems is a Type-C USB cable. It can charge fast and transfer data in a short time. It can save a great deal of your time. It has many benefits which make it popular worldwide. First, let take a look at what exactly is a Type-C USB. So, Let's get started.  

What Is Type-C USB?

USB Type-C cable is used to transmit power and data on a cable. The USB implementation forum developed the USB Type-C connector, the group of companies that have certified, developed, and shepherded the USB standard over the period till now. 

You can easily tell it apart from the older USB types. It has an oval shape different than older USB types. Its edges are smooth, and it is symmetrical. It cannot be inserted incorrectly because it is symmetrical.

Type-C USB can easily fit into phones as it is narrow. It is the standard connector for all devices like phones, laptops, computers, etc. MacBook Pro, Samsung Galaxy phones, and Nintendo Switch use Type-C USB devices.

Why is Type-C USB best?

The full form of a USB is a "Universal Serial Bus." Engineers thought it would replace all the connectors in the world; that's why they named it Universal Serial Bus. But that just doesn't happen; there were several variations of USB is have launched over the years. 

USB types like micro USB were launched. The previous Type-A USB needs to be symmetrical and also needs to transfer data faster. Now the latest version of USB- Type-C USB is symmetrical and with faster charging and data transfer features. So now most people prefer the new version to the old one.

What do you need to know about USB Type-C cable benefits?

Here are the benefits of Type-C USB cable that make it more usable and popular

  • Reversible

Type-C USB cable is reversible, which means it can be connected to the connector from both sides. In this, you have the Type-C connector to both sides of the connector, and then you can connect one end to the adaptor and the other to any device. 

Others types of USB are not that efficient as you have to check the orientation of the USB before plugging it. Which sometimes makes it difficult to plug it in one go. So the connection of the USB speeds up the process.

  • Symmetry

The Type-C USB has round edges on both sides and is symmetrical. You can plug in any direction and don't have to think about the right orientation or direction. This type of USB is efficient and easy to plug in compared to the old A-type USB. So it improves the connectivity and solves the basic problem.

  • Speed

Type-C USB cable has a speed that relies on USB 3.1 technology. With Thunderbolt 3 support, the speed can reach 40Gbps starting with 5Gbps. According to the speed port that is USB 3.0 Or USB 3.1, the standard of speed is set. It supports a fast data transfer rate like a 3.0 USB.

  • Power delivery

Power delivery is one of the important features of this type of USB type. It has the capability to have a power output of output up to 100 watts at 5A and 20V. 

Type-C USB is more advantageous than the Type-A USB. Type-C USB gives 100 watts, and a laptop needs at least 60 watts for charging. So a Type-C USB is sufficient for charging the laptops. The phones also get charged faster by this type of USB. Power delivery is one feature you look for when you purchase a USB.

  • Type-C USB compliance with Thunderbolt™3

Some companies manufacture Type-C USBs that work fine with Thunderbolt™3. And some companies don't include the features of the Type-C USB so that it can work properly with Thunderbolt™3. So, it depends on the company; most companies now come with Type-C USBs that can work with different things like Thunderbolt™3.

  • Universal

USB Implementer Forum has developed Type-C USB, backed by popular companies like Apple, HP, Samsung, etc. So that's why it is popular worldwide. It is one of the features which made it known worldwide, so that's why people can benefit from its features, which make their life easy.

  • Compatibility of the USB

Type-C USB is compatible with several third-party devices like USB hubs, docking stations, etc. The Type-C USB cable supports Alt Mode, and by this mode, the connection goes to another level. We can get videos on display standards like VGA, DisplayPort, TV, Projectors, HDMI, etc. From the docking station and adapters via Type-C USB. It is compatible with many devices.

  • Protection

USB-IF launched a program, a Type-C USB authentication program. This program protects the devices from threats caused by USB chargers and alleviates the risks of harmful and unreliable USB devices. 

The data and connection flow will be interrupted if there is any suspicious Type-C USB cable charger connected to the device. And when the protection is proper, it will not face any problems like an interruption in the flow of the connection.

  • Durability

Type-C USB is durable, as the studies say it has the capacity to work with 10000 pluggings and unplugging and can go even further. Durability is one of the traits that makes Type-C USB a better USB cable than others. It can be used for a long time without any problem.

  • Independence

One of the best things about Type-C USB cables is you can use them for almost all devices. It is optional to use the same brand of Type-C USB cable as the device. 

You can use a Type-C USB cable for different types of devices, even if it is from a different manufacturer of the devices. So you don't have you waste your money by buying Different charging chords for different devices. These are some of the benefits that make the Type-C USB cable popular worldwide. It makes life easy for everyone who works with devices that need charging. 

Some of the Portronics products that you would like to see

Portronics C-Konnect

Portronics Type C USB hub

It is a 3-in-1 USB Type C Adapter with power delivery, a 3.0 adapter, and HDMI 4K. You can connect the adapter to three different types of gadgets simultaneously.

It can transfer data 5Gbps super fast. It is easy to carry wherever you go. You can just put it in a handbag or backpack. It allows you to mirror your USB Type-C device display to your HDMI-enabled TV, Monitor, or Projector in up to 4K Ultra HD resolution.

Portronics Konnect L POR-1403

Portronics Type C cable

It has a Charging and Data sync function for smartphones. This is a Type USB. The materials used are of high quality- Nylon and TPE. These materials make the cable durable for a longer period. The length of the cable is 1.2 meters long with extra thickness. 

It is made that way so you can extend it to devices that are not very close to the adaptor. It is made with great thought for multiple uses. It gives the best performance and comfort to the users.

Portronics Adapto 32 C 2.4A

Portronics Adaptor with Type C enable

  • Connector-type USB
  • Compatible Devices- CellPhones, Laptops
  • Compatible Phone Models- iPhone
  • Special Feature - Dual USB Output, Smart Protection Chip, 2.4A Max Output, 1M Type C Charging Cable, Minimalist Design


The Type-C USB cable is the latest version of the USB Type. It has many benefits like reversibility, symmetry, speed, compatibility, durability, and many more, making it better than the old USB type. This cable can connect to multiple devices and gadgets.

Type-C USB has various benefits. Speed is one of the best features of this USB. Your phone will get charged at lightning speed. If you still need clarification about which USB to buy, you can go to the Portronics website. And you will find the best Type-C USB cable. 

We have different kinds of USBs at affordable charges. Make sure to visit the Portronics website. Hope you find this article valuable. And do share with family and friends who are searching for the same. If you have any queries, you can ask.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions about Type-C USBs are asked frequently.

Will Type-C USB be backward compatible?

Type-C USB is not backward compatible with traditional USB types. To connect the devices, you have to use an appropriate adapter. And some of the old power devices may not be compatible with Type-C USB because of the power requirements. Data transfer speeds are different from those of older devices.

What is the difference between USB Type-A and Type-C USB?

All the USB devices primarily used USB Type-A cables as a connector. Type-C USB is a new connector with faster charging and data transfer. They are not compatible with each other as the shape of the connector is different in both. For this, you have to buy an appropriate converter and adaptor.

Type-C USB is more advantageous than Type-A USB. Type-C USB is capable of data, power, video, and audio transmission with the same cable. It is reversible and symmetrical, unlike Type-A USB.

What type of devices use Type-C USB?

Devices like Tablets, Mobile devices, Audio or Video adapters, monitors, hard disk drives, and accessories use Type-C USB.

How fast is Type-C USB compared to previous versions of USB, Serial-ATA, or Thunderbolt?

It depends on the device type and the protocol implementation. The Ctype USB is a new type of connector that gives a faster charging and data transfer experience compared to the previous USB types.

What are some key features and benefits of Type-C USB?

Type-C USB is good at power delivery, with faster charging and data transfer, reversible, symmetrical, delivering video to display, etc. Type-C USB to VGA and USB Type-C to HDMI adapters enable laptops or tablets with Type-C USB to connect with various displays/projectors/TVs using VGA and HDMI.

Type-C USB to Gigabit Ethernet adapters enables laptops or tablets with Type-C USB to connect to the network using the RJ45 port.

Type-C USB to USB-A 3.0 adapters enable laptops or tablets with Type-C USB to connect to legacy devices (for example, a mouse or a printer).

Why the switch to Type-C USB?

For a long time, we used micro USB and still using it. It was helpful to charge different devices With just one cable. It is made to ease the life of people who use multiple gadgets. The Type-C USB takes the idea and makes it into a single port that can be used with different devices.

Must I purchase all new cables?

Type-C USB is compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 protocols. You may have to purchase compatible adapters with the Type-C USB to get a faster charging and data transfer experience. These days different types of cables are coming with the device itself. It is done so you can access all types of hardware by plugging in the USB cable. For better work, you should go for different types of USB type.

Can we use a Type-C USB port to charge my laptop with a USB Power bank?

It will depend on your laptop; you can check the Setup and Specifications manual. It will contain all the information regarding whether you may or may not use a Type-C USB cable to charge your laptop by USB power bank. Some companies have this facility and some don't, so you have to follow the device's manual.

What are the different kinds of cables?

Today, most computers, as well as chargers, come with two cables. One cable with Type-C USB on both sides and one with Type-C USB on one side and USB-A on the other. It is done basically so you can connect with different hardware with different types of systems. The faster charging and data supply will be more likely supported by the cable with both ends with-Type USB

Will I need new power adapters?

You should buy it, that will be best for the USB cable. You can use a USB-A power adapter for the Type-C USB cable, it will work, but it will not be as efficient as the Type-C USB power adaptors. The adaptor of the USB was made with the USB feature in mind. 

So there will be things that will run smoothly with the same type of adaptor. Even if you use a different type of adaptor for some time, eventually, you have to update for a better connection.

Why hasn't every phone manufacturer switched to Type-C USB yet?

Making phones, tablets, and laptops takes months of strategy in advance and some more months of implementation. So every manufacturer can't wait for the trend to plan their designs and internal system of the hardware. All the phones with micro USB you are seeing now were already planned before the launch of the Type-C USB cables. 

So it depends on the timing when the product is planned. Maybe in the future, all phone companies will go for Type-C USB cables.

How do I know I'm buying a safe-Type USB?

To be sure if you are buying a safe Type-C USB cable, you can buy the USB cable from the manufacturer of the hardware itself. The company of the hardware made sure to get the best quality cable to go with it. 

Those cables are selected particularly for the hardware. And if you don't want to buy it from the manufacturer of the hardware you bought. Then You can go for any of the trusted brands in the market. By doing that, you will get a Type-C USB cable for your hardware.

And if you want to buy third-party cables, you can go for Portronics without worry, as Portronics Type-C USB cable has all the benefits mentioned above. And You can even read the reviews on the website of Portronics. Portronics USB cables are becoming popular among people, and I sure want to take advantage of the opportunity.

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