An Overview of the QC and PD Chargers and Their Advantages

An Overview of the QC and PD Chargers and Their Advantages

All of us are fond of our electronic gadgets. But the truth is, we might not know the best way to optimize the performance. If you are still confused about what type of charger is best suitable for your device, this article is for you.

QC charger: A brief description

Technologies for fast charging are becoming more popular, and one of the most commonly used is Quick Charge. Quick Charge technology by Qualcomm enables you to spend less time connected to outlets. It charges batteries in devices quicker than regular USB makes by increasing the USB adapter's output voltage.

Why should you prefer a quick charge?

A Quick Charge-enabled charger provides more power when combined with compatible devices, enabling the connected device to charge quicker. On top of that, each new Quick Charge generation is backwards compatible to future-proof your chargers. Therefore, it will work well with the technical generations that came before.

What should we remember before purchasing the QC charger?

All of us are extra cautious when it comes to our electronic gadgets. We all try to make sure that no harm comes to them, be it in any form. Therefore, it is always advisable to buy these types of chargers from a highly trusted source. We recommend you go for Portronics QC portable charger. This charger is the best in the market for various reasons. 

Advantages of Portronics QC charger

  • Multi-port options

Portronics QC charger provides you with 4 USB ports, with an impressive current capacity of 6A. One of the ports will give you QC output, One will provide you with an output of 1A, and the remaining two ports come with 2.4A.

  • Numerous Device support

This charger supports All kinds of Android smartphones, iPhones, iPods, laptops, Bluetooth headphones, and other 5V USB devices.

  • Reliable and high-quality material that is also safe

 Portronics QC charger got approved by BIS. It has Fire Resistant Body, Surge Protection, Over Current, and Over Voltage Protection. Its Strong ABS Material is shockproof too. 

  • Easy to use

It is simple to carry around, lightweight & fits in the palm of your hand. Whether you are at home or in the workplace, you can charge all your devices with ease. It is chargeable from a single regular AC socket, and there is no need to bring additional adaptors.

  • Warranty

It comes with a 12-month warranty so that you can enjoy all of its features without any worries. 

Everything You Need to Know About USB PD

Why should you use PD charging technology?

Things move slowly in the battery world. Power Delivery, or USB PD, provides a standard that can supply five to ten times the traditional USB wattage, facilitating unparalleled rapid charging for all devices. The fact that there is no definite power path is another nice feature of the USB PD. In the past, it will power the battery of your phone if you plugged your phone into the computer. But with Power Delivery, you can power your hard drive with the handset you plug-in. USB-C PD can also charge larger devices like tablets very efficiently. 

How to choose the right PD charger for your device?

Things like the speed of charging, safety, and reliability are vital things that you should keep in mind before purchasing. Taking these points in mind, we are happy to introduce you to the brand new Portronics PD charger that is one of the best chargers in the market. We have prepared a list of points for proving our statement.

  • Superfast charging

Experience speed at its peak with this 20W PD Charger. Combine a 20W capacity with the strength of Power Delivery and Rapid Charging-and you get the ultimate charging station. it has a phenomenal capability of taking your iPhone's charge from 0 to 59% in just 30 minutes  

  • Compatible and Safe

It is Compatible with all PD and QC-equipped smartphones, including iPhone 12/12 mini/12 Pro/12 Pro Max, AirPods Pro, iPad Pro 11-inch/12.9-inch, etc.

The efficient structure of the adaptor and ABS Plastic makes it easy to use even with shaky hands. The built-in protection of this charger will shield your equipment from current, overheating, and overcharging.

  • Perfect Travel Accessory

These PD chargers are ultra-compact and lightweight. Like all items from Portronics, we can carry them anytime and anywhere. It even comes with a warranty period to give you the best experience.

After going through this article, we hope you have some ideas about these two different kinds of charging and their advantages. Remember, many companies offer the same type of chargers. After using them, you might not be impressed by their performance. Hence we recommend you to use our Portronics chargers. They are very affordable and come with a world-class built.

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