Car Accessories: Your Must-have List 2021

Car Accessories: Your Must-have List 2021

"What vehicle accessories have you chosen?" and "How might you make your car look cool?" are some of the questions that are often thrown by people as soon as you purchase a new car, or you start planning a road trip with your friends.

Overall, we all do spend a decent measure of time sitting inside a vehicle. Whether it's for our day-to-day drive or going on a road trip, there's little motivation not to make that time spent inside the car more comfortable. Though most present-day cars are loaded with a whole set of tech functions, your specific car probably won't have all you require.

In this blog, we'll investigate what we consider a car's best have you can purchase, which are all accessible at a reasonable cost. Who knows, perhaps you'll discover something you didn't even think you might need or required in your life!

Car Power QC

Living in 2021, having your phone charged has essentially become a need. Except if you own a new vehicle accompanied with USB ports for charging, you'll need to throw some errands for a car charger. There are handfuls to browse, and large numbers of them will work. But in case you are investing in a charger, you should get one from a reputable brand.

The Portronics Car Power QC highlights dual USB outputs that comes with 4x fast-charging compatibility. It is compatible with all kinds of devices and can charge within the blink of an eye. It is light way and comes with a six months warranty.

Auto 12

This suggestion will not speak to everyone, except for the individuals who don't have an in-built Bluetooth system for their vehicle; here's a suitable Bluetooth FM transmitter. It's the Portronics Auto 12, and this specific model is viable with most gadgets in the present market, allowing you to play your songs using Bluetooth, TF card, or USB cord.

This remote, Bluetooth V5.1 device is intended to allow you to play music from your phone to your vehicle sound system wirelessly. Likewise, you can also make/get calls, all with a perfectly clear, stable voice in your car. It additionally naturally changes to hands-free mode at whatever point you make/get a call. If you are used to saying "Hey Siri, call John" every time you wish to do so, we have already added the voice assistance feature. Equipped with voice-assistance, it effectively activates Siri, Google Assistant, and so on, with only one command and makes your drive a comfortable and hassle-free one.

This Tech-savvy accessory is straightforward to use with your Android/iPhone/Windows cell phone with the Auto 12. Thus, quickly change your vehicle sound system into a Bluetooth one, and make the most of your music in an HD sound system. The Auto 12 Bluetooth also gets attached to your vehicle's dashboard with little set-up time, so you can keep performing various tasks very quickly. 

Car Power 3T

In case work-mode on, where you accept calls at regular intervals while managing excel sheets and PPTs, it can negatively affect your phone's battery, so if you're driving in the middle of customers, it's an extraordinary opportunity to give your telephone an increased battery level.

This USB charger is small and fits flawlessly into your cigarette lighter attachment. It works with every single gadget, and there are three ports so you can connect your tablet, smart phone, power bank, digital camera, and much more simultaneously. The device comes with in-built safeguard features to prevent overloading and overheating of the device. Still, need more reasons to be sure? We do provide a six-month warranty if you face any difficulty while using the product.

It is a super convenient lightweight device with a minimalistic and elegant look that will add sophistication and comfort to your car and is a car's must have device. This power device is a basic essential commodity that everyone must possess. So head off and do buy this product to ensure that your electronics never run out of battery!

Auto 10 

If you are a person who looks for multiple features in one single device, then this product by Portronics is the ideal one!

Whether you have your favorite playlist stored in your pen drive, SD card, smart phone, or even laptop, you can play it right away in your car's HD speakers using this super cool device. The device comes with a Bluetooth 5.1 feature which allows you to play seamlessly for hours in your car.


Accompanied with a stylish black body, this lightweight device has an active noise cancellation feature that cuts down the background noises whenever you are on a call. It is an all-in-one device with two USB ports that you may use to charge your electronics.  We feature this product in our best sellers as our users have rated it like a car's must have product. So do look at it before we go out of stock!

CarPower One

When talking about car products, the most essential a car's must-have tech-savvy accessory which one usually is not even aware of is this ultimate car power inverter. The device is unique in its kind and useful to everyone who owns a car. This elegant car power comes with a cup holder and is designed to fit perfectly in your car's cup holder.

This fast-selling product by Portronics is absolutely safe as it is built with high-grade fire-resistance plastic. Not only this, the device comes with a 24-inch cord that connects this product with the car's lighter socket. The device can be taken outside and is ideal for people who travel for long hours in their cars.

If you are searching for a product with multiple advantages, then this product by Portronics will never disappoint you. You can have it to charge your smart phones, laptops, car audio speakers, and in fact, any electronic devices using power below 220w. So many features in just one device is a rare find which we will suggest you shouldn't waste much time thinking and invest in it immediately.

CarPower 2C

If you own a phone which uses a type-C port and wish to find a sleek device to use instead of carrying your charger daily to your car, your product hunt has not stopped. This device is a genius buy, as the device auto recognizes your electronics and enables fast charging for a better user experience. It is a modern update to cars a USB port and allows you to connect your other electronic device, like your iPhone, power bank while your phone with type-C gets charged.

Car Power PD

Always on your phone? We often exhaust our device's battery while binge-watching or on video calls, or even while waiting for the elevator to arrive. In today's world, where nobody has time even to charge their phone, you can save the time to need to stay away from your phone by setting it while driving.

This tech-savvy product is custom-made to serve users of all kinds - the ones who use type-C as well as one an iPhone or other device. It provides fast charging with a 4x speed so that you can make the most out of it even in a 15 minutes’ drive. It is incredibly lightweight, compact, and slim, adding to the elegant charm of your car's interior. For the ones who are still confused about buying it, Portronics gives each of its users a six months warranty on its buy so that you can be confident about its long-lasting feature.


Technology is evolving every day, and each day it is becoming much better for your comfort and use. So, traveling in the car may be a necessity for you or pleasure, the above-mentioned gadgets are sure to make your car rides much comfortable and enjoyable. Also, having various music systems offered by Portronics Car Accessories can make a road trip memorable and delightful for you and the people in your car.

Aside from the above-mentioned, you can likewise buy sun blinds. In any case, do remember the fact that even sun blinds are not legal to use according to law. All things considered, Indian summers are soaring, and we do end up using them on a temporary basis. The next product is something that you can utilize each day – a soft car cloth. These can pull in residue particles and are likewise helpful in the event where you spill over hot espresso around the cup holders.

Regardless of where you reside, there's have to be locations to drive to at regular intervals. The issue is that, for a significant number of us, travels can be long and exhausting encounters, made much more troublesome if there are children in the sitting arrangement. For all such reasons, we have enlisted a range of products and gadgets to help make your next trip more secure and pleasant.

We hope this blog will help you select the best for your car, and you are equipped with all the Modern updates for cars.

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