Chargers and Power Banks - How to Choose the Ideal One

Chargers and Power Banks - How to Choose the Ideal One

Let us admit it – we are fond of our electrical gadgets. In today's pandemic-stricken world where we are bound to stay inside the four walls of our home, we have found a best friend in the form of our mobile phones. One of the most important accessories is the power bank and the charger. We spend hours and hours debating which company sells the most useful chargers and power banks so that our devices can get an optimized performance. Many people fail to find the range of valuable chargers and power banks. If you are one of them, this article is for you.

We introduce you to the latest chargers by Portronics which are not only affordable but also have an amazing built–in quality. Upgrade with the Portronics charger to next-gen charging, featuring sophisticated equipment for a notably smoother, more effective charge.  

We bring you the best of the market right under the roof of one brand.

 Here is an insight into some of the world-class products that we offer.

  1. Single port chargers
    1. Portronics Adapto 20: It is a PD/Type C Adapter Charger with Fast Charging that can fuel up your phone up to three times the speed, and it can charge your iPhone up to 59% in just 30 minutes. It is widely compatible and can support a vast range of devices that works with QC/ PD technology.
  1. Adapto 62 and Adapto 442: These kinds of Chargers are simply a 2.4A wall adaptor that allows you to change all your USB devices with a single adapter to eliminate the inconvenience of bringing multiple chargers without cables.
  1. Adapto One: This has an output capacity of 3A and is one of the quick charging chargers (QC) that provides lightning speed and can charge your phone four times faster than normal ones. The slim, compact, and lightweight body (51.15 grams) takes up minimum space and looks stylish.
  1. Multiport chargers
  • Two-port
  1. Adapto 649, Adaptor 66, Adapto 648, Adapto 488: It has an input capacity of 5v and an output of 2.4A for the best user experience.
  1. Adapto 22: It has an astounding capacity of 3A and provides type C output equipped with a quick charge 3.0 technology
  • Four ports
  1. Q charger: Provides a total 6A capacity with a port having the latest technology of the quick charging chargers. The output distribution from the port got divided into 1A, 2A, and 2.4A.
  1. U- BOX: It is also a quick charging charger. However, the power distribution is different. It is a universal wall charger that has an output of 4.2a in total.
  • Six ports
    1. UFO home charger: It has a maximum 8A output so that you can charge yoursmartphones and tablets simultaneously without any problem. It provides all the features of charging your gadgets in device-friendly and safe ways.
    2. UFO pro home charger : With a 12 A capacity, it is the perfect travel partner. It has enough power and productivity to charge any device for you and the people at your workspace too.

These are some tech-savvy chargers that let you charge not one kind but many different kinds of devices.

A list of its extensive feature is as follows:

  • Detection: It identifies the rating of the connected device. Then it charges that device at the highest possible speed.
  • Superfast charging: Experience speed like no other. It provides a charging speed of almost three to four times your conventional chargers so that you never be late to attend an important meeting.
  • It is built especially for sockets on Indian walls. Your Android, iPhone, battery bank, mp3 player, portable headphones, and many more devices are easily chargeable through this.
  • Excellent built-in quality: It is made for day-to-day use and is very lightweight so that you can carry it along while traveling to different places. Portronics products are approved and certified by BIS. It has an overheating and overcharging resistance quality.
  • Hassle-free experience: It comes with a warranty of 6-12 months so that you can enjoy its features without the need to worry about anything.

 Since we talked about different chargers and some of their several advantages, we have to move to the next important thing, the Power bank. Power banks have great importance nowadays. It is very convenient for those who are always working on their mobiles or laptops. In cases where the battery of your smartphone, smartwatch, tablet, or other computer is about to die or is gone, these devices come to the rescue. Choosing the right power bank is very important. That is why Portronics present a diverse collection of useful chargers and power banks so that you can figure out what is best for you. To learn more about the different kinds of power banks, read on.


Power banks classified according to their capacity-

  1. 5000 mAh
  2. Power Box 5K: It is a single micro-USB input power bank and is one of the best quick charging chargers and can provide us with an output of 2.0A.
  3. Indo 5X: It comes with a dual input facility. One of the ports is Type C the other one is a micro-USB. It gives an output of 2.1A and 1A each and supports all 5v devices.
  4. Power Perk 5K: this power bank has a dual input feature and has Micro USB and Type C slots. It gives us an output performance capacity of 2.1A each.
  1. 10000 mAh
  1. Powerbox 10K: it is one of our most loved power banks with a single micro-USB input. Weighing just around 178 grams, it can provide fast charging with an output of 2A
  2. Power Pro 10K, and
  3. power wallet 10X 

These are high-performance and superfast power banks that ensure the best performance of all your devices. They have dual-input technology (Micro USB + Type C) and support all 5V devices.

  1. Smart power 10k: This is one of the best power banks offered by Portronics. It has the capability of charging itself in just 3.5 hours and brings us the latest technology of being compatible with QC 3.0 that charges your devices at a speed like you never experienced before. It has a capacity of 18W and has a type C dual input facility that supports a wide range of iPhones and the latest android devices.
  1. 20000 mAh
  2. Powerbox 20K: With a fast-charging 2.0A single USB port, the single Micro USB input can provide an output of DC 5V-2A. Weighing about 326 grams, this power bank is one of the best in the market.
  3. Indo 20X and Power pro 20K: this kind of power bank has a dual input feature. With one micro-USB and one type C input, it can charge two devices simultaneously. It supports all types of gadgets, Android and iOS likewise.

Notable features and advantages of power banks :

  • Superfast charging technology: Experience the best performance through the latest quick charging facilities. It can optimize the performance of your gadget to its highest level. 
  • Compatibility: You do not have to worry about buying different power banks to support your range of devices anymore. With Portronics power banks, you can charge all your mobile phones, tablets, mp3 players without any problem. 
  • Hexa-level protection: It protects from overvoltage and overcurrent. Protects from overheating of the devices and shields against the dangers of short circuits. It has all kinds of security and operates in device-friendly and safe ways.
  • Easy to carry: Portronics power banks are very compact and lightweight, and you can take them anywhere.
  • Warranty: It is certified by BIS. It has a warranty period of 12 months for you to enjoy the best performance without any worries. 

 These are the different kinds of useful chargers and power banks and their amazing features suggested by us for you. However, you still may be a little confused regarding the difference between charger and power bank. We have prepared a few points of comparison to clear your mind.

  1. A charger needs a power outlet for charging your device, whereas a power bank does not require any.
  2. You have to charge the battery of the power bank to use it. But in the case of a charger, no battery needs to be charged. Just plug it in and start charging your device.
  3. Over the period, power banks lose their battery capacity, which leads to a decrease in their performance, whereas no such thing occurs in the case of a charger.
  4. The time taken to get charged by a charger is much less than the time it takes to be charged by a power bank.
  5. We need to have a charger for charging a power bank, whereas there is no prerequisite for a charger. 


After going through this article on useful chargers and power banks, you must have found the ideal choice for you. Portronics offers many useful chargers and power banks that have the best features and the latest technology.

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