Essential Features Your Smart Projector Should Posses!

Essential Features Your Smart Projector Should Posses!

The second waved of COVID-19 has again made us house arrest and social movements have become so restricted. You can make this lockdown fruitful by watching some web series on OTT, Films, and other streaming channels which are gaining popularity because of exciting content and more. Buying a new LED projector for the home can be the best decision for the entire family.

Let’s discuss the top 5 eminent features a smart projector should possess.   


Remarkable Resolution:

A great LED projector should have the best High Definition resolution. More pixels transmit into more clarity. The great resolution should be 1280x720 and it means an image has a total of 1280 vertical lines and 720 horizontal lines. So these numbers are essential to get a clear picture.

Wide Screen:

The wider is the better for any projection. 150 inches wide screen provides you with the ultimate coverage and best experience. So, the projector you are planning to buy must have enough wide screens so that you can have the best experience always.     

Mirroring the Screen:

Mirroring your device is the most important feature. You can connect your projector with your mobile, laptop, and tablet. Hence, you must buy a projector that is compatible with several devices and both Android and iOS.

Contrast Ratio:

Your projector must have the perfect contrast ratio. The contrast ratio is nothing but the measurement from black to white. The projector should have a balanced contrast for a better viewing experience.      

More Lumens:

If a projector features more lumens, it helps to brighten up the screen. For example, Portronics BEEM 200 Plus has 200 Lumens which helps the projector to brighten up and provide ultimate picture quality and unbelievable experience.      

Portronics BEEM 200 Plus is the finest LED projector which consists of amazing features which fit your requirement completely. So, if you are planning to buy the best product for your family, then this can be the right investment in this lockdown. It will provide you with a theater-at-home kind of vibe.

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