Get the Party Started with Chime Speaker + Wired Karaoke Mic

Get the Party Started with Chime Speaker + Wired Karaoke Mic

Are you a party freak? Do you love having karaoke sessions with your friends? Are you looking for a party companion to elevate the experience?

Now it’s time to put an end to all your party questions. Presenting to you *Curtains lifting*

Chime Speaker with a Wired karaoke mic

Portronics’ new Chime Speaker best speaker under 2000 is the one-stop solution for all your party needs. Elevate the karaoke experience with Chime Speaker’s Wired Karaoke Mic. From friendly get-togethers to festivals, the Portable and lightweight Chime Speaker lets you clearly hear the vocals, feel the beat and sing aloud together with the in-box wired karaoke mic. Not only this, it offers:

Memorable Surround Sound Experience

Find your beat with 20 watts of sound output produced by powerful, booming Portronics Chime Wireless Speaker. Indoors or out, it delivers crisp highs, pure mids, and heavy bass—with Bass Boost to treat your ears with surreal sound quality.

Its TWS feature lets you connect two Portronics Chime speakers and forge them into one for playing music simultaneously and producing greater impact.

Memorable Karaoke Session

Everything you need is right in the box. It comes with a wired microphone that allows you to enrich your music listening experience and make the night memorable by singing karaoke with friends. With the new Chime Speaker’s Microphone, get ready to party hand and experience karaoke sessions like never before!

Memorable User Experience!

Chime Speaker offers the latest Bluetooth 5.0 version that allows you to pair instantly with devices and enjoy seamless connectivity. To add to your delight, it incorporates a Multiple Connectivity feature that is here to enrich your music listening experience.  You can stream your favourite music anytime, anywhere via Bluetooth/Aux/SD Card and FM Radio Connectivity.


Note: So, what are you waiting for? Grab this ergonomically designed speaker today and make your dancing and karaoke sessions memorable. It comes in 3 exciting colours- Blue, Green and Red. Visit this link to know more!

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