Home Theater System Planning: What You Need to Know

Home Theater System Planning: What You Need to Know

When it comes to watching movies or listening to your favorite music at home, the basic speakers can’t give you the best music experience. Most of us consider the soundbars for our rooms which are more convenient and improve the built-in speakers.

The purpose of buying a Home Theater is to provide a great music experience. A much better solution to achieve an excellent cinematic is investing in a home theater system. Home theaters are setups that come in bundled audio amplifier receivers, a subwoofer, and satellite speakers.

There are various brands that sell home theater systems, and it comes in a wide variety of prices. It is challenging to select the best home theater system within our budget. 

In this article, you will learn all about the home theater, so read the complete article till the end to understand all the concepts of home theater so that you can choose the best home theater for your home.

What Does a Home Theater system comprise of 

There are a lot of audio devices that you can add to the home theater system that consists of 

  • TV or projector with screen 
  • Home Theater receiver 
  • Disc player 
  • Loudspeakers 
  • Media Streamer 
  • Speaker wires 
  • Connection cables 
  • A sound meter 
  • Subwoofer

Things to be considered while buying Home Theater 

There are various important factors that we have listed that you need to be considered while buying a home theater. 

  • Components parts of Home Theatre 
  • Here are some of the important parts of the home theater, which are as follows 

    A/V receiver 

    An A/V receiver is one of the most essential parts of the home theater, and it helps to process and transmits the sound to the speakers. The A/V receiver controls and drives your home theater experience. All the receivers are built into a sound system that converts all sound inputs into the surround sound. 

    You should also take care of the power input of the A/V receiver. The excellent thumb rule which is used is that you should have sufficient headroom in terms of power between the speaker and the receiver amplification. 

    Speakers and subwoofers 

    The speakers are pointed at the producing range of the frequencies, and the subwoofer provides a bass effect through the low-frequency sound. Audio quality is the most crucial part of the home theater as it can make or break your experience. Take your time to choose the best speaker system that reflects your requirements.


    A Television with a big-screen acts as a focal point of your home theater system, which channels a projector like view while giving access to the latest television technologies. 

  • Size of the room 

  • The size of the home theater system comes with big speakers, and it depends on the size of your room, design, and style preferences. For smaller rooms, you can go for speakers of relatively small size, and for larger room sizes, you can go for speakers that come with a larger size.

  • Type of speakers 
  • There are various types of speakers that come in different shapes and sizes from which you can select the best one that suits your room size and your requirements.

    Bookshelf speakers 

    The name of this speaker itself indicates that these speakers are compact and best suited for handling mid-range and high-end frequencies of music. They can be mounted on walls.

    Floor standing speakers 

    This type of speaker can handle a range of frequencies that are available in different sizes and shapes. The Floor-standing speakers are also known as the Tower speakers. The floor-standing speakers have a height of around 3 feet. 

    In Wall and in-ceiling speakers 

    These types of speakers are embedded into the walls or ceiling and channel a sleek and pared-back look. These speakers are installed with woofers that are pointed parallel through the room, making them horizontal firing and allowing sound to travel across the room.

  • Budget and Space 
  • The selection of the type of home theater for your room also depends upon your budget and the space available in your room. In most cases, people spend a lot of money on the interiors of the room, but most of the time, they neglect the speakers and amplifiers. 

    The size of the room, free space available, and placement of the speakers are also some of the things that need to be considered while buying a home theater.

    Tips: How to Setup Home Theatre 

    Following are some of the important tips that you should follow for setting up a home theater

    • First, read the owner's manual and all the illustrations for your components, and pay close attention to the connection and setting options.
    • Have the proper length correct audio, video, and speaker cables. You go through the connection process. 
    • Consider using a label printer to identify the cables and wires if you need to make changes.
    • Try to avoid the placement of the primary three front speakers on the ceiling.


    Here are some of the Best Portronics Home theater systems that you can consider for your home

    Sound Slick IV with 120W Soundbar Wireless 

    Portronics Sound Slick IV comes with an advanced Bluetooth technology with which you can easily stream your devices to the soundbars and experience superb sound quality. The exquisitely styled soundbar comes with a premium finish that adds beauty to your home. 

    portronics bluetooth soundbar sound slick 4

    The soundbars also come with a inbuilt subwoofer which provides high definition bass sound with a 120W RMS. It has a sleek European design that matches every style. The elegant soundbar comes in black color and matt finish and can easily become one luxurious accessory to your living room. The style and the finish will definitely add to your status symbol.     

    This soundbar gives you the best cinematic experience, and it can be accessed with a fully functional remote control. 

    With Portronics Portable Soundbar Sound Slick IV, you can experience all direction surround sounds with up to 2.1 channels that enhance the experience of watching a movie, listening to music, and even watching a sport. Buying this soundbar means bringing theater into your home. 

    Portronics Sound Slick IV can be connected through an AUX, Bluetooth, HDMI, and USB. It is your choice how you want to connect your premium soundbar and become the entertainment game-changer.

    So if you want a cinematic experience in your home, then Sound Slick IV will be an excellent option for you. 

    Sound Slick V

    This ergonomically designed Portronics Sound Slick V Soundbar speaker has been designed to ensure flexibility of movement. It is portable, sleek, and lightweight in design. Sound Slick V offers multiple connectivity options to users, enriching their buying experience. It is compatible with HDMI, USB, 3.5MM Aux, and Optical input modes.

    portronics sound slick 5 bluetooth sound bar

    Portronics Wireless Soundbar Sound Slick V raises the bar by giving you immersive & cinematic sound in an ideal room-friendly size. The 2 Driver units along the length of the bar produce immersive 80W Sound Outputs that provide a 3D-like surround sound experience.

    There are various types of home theatres available in the market, and the most common question that comes to the mind of the people while buying a home theater is how much does a home theater cost?

    DECIBEL 21

    The Portronics Soundbar Decibel 21 offers up to 1800mAh Battery with great playtime for the uninterrupted movie sessions. You can also keep track of time while watching movies with the side panel display clock. 

    This wireless soundbar is embedded with TWS (True Wireless Stereo) connectivity feature. TWS is a unique Bluetooth feature that will let you enjoy true stereo sound quality without the use of cables or wires. Best Quality Sound: Enter an entirely new world of music with the amazing sound quality of Portronics Wireless Soundbar Decibel 21. With a 10W sound output, this wireless soundbar makes music much more fun.

    mini bluetooth sound bar decible 21

    DECIBEL 21 Wireless Soundbar provides you with an enhanced music experience to enjoy an enriched music experience with 10W sound output. TWS feature allows you to connect two speakers simultaneously. 

    It has an excellent long-lasting battery backup of 1800mAh so that you can enjoy music for long hours without caring about the battery.

    Decibel 21 Wireless Soundbar has a side panel display with a clock to help you keep a look at the time alongside. The soundbar also has a built-in alarm feature to give you a loud wake-up call every morning. Portronics Decibel 21 comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Now watch films and listen to music with a completely different experience and give the sound quality a whole different meaning.      

    DECIBEL 20 


    Portronics DECIBEL 20 Mini Bluetooth Soundbar comes with the best sound quality, which is unparalleled by any other product, and offers a lucid quality of bass that gives you a great music experience. Thanks to a slick LED display, this soundbar is equally pleasing to the eyes as it is to the ears.With smaller dimensions and a more compact and sturdy design, you can easily carry around the speaker anywhere you go without occupying too much space.

    Portronics Decibel 20 Mini Bluetooth Soundbar provides you with two options of connectivity Bluetooth 5.0 & AUX. So whether you are in the comforts of your home, in a grand function, or in the solitude of nature, the Decibel 20 Wireless bluetooth soundbar will provide you with musical bliss. It is ergonomically designed for refined performance and comes with a volume controller on it.

    Excellent bass quality is a must if you want a truly amazing experience with music. Portronics Decibel 20 Mini Sound Bar delivers that with striking precision. You will not experience any bad sound while using this soundbar. With a slick knob, you can easily increase or decrease the volume.

    Sound Slick 6

      Portronics Sound Slick 6 Bluetooth Sound Bar offers the finest audio quality that will enhance your music experience. You can go about your day-to-day errands and yet stay connected with your listening needs, go about watching that favorite movie or just groove away to your favorite tracks! So now you can even mold the way you want your sound system to be! 

      Sound Slick 6 is true to design bluetooth soundbar that can be detached from the middle to turn into two different compact soundbars. The advantage well it utilizes space and also enhances sound productivity by ounces.


      portronics bluetooth soundbar speaker sound slick 6

      It comes with a dedicated port for a wide range of compatibility, the Bluetooth soundbar all the more useful. No matter what your preference is, the soundbar has a port for it! USB mode enables a seamless experience, and the optical mode allows for even better connectivity, so you have all the excuses to get ahead with Sound Slick 6 Sound Bar.

      It has a 2.1 Channel system that controls the different presets in audio modes for a more lucid and realistic experience. Get up and close with studio-quality audio, and what is better than you can fix it as per your requirements.

      Sound Slick 7

        Portronics Sound Slick 7 Bluetooth Sound Bar Speaker is one of the latest product that is launched by Portronics. Sound Slick 7 has been crafted to enrich your listening experience by ounces, and it amplifies the audio that comes through. This simple soundbar will make every movie and song a treat to watch and hear.

        bluetooth sound bar sound slick 7

        You can play audio at any volume that suits your audible senses, and the audio quality  remains the same. It comes with a warranty of 12 months.

        The soundbar has special relevance as it is portable, which makes it the foremost choice for those who are always on the move. You can carry along this soundbar even on long trips and just experience the same comfort as at home!

        So consider all the factors listed in the article before buying a Home theater for your home and choose the best one as per your budget and requirement of the room.

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