How to choose Best Workout Headphones 2023-Neckbands vs Earbuds

How to choose Best Workout Headphones 2023-Neckbands vs Earbuds

What is gym all about? Just weights and lifts? Well, I believe that good music is a motivator as well. Going to the gym can be exhausting, and keeping a consistent workout schedule. Lifting weights and doing push-ups daily can make you want to give up and, quite frankly, get boring and monotonous. But what if you could listen to your favorite music to get you through it? A positive and active music playlist can lift your emotions and assist you in achieving the ideal body you desire. 

Now, in order to have the best music to listen to while working out in the gym, you must have the best earphones. In a gym, wired earbuds and headphones can be a nightmare. Each movement during your workout can result in an earpiece slipping off or the entangled wires getting tied up and both these instances can cause discomfort. So what now? 

Neckbands, wireless headphones, true wireless earbuds, and various other options are available to save you from the wired mess and allow you to enjoy your music while you complete your workout routine. We owe it to modern technology that is constantly evolving to meet the demands and needs of the general public.


Neckbands consist of earbuds with a collar with a microphone. These came as a rescue in recent years when people were tired of corded earbuds falling off while walking and needing to hold the microphone close to their mouth while speaking. The Harmonics 300 and Harmonics X1 from Portronics Best wireless headphones under 2000 are some of the most comfortable neckband earphones available on the market right now. These two wireless neckband headphones are a blessing for gym enthusiasts. They have soft silicone material that doesn't irritate your skin. It has a unique feature attached to the earbuds to help them fit better in your ears. It includes a sweat-proof body, so you don't have to worry about losing its features if you use them in the gym.

Portronics wireless bluetooth neckband earphones

As mentioned before, it is skin-friendly and light. It’s Bluetooth compatibility with a wide range of mobile devices. The battery life of this Portronics product is usually between 7 and 8 hours. They are ideal for the gym, workouts, or simply jogging because of their sweat-proof design. Music, volume, and call settings are controlled by touching on neckbands. So you don't have to worry about constantly handling these things on your phone. 

Furthermore, Portronics wireless neckbands feature excellent sound quality, including superb stereo and bass. They also come with noise reduction technology. Certain neckbands have retractable earbuds long enough that hanging wires are never an issue. Portronics will make sure you enjoy good music with clear, high-quality sound.

Wireless Earbuds 

You may not want any strings around your ears while working out with all the heavier pieces of equipment. These wonderfully lightweight and easy-to-use earbuds quickly become a gym favorite. Portronics has the most comfortable wireless earphones available. They are perfect for hitting the gym because of their stylish style and IPX4 water resistance.

The Membrane Drivers from Portronics Harmonics Twins 27 True wireless earbuds will delight your ears with incredible bass and flawless sound quality that covers a wide variety of sounds and music. Its long battery life and ultra-sensitive touch sensors that respond to even the tiniest of commands will make even the most tedious and exhausting workout sessions much more enjoyable. It is pretty light and available in a variety of ear sizes. The Bluetooth has a long-range capability. The sound quality and bass are incredible. It has cases for intelligent storage with built-in charging. 

Portronics Harmonics Twins 33 wireless earbuds

The Harmonics Twins 25 from Portronics best earbuds under 1500 also has voice command settings. This is especially useful for people who have OK Google or Siri on their phones. Such voice command options can often assist those with jobs requiring them to maintain track of their messages and calls and perform their exercise without worrying about checking their phones regularly. 

Another excellent option in the category of wireless earphones is the Harmonics Twins S3, which, as the name suggests, is one of the tiniest earphones on the market. They are also cost-effective, both in terms of money and carrying them in your pockets. You can rely on them for extended journeys and even week-long workout sessions because of their 9-hour battery life and superb sound quality.

Which to Choose: Neckbands or Wireless Earbuds?

Technology's primary goal was to improve people's daily lives. When it comes to fitness and workouts, neckbands and wireless earbuds both serve as wire-free alternatives. With good sound quality and ease of use, these tech-savvy and excellent products can be relied on. The sweat-resistant silicone bodies of Portronics' numerous neckbands and wireless earbuds are soft on the skin and too light for comfort. Both gadgets have extended battery lives and Bluetooth ranges, making it difficult to decide which to use. 

When consumers wish to avoid any wires in their gadgets at all costs, wireless earbuds can appear to be a much superior solution. However, earbuds can't be attached to them because there are no wires. As a result, if they fall while you are working out, there is a chance they will get stepped on, and they might even go misplaced. Neckbands are not affected by this issue. Neckbands with a durable and robust neck collar, like Portronics Harmonics 250, are far more trustworthy to use when heavy machinery and equipment are present. In addition, the earphones on the Harmonics 300 have magnetic strips attached to them, which prevents them from dangling and improves their protection.

Wireless earbuds are recommended if you prefer indoor workouts, pilates, or yoga. Their compact size and lightweight nature may be a great companion for indoor exercises and relaxation. People who practice meditation and mindfulness can enjoy the quiet, serene music that earbuds like Portronics Twins 26 or Twins 27 deliver, thanks to their superb sound quality. On the other hand, Neckbands are ideal for jogging, racing, or simply taking a stroll in the park. Neckbands are considerably easier to maintain and operate for elderly persons in your household. They might be handy for them on morning or evening walks.


In my opinion, neckbands are a far better fit than wireless earbuds for people who enjoy seeing their muscles pump and their bodies ideally in the gym. These neckbands will not let you down or annoy you in any way while you are gymming. 

Why Portronics?

Portronics aims to change the way people think about gadgets. The idea is to give technology devices a new meaning by recognizing them as aids rather than liabilities. Portronics has always provided the most fantastic services and products in the Indian market, leading to technological advancement. They have raised digital standards by selling over ten million products in less than a decade. These items stand out for their mobility and creativity. They are dedicated devices that cater to the needs of all users. Furthermore, Portronics gadgets and items reign supreme in terms of accessibility, quality, and innovation, providing a fashionable touch to your current demands!


Both neckbands and true wireless earbuds, they are equally good for your daily workouts. Portronics have vast range of workout headphones which can help you get started.

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