How to Choose Soundbars- Complete Buying Guide 2022

How to Choose Soundbars- Complete Buying Guide 2022

TV manufacturers are upgrading their picture quality continuously but the sound quality remains average. People these days want to have good quality sound even if they are watching TV. The best solution for better quality sound is to get a good sound quality soundbar. The soundbar is simple, affordable, and easy to set up. Which comes in handy for many people.

Soundbars are generally designed in a way that can hang on the wall, put in front of the TV, below the TV, or above the TV in a shelf. Because of its slim body, it can fit easily without taking much space. If you are looking for a smart guide for buying soundbars, you don’t have to look further as this article includes all the information related to sound bars one should know. So the information is here about how to buy a soundbar in 2022.

Why Choose The Best Bluetooth Soundbar?

A Bluetooth Soundbar is kind of a necessary object to buy these days because everyone is looking for a good sound quality experience on a computer or TV. It not only gives a clear and crisp sound but enables you to listen to the music in a much higher range compared to other speakers. It contains many good features which suit the buyer well, who want good features at a low price. 

It is the choice of many people these days. Further, you are going to read about  the features of the soundbar which make this product worth buying. So here is the soundbar buying guide especially for you.


Features of a Soundbar

Soundbars are in demand more than ever because of their features. A sound bar is easy to set up, affordable, and of course, provides some good quality sound. So below are some features which make them worthy of purchase.

People want to buy theater surround sound systems. But those who don’t have space to set the surround sound system definitely can go for soundbars. 

Soundbars provide many variations of sound so it is good to use. In the case of a surround sound system, you have to buy at least five speakers which have one in the center, one right, one left and two rear, separate amplifier and a subwoofer. Because of these extra things, the cost of surround sound systems touches the sky. Which is not suitable for people who have a restricted budget. So the best choice is soundbars because of their affordable price with a good sound quality experience.


Soundbar Bluetooth Speaker are easy to set up because of their slim and low-profile space saver body. You can carry the soundbars anywhere. It can be compared to a surround sound system which takes a lot of space. So people with limited space in their house or who want their home to look spacey and don’t like big things can consider buying soundbars to save space in their house. 

Good Appearance 

It is also easy to set up unlike AVR- powered surround sound systems with all the hassle assembling. It is not so complex to set these up, it also has very few wiring outside which makes it look good.

It is now upgraded to advanced features, before it was just an ordinary rectangular box with two enclosed speakers as compared to a multi-channel surround sound system with high power. Now the best kind of soundbars also give a theater-like experience in the comfort of your house.

Seamless Bluetooth Connectivity 

Bluetooth Speaker Soundbar come with good Bluetooth connectivity and you have to just connect it and play the music.

Aesthetical RGB Lighting 

The Soundbars also come with lighting which looks very cool and enhances your music experience.


Types of soundbars

There are two types of these named soundbar and sound base. Below there is information regarding these two types.


Soundbars are long rectangular boxes with speakers inside the system with many electrical things. It is used to get the better sound quality which TV can not give. TV is getting advanced with picture quality but the sound quality is still average. So for better sound experience soundbars are useful. This gives a distinct and crisp voice quality. You can even listen to the whispered dialogue clearly without any hindrance. It gives you good sound effects, you will feel like you are in a theater. The sound travel is quite good too.

Soundbars can be mounted on walls or can be placed under a TV or above the TV if it has self-installed. Separate wireless sound woofers come with soundbars. It provides more sound clarity. It can be used anywhere like home, studio or dance class (though for dance class you can choose big speakers). It enables you to experience a good sound quality of music or dialogue whichever you prefer.


Sound base

Sound base has the same purpose as a soundbar. The difference is the size and the power of the equipment. Sound bases are deeper as compared to soundbar but have shorter width. So it can fit anywhere where the area is slim. It is generally made to be put below the TV or sit under it. It also known as Sound bar for TV. It has a better built-in application and is bigger bass-driven. When you have this you won't need a subwoofer. It can work efficiently without subwoofers. Its size is bigger than soundbars and the system is better if it is bigger for giving quality sound.

Things to look for when buying a sound bar

When you want to purchase a sound bar you basically compare the sound quality, sound frequency, external look of the sound bar, and the price of the soundbar. That is a good thing but there are other things also to consider before buying soundbars like the placement of the equipment, connections required, passive or active type, and soundbars or sound base. So here best soundbar buying guide:

  • Connections required for the set up of the soundbar
  • There are several connection options available to connect your soundbar. The connection can be done in many ways. Here are some important connections to use:

  • HDMI Arc
  • It is very easy to connect to the soundbar as you just have to connect the HDMI cable to the TV's ARC ( Audio return channel) input. It is one of the simplest connection systems to use. It is especially good for soundbars with multiple channels.

  • Optical port
  • The best connection system between the soundbar and TV is the optical port. It is very simple and easy to connect, there will be no trouble in connection with this. An optical cord is used to connect the TV and the soundbar. It is a reliable connection system. Everything is good about this except it can only carry 5.1 signals, the bandwidth can not carry more than this.

  • USB Input
  • It is generally used for firmware updates, but these days updates are done by software updates. So these don't come in much use. But this can be used if you want to connect the soundbar with a device which that contains your collection of songs. So these are used rarely these days.


  • Size of the soundbar
  • Soundbars are popular for their lean body which can be set up easily without taking much place in the house. It is better to have a soundbar with the same width as the TV, otherwise, it will make an odd combination. Which will not suit the aesthetic of the products. So it is suitable to take a soundbar with the proportion of the TV. And you should also check if your new soundbar has all the connections set up which your TV requires. Sometimes it is possible for a soundbar to not connect with the TV because of its advanced features.

  • Active and Passive
  • Active soundbars come with a built-in amplifier which powers everything, so no need for a separate receiver. It also has a channel processor which separates the left and right speaker. That gives less wire to assemble. It gives a clean look to the TV and soundbar setup.


    Passive soundbars don't come with built-in amplifiers, so they need an extra amplifier and a receiver to properly work. For extra bass, you have to connect the subwoofer separately. Because of all the extra components used, its cost is high. But it has a better speaker than the active soundbar which gives high-quality sound.

    You can choose any of them according to your preference. Both have different features but both are good to use to listen to the sound. You can choose on the basis like if you just want upgrade TV audio then go for an active soundbar and if you want to customize the set up of TV, soundbar and subwoofer, then go for a passive soundbar in this you will get good sound quality.


  • Control of the soundbar
  • When you buy a new soundbar you will surely get a remote control. As you will already have a remote control of your TV, It will be kind of a hassle to have two remote controls. So you can choose a soundbar which can be used by the existing TV remote in your home. This will give you declutter space. These days there are mobile apps that come with soundbars Free of cost to use to operate the device by phones or tablets.


    Other factors to consider

    Wireless connection

    You can know by name what type of connection this is. This time of connection is used by many as it is convenient. Here are two types of wireless connections.


    With this soundbar can be connected to the internet directly. It is featured in most of the soundbars now as it is preferred by many people. You can listen to anything anytime with this. Apps like pandora and Spotify can get easily connected to the soundbar.


    There are Bluetooth soundbar that come with built-in Bluetooth. You can connect your soundbar with mobile devices like phones, tablets and laptops. You can send music from mobile devices. The soundbar can easily be connected with headphones or devices with Bluetooth connection.


    Bluetooth soundbar with subwoofer are speaker divers which reproduce low-frequency sound clearly. It produces a sound that echoes throughout the room, which makes you feel like you are in a theater. The sound quality is so awesome it gives you the 3D feel. These are preferable for people who like to watch action and epic music movies.

    Some of the subwoofers come with a soundbar itself but in most of the cases you have to buy it separately. But you have to check whether your soundbar is supporting the subwoofer or not, before buying it. 


    Dolby Atoms technology bounces the audio off the ceilings to reproduce a surround sound impact. It gives the all-party vibes. The sound is heightened to 3D soundstage by using this. 

    The sound above you is reflected by upward-firing speakers located in the soundbar, which reflects the sound above. Rooms with flat ceilings up to 11 feet high that are made of hard, reflective material get the best benefit of this system.



    These are seen as sound sources or individual speakers. Five different audio channels are offered by most of the movies and shows they are digitally installed: center, left, right and two in the rear. All channels are put together in one unit in a soundbar so it is different from a movie theater setup.

    2-channel soundbar: 2 speakers:  right and left

    3-channel soundbar: 3 speakers: right, left and center

    5-channel soundbar: It includes the left, right, center and two of the rear speakers

    7-channel soundbar: 7 speakers. Essentially, 7-channels are the same as 5-channels with extra two sound channels. Four channels we get after dividing surround and rear channel information which makes it seven.

    Where to set up the soundbar?

    When you want to buy a soundbar, first you have to think where you will put it. Generally, it is mounted in the wall beside the TV, under the TV or above the TV in this case you have to make sure there are selves under and above the TV to put the soundbar. You can also place it in front of the TV ensuring that it is not covering the remote control panel or it will cause problems in changing the channels of TV. 

    It is better to measure the area where you want to put the soundbar before buying it. It is versatile for installation and can be easily set up. There are some soundbars that come with a mounting kit for self set up.


    Buying a Best Soundbar will enhance your music experience and sound clarity so that you can seamlessly enjoy the beats of music. 

    Hope you get all the answers to your queries, by reading this article. And hope you are able to choose the Best soundbar to buy after reading this soundbar buying guide.

    So Why are you Waiting!! Choose the Best Portronics Soundbar from the wide range of varieties and experience the beats of music.

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