A complete Guide to help you in Buying a Best pair of Wireless Earbuds

complete guide on buying best pair of wireless earbuds

Listening to music is one of the most enjoyable things that humans do in their day-to-day stressful life. Music will bring back your memories and make you happy, calm and inspired.

What if you are in the mood of listening to music and you find your earphones in a badly tangled condition. It will ruin your complete experience. But now you have an option to buy true wireless earbuds.

Wireless headphones are becoming more affordable, and it is very easy to use and light in weight, making them the best fit for your day-to-day use.

Wireless Earbuds are available in various Brands in the Market. It is challenging for a new buyer to select the right and affordable wireless earbuds from the variety of products available in the market.

Let’s see how you can choose the Best pair of Wireless headphones as per your requirements.

Portronics Wireless Earbuds are premium quality earbuds that will provide the best quality, rich and balanced sound quality, and products that last longer. Buying Portronics earbuds will be worth it compared to the local brand's earbuds.

There are also different types of earbuds available in the market at significantly cheaper rates, but when you buy such earbuds, you will come to realize the quality of the earbuds is not good, and it is not like what you are expecting.

So you need to select the best earbud in the market, which should be of a recognized brand and available at an affordable price.

You may wonder whether there is any pair of Wireless earbuds available in the market which are of a good brand and available at an affordable price?

Yes, it is possible!!

Portronics Harmonic Twins wireless earbuds are among the best earbuds available in the market, with advanced features and a good music experience at an affordable price range.



Why should you go for wireless earbuds?

The Advancement in Technology allows us to go for wireless products and bluetooth earbuds are one of them. In Today’s busy and fast-paced world, people are trying to make the most of the use of 24 hours.

Music plays a great role in our life and it helps us to improve our concentration, focus and make us happy. But the experience of music depends upon the quality of the earbuds and their features.

Whether you are a working professional or businessman, wireless earbuds are a must, nowadays which will help you to enhance your music experience and help in your day-to-day work.

Here we have listed the reasons why you should go for a pair of Wireless Earbuds

1. Freedom from the Wires

Wireless earphones will provide you with complete freedom so that you can listen to and enjoy your favorite music from anywhere. The wired earphones limit your mobility, and it is very frustrating when you want to listen to a song, and you see your earphones in tangled condition.

Wireless earbuds will allow you to enjoy music when you are gyming or walking and provide you complete freedom from the tangled wires.

2. Complements your Style

Wireless Earbuds add more lights to your style and make you look cooler and smarter than others. The Wireless Earbuds are designed in such a good manner that they comfortably fit your ears.

3. Wireless Sounds Good Enough

For a longer time, the wireless earbuds are the best compared to the wired earphones. The wireless earbuds will help you to enjoy the music from anywhere.

4. Comfort and convenience

The wireless earbuds provide great comfort and are very perfect to fit in the ears. We can understand how irritating it can be to constantly fix the position of the earbuds in the ears, which will also lose your focus.

You must select the best-fit pair of wireless earbuds because a bad pair of wireless earbuds can adversely affect your productivity and the music experience.

Portronics wireless Earbuds are designed in such a way that they will provide the utmost comfort and convenience to users so that they can seamlessly enjoy the music.

Things to keep in mind when buying Wireless Earbuds

We have listed here some of the most crucial key points by analyzing the customer experience of using wireless earbuds that you should definitely consider before buying wireless earbuds.

●   Sound Quality of the Earbuds

The Sound quality of the wireless earbuds mainly depends on the type of codecs used. The codecs are the most crucial part of the wireless earbuds, which decide how audio is transmitted over Bluetooth.

The Wireless Earbuds should have a rich and balanced sound which should have good bass.

●   Quality & Durability of the Earbuds

Many earbuds are available in the market, providing earbuds at a much cheaper rate, but the sound quality and the user experience are not good. The earbuds should be of good quality, and they should also be durable.

The Portronics earbuds has best earbuds under 1500 with high-class quality features. Portronics never compromise with the Quality of the product. Quality is the top priority of the company.

●   Design of the Product

The next important point which is to be considered while buying a new pair of earbuds is its design and style. The Design and the style of the product are essential, and the design of the earbuds should be such that it will perfectly suit your style and also offers the best music experience.

If the earbuds are too big in size, they may cause pain to your ears, and if they are very small, they may continuously fall out from the ears.

So you should have to select the earbuds which should have the perfect size and shape which is not too big or too small, and it should be perfectly fit the ears.

The Portronics wireless earbuds come with a premium stylish design that will look very cool in your ears and feel confident.

●   Features

Features are also one of the important criteria while buying wireless earbuds. The features are directly linked with your budget and the pricing of the product.

If you are looking for an earbud with High-class features such as water resistance then you have to increase your budget.

But the earbuds should consist of basic features such as music playback controls, trigger voice assistants and quick pairing, etc.

●   Battery Life of Earbuds

The battery life is the most crucial among all the factors because imagine the earbuds with High-class features and very little battery life. How can you enjoy and use these kinds of earbuds?

The higher the battery capacity of the wireless earbuds, the longer the earbuds can be played or used on a single charge. The more will be the capacity of the case, the more times the buds can be charged.

The Ideal pair of earbuds should have 3-5 hours of battery life. The Portronics Earbuds come with a 20 Hour longer Playtime with the charging case.


Features of Portronics Harmonic Twins Wireless Earbuds

Portronics Technology provides various High-class features in the wireless earbuds, which are as follows.

●   Digital Display on Charging Case

The Portronics Wireless earbuds come with a Digital display on the charging case. It will help you to decide when you have to charge your earbuds. The Digital Display on the charging case indicates how much power is left in the charging case.

This feature of Portronics earbuds allows you to view the charging percentage of your earbuds on your charging case.

digital display of wireless earbuds

●   Type C charging

It comes with Type C charging. Type C charging is an advanced way of charging with the latest type-C cable design which provides fast charging to your charging case.

This feature allows you to fastly charge the earbuds so that you can use them as soon as possible and enjoy music for a longer time.

type c charging

●   Smart Touch Control

smart touch control-portronics wireless earbuds

Portronics wireless earbuds come with smart touch with the volume control which is a very simple and soft touch on the earbuds and helps you to answer or hang up the calls or play the music with a single touch with the hands.

●   Super Easy Pairing

one step pairing

With Portronics the wireless earbuds can be paired fastly and easily. The earbuds can be paired within seconds.

●   Stylish Design

super fit -portronics wireless earbuds

The Portronics earbuds come with an ergonomic design and right fitting, making it a perfect earbud. The Earbuds are designed in such a way that you can use them in your day-to-day life.

●   Latest Bluetooth Technology

bluetooth 5.0 -portronics wireless earbuds

The Portronics wireless noise cancellations earbuds use the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology for better audio quality with improved wireless range, plus minimal audio lag. The Earbuds come with incredible sound with powerful drivers.

●   Voice Assistant with Integrated Controls

The Portronics wireless earbuds come with a voice assistant with Integrated controls so that you can easily control the earbuds.

Noise Cancellation on wireless earphones

Noise Cancellation Earbuds is an advanced feature in which the music volumes can be turned down to a comfortable and enjoyable level while isolating the noise levels present in your surroundings.

With the noise cancellation feature activated you can use the earbuds in a combination of built-in mics and inverted sound waves in order to cancel out certain frequencies.

The Noise cancellation feature allows you to enjoy the music seamlessly even in noisy surroundings by canceling out the sound present in the environment.

Portronics offers the feature of noise cancellation in their variety of products such as Wireless Earbuds so that you can enjoy and experience the music.

Choosing wireless with right ear-tips and controls

The earbuds which you are buying should perfectly fit in your ears otherwise you have to face a lot of issues of earbuds continuously falling out of the ears. So picking the right ear tips is like almost winning the health of the battle.

The Portronics Wireless earbuds come with All-purpose Multi-function button controls so that you can effectively use all the controls and the features of the earbuds.

How to pair wireless earbuds together?

There are various issues faced by the users while pairing both earbuds together. So here we have listed some tips that you should follow to pair your wireless earbuds together

  • Turn your both wireless earbuds at the same time and hold down the buttons until they will not flash red and then blue.
  • If both earbuds are flashing at the same time then you have to double press a button on one earbud with your hand.
  • If the earbuds say it's connected then both earbuds are connected to each other and you can use them.
  • Then Turn on the Bluetooth of your phone and click on the button ‘Pair the earbud’ and both earbuds are now paired to your device, and you can play the music on it.

How to charge wireless earbuds?

For charging the wireless earbuds, you should place them into the charging case and press the power button, which is on the front of the case.

Place your wireless earbuds in the charging case and close the lid. When you open the lid, the battery inside shows the red light or blue light to indicate the status of the battery inside.

For fully charging wireless earbuds, it usually takes 2 hours of charge time.

How to clean wireless earbuds?

Due to the continuous use of wireless earbuds, the dust enters into it and may affect the sound quality of the earbuds. So you must regularly clean the earbuds so that they can work without any issues.

Following are some steps that you should follow while cleaning the wireless earbuds.

1.  Clean the Tips of Earbuds

Mix one part of the liquid solution of dishwashing and the five parts of the lukewarm water in a small bowl. Add the tips and allow them to soak for at least 30 minutes.

After soaking, take a cotton swab and dip it in a soap mixture and clean it properly.

2.  Rinse and dry the Tips

You have to rinse the tips of the wireless earbuds properly and then allow them to dry out for several hours and do not put them back on the earbuds until they are dried thoroughly.

3.  Clean the Earbud’s Mesh cover

To clean the earbuds, the mesh cover uses a toothbrush and cleans it carefully. Hold the earbuds with the mesh facing in the downwards direction so that there will not be any particles falling out instead of deeper into the earbuds.

4.  Disinfect the Mesh cover

 Use a cotton swab, dip it in alcohol, and wipe the bud mesh to disinfect and remove the residues present.

5.  Disinfect the outer part of the earbuds carefully.

Disinfect the outer side of the earbuds and clean them carefully. This will help to disinfect the surface of the earbuds.

6.  Allow the Earbuds to Dry

The Final Stage in the cleaning of the earbuds is to allow the earbuds to dry for at least 15 minutes.

how to clean wireless earbuds

How to wear Earbuds Wireless?

The Wireless earbuds have a lot of advantages over the traditional earbuds because you don't have the long wires, which will end up tangled.

Place the earbuds snugly into your ear canal so that the sound can be effectively transmitted. The earbuds head in the ears also blocks the ambient sound from entering your ears.

Check the optimal size of the earbud tips because there are different sizes of earbud tips available in the market. It is recommended to you that before buying wireless earbuds, check what size and shape of the earbuds you are comfortable with.

Can wireless earbuds connect to a laptop?

Yes. of course, the wireless earbuds can be connected to the laptop. If your laptop is equipped with Bluetooth, then you can easily connect your wireless earbuds to your computer and PC and use them.

Are wireless earbuds better than wired ones?

No Doubt that the wireless earbuds are much better and worth it than the wired earphones. Because the wireless Earbuds allow you to enjoy music from any place with great comfort, at the same time, wired earphones will restrict your mobility.

The wireless earbuds will offer fantastic sound quality and music experience, which will leave you spellbound.

fantastic sound quality and it fits perfectly inside your ears  so that you can enjoy the music ‘


With so many varieties of bluetooth earbuds options to choose from, you may find it is very difficult to settle on one. So we recommend you to only consider the features that you are expecting in your wireless earbuds and choose the best one from the wide range of products which are offered by Portronics Earbuds.

Portronics gadgets and products rule over accessibility, quality, and innovation and give your modern needs a stylish touch!

So why are you waiting!! Select a pair of Best Wireless Earbuds for you and start enjoying the beats of Music with Portronics.

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