How to Extend Your Phone's Battery Life with the Best Mobile Chargers

how to extend your phone's battery life with the best mobile chargers


In a world where people cannot imagine themselves without some type of mobile device, having a long-lasting phone battery is crucial. Smartphones are everywhere. It's almost impossible not to find one.. They use them for calls, messages, and more. So, it is very uncomfortable to have your phone battery die. 

This means that to get the best of your Android phone’s battery, mobile chargers should be from the best brands. Cord Chargers are different from other charging types as they are of high quality and not only fast. These charges increase the longevity of your battery.

Portronics, a renowned brand has acquired specialization in manufacturing durable mobile chargers. These chargers are highly reliable. These devices increase the battery life of your phone. When you choose the right mobile charger, your phone will always be fully charged and capable of meeting your expectations.

The Science Behind Phone Batteries

Phone batteries are usually lithium-ion where Lithium ions move between a central electrode and an anode. This movement creates electrical energy, your phone is an example of what is being powered. Anyway, it is widely known that battery life depends on the number of charge cycles, temperature, and frequency of using the device. 

These add up over long periods, thus reducing the battery capacity. To have a long-lasting battery, proper charging is crucial. It would help if you took some measures. Don’t let your gadget get too hot or cold. Ensure your battery isn’t dead. And you only use quality fast mobile chargers

This means that charging your devices at a slow rate of charge is better than charging at relatively higher rates. So, take some time to learn how your phone's battery works. Also, learn the right charging practices. This will go a long way in keeping the battery healthy and the phone running smoothly.

How to Choose the Right Mobile Charger

Here are several things that you should put into consideration when choosing the right mobile charger. First, analyze the Smart Charging feature to know if the charger charges your phone fast enough. Compatibility might also be a factor. Check that the charger is compatible with your phone model. There are additional protection functions, such as overcharging protection, which prevent the deterioration of battery performance. 

Companies care about more than just the charger's design and attractiveness. They also want it to be durable. Another way to choose a mobile charger is to look at your phone use. If you’re going to be utilizing it heavily, maybe a fast-charging one is more suited for you. 

So if you are a frequent traveler, a lightweight and effective charger would suffice. If you pay attention to these attributes, it becomes easy to identify a charger that suits the gadget you possess.

Benefits of Using High-Quality Mobile Chargers

Good mobile chargers are as important as anything else. You should consider them to keep your phone's battery healthy. They protect the battery from rising to an unsafe level, overcharging, and degrading thus lasting for a longer time. This comes in handy for employees with traveling jobs, as charging the phone can be quite hectic. 

Although power banks are handy, they are not the best substitute for a mobile charger. It's not always safe or convenient to charge your electric car at metro station points or in restaurants. A better charger helps ensure that the phone is charged and ready for basic use.

For instance, a good charger must be able to charge your phone for like 3-4 hours and I am guaranteed that it will fully recharge in the morning. That means it is necessary to buy a fast mobile charger with good quality for you phone because it may reduce the time you spend charging your phone. It also makes sure that your phone is fit for use, especially in cases where you might have damaged the phone in some way.

Best Practices for Charging Your Phone

If you want to charge your phone battery, remember not to charge it while you are sleeping during the night. It is dangerous to leave the battery charging overnight or charging it for many hours since this will cause it to heat up and even cause explosions. Choose the right mobile battery charger for the phone. Try to charge the battery to be between 40% and 80%. 

This is especially true when adjusting the settings or features of your phone, to use less battery. Dim the screen, and close unnecessary applications or windows/ Switch off non-essential notifications. Turn on some convenient power management to save battery. These small tips assist in preserving the battery of your phone and allow it to work for longer durations. 

Thus, you can keep your phone ready for use anytime and ward off the harmful effects of wrong charging behaviors.

Discover the Best Chargers from Portronics

Explore Portronics' mobile chargers. We have fast charging, safety features, and a tough build for good phone performance.

Adapto 20

adapto 20 mobile charger
  • Versatile Charging Station: It has multiple USB ports. It is perfect for charging several devices at once.
  • Fast and Efficient: Charges the device quickly and output of 20W suitable for the type c to type c and type c to lightning cable only the cables are not included.
  • Safety First: Most of the models have built-in surge protection that will be convenient for charging your devices while protecting them from any fluctuations in power.
  • Wide Compatibility: Works with all manner of iOS tech – iPhone 12, 11 series, XS, XR, etc., iPads such as iPad Pro 10, iPad mini 5, and higher.
  • Portable and Lightweight: The small overall size is convenient for transportation and for use in situations when you are not physically able to be at the office, such as when working from home.
  • Reliable Performance: Make sure all your devices have power at your fingertips and they aren’t dead on you at any moment.

Adapto 65X 

Adapto 65X dual port fast charging mobile holder
  • Innovative GaN Charger: The Adapto 65X from Portronics is an innovative GaN charger. It provides fast charging, three times faster than traditional mobile chargers.
  • Powerful Dual Output: Features a 65W Type-C PD port and a 22.5W Mach USB-A port. When charging two devices, it allocates 45W to Type-C and 18W to USB-A. This is for efficient charging.
  • Fast Charge PD Port: The 65W Power Delivery 3.0 (with PPS) can fast charge your MacBook Pro 13 within 2 hours. Includes a Type C cable for added convenience.
  • Ultra Compact and Travel Friendly: It is also believed that this mobile charger is thirty-five percent smaller and lighter than other chargers of the same power of 65W. This is an easily portable device that you can have at any place and at any time and in a pocket, backpack, suitcase, purse, and perusing bag.
  • Wide Compatibility: Support devices including macOS, MacBook Pro/Air/iPhone 15/14 release/iPad Pro/Samsung Galaxy S23/S22/Note10/10+ release/Google Pixel 5/4a/AirPods/and all USB mobile phones and tablets.

Adapto 4

adapto 4 dual port fast charging mobile charger


  • Fast Charging Delivered: Feel the lightning-fast charging with 45W of power of delivery, you can go from 0% to 50% of the iPhone 14 charge in 30 mins. The device’s features allow for reaching the maximum output of 45W by connecting to it once.
  • Dual Ports: This car charger features two Type-C ports. When charging multiple devices, it splits the output. It splits it into 25W and 20W PD fast charging. This allows for efficient power distribution.
  • PPS Safe: The charger of this lithium battery pack is with PPS (Programmable Power Supply). It shows several voltages and currents to deliver the proper power to the device based on its charge state.
  • Effortless Compatibility: Bluetooth headphones and earphones compatibility when used on both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, smartwatches and wireless earphones, and neckband headphones.
  • Supports Laptop Charging: It charges MacBooks with Type-C ports type of interface about MacBooks. Some of them include the MacBook Pro with 2016/ MacAir which was released in 2018, MacBook from 2015. 
  • Minimal Design: The products are portable and designed in such a way that they are light and small in size, and may even be carried in bags or pockets.
  • Convenient Travel Companion: it keeps powering your devices especially when you are on a long journey on the road. For anyone who likes traveling, then it is not just a necessity but a useful tool when on travel.


In summary, maintaining your phone's battery life is crucial in our mobile-centric world. We’ve discussed the science behind phone batteries. We also covered the benefits of using good mobile chargers. And we talked about the best ways to charge your phone well. A qualitative charger not only avoids overcharging and overheating but also lengthens the life cycle of your battery.

Choosing the right phone charger involves considering factors. These include charging speed, compatibility, and safety. Portronics offers reliable, efficient chargers. They include the Adapto 20, Adapto 65X, and Adapto 4. Each meets different needs, from home use to travel.

Investing in a Portronics mobile charger means you’re choosing one of the best products. They enhance your device's performance and longevity. Explore their offerings to find the perfect charger for your needs. Enjoy safe, seamless, and efficient charging. Keep your devices powered up and ready for anything with Portronics.

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