How to Maintain Your Best Wired Keyboard for Optimal Performance

how to maintain your best wired keyboard for optimal performance


Your wired keyboard is the foundation of your computer. It greatly boosts the computer's performance. Proper care and some basic guidance can help to prolong the life and performance of wired keyboards. This blog aims to give you practical knowledge on creating and maintaining your wired keyboard in the best possible way. 

Everyone needs to clean the keyboard often, regardless of whether the person plays games often or not. In terms of general performance, having a clean keyboard leads to a higher level of precision and typing efficiency.

In the hands of gamers, it can determine the fate that a gamer has in a game between winning and losing. These are the best practices that you can implement, if the keyboard is wired, to make your wired keyboard last for many years.

Why Maintenance is Important for Wired Keyboard?

If you take proper care of your wired keyboard then you would be able to use it for a longer period, which in turn is your key to saving some money. Food particles, dirt, and other materials are found on the surface of the keyboard. They can get trapped under the keys and make them cramped or unresponsive. 

Clean a wired keyboard often to ensure each key works smoothly. This is a key factor in a gamer’s performance. A clean keyboard also ensures its efficiency. Dirty keys do not work well. If not cleaned often, there will be a build-up. It changes the sensitivity, delaying its key response. This is especially a concern when you are multi-tasking, for example when you are doing your work or having a competition gaming session. 

Further, proper hygiene should be maintained when using the keyboards and this should involve cleaning them. Recent research also reveals that keyboards are also a source of infection since they contain bacteria and germs. It also keeps the surfaces free from germs which in turn makes it safer and more comfortable for the users to access them.

Basic Cleaning Tips of Wired Gaming Keyboard

Daily Cleaning:

  • Use a dry, soft microfiber cloth. Clean the keyboard to get rid of the dust on it.
  • For better cleaning, wipe the surface. This will remove the dirt, smoke, and fingerprints.

Weekly Cleaning:

  • Another technique is using compressed air by blowing dust or dirt between the keys.
  • Adjust the tilt of the keyboard to check if the loose particles drop from the area.
  • Clean the wired keyboard with a damp cloth, do not rub or scrub it.

Deep Cleaning:

  • Disconnect the keyboard and properly pull off the keycaps using a keycap puller.
  • Submerge the keycap gradually in warm soapy water.
  • The key switch and keyboard base should also be cleaned with a small brush or cotton swabs.
  • Allow all the parts to dry well before attempting to put them together again.

Handling Spills and Stains

If ever there is a spillage on the keyboard, remove the keyboard from the computer and leave it with the key side facing down. The first step is to shake the keyboard a bit to knock off excess liquid. Then, use a cloth to absorb and dry the liquid. To deep clean the keys, the keycaps need to be removed and then the computer keyboard should be wiped with a dry piece of cloth and cotton buds. 

Allow the keyboard to dry evenly and then plug it in, if necessary. This is conducted to avoid spreading foods or liquid on the keyboards To avert this, use keyboard covers or do not eat/drink close to the keyboards. Also, it is advisable to keep your drink in spill-resistant glasses or cups to reduce the probability of spilling some on the keyboard.

How to Maintaining Wired Connections

Cable management is quite important when it comes to wired keyboards so that your connection stays intact. This section of the cable should be managed properly to ensure it does not pull or break apart since it hangs loosely. You can also use cable clips or ties to help manage the cable to avoid pulling on it accidentally and keep it untangled. 

Performing a quick inspection of the USB connection to confirm that it is being plugged correctly and is not dusty or contaminated. If necessary, use a soft cloth to carefully wipe around the USB connector, especially where the cord connects. To avoid such problems, take several measures. 

The cable should be straight and not wrapped tightly around any structure. It is good to store the keyboard alongside the cable by ensuring that the cable remains loosely rolled to help retain the shape. By following these tips, you can ensure the wired keyboard has a good connection for a long time. Also, its performance and life will be very high.

Software Maintenance For Optimal Performance.

First of all, it is significant to update all your keyboard drivers to guarantee the best functionality. Updates for drivers are also common. They help fix bugs and improve driver features or compatibility. Use effective software to enhance the detection of keyboard malfunctions and problems that may need repair. 

With these tools employed, you can at least be able to diagnose issues with your keyboard, troubleshooting guides, and confirm if your wired keyboard has no issues running. As for gaming keyboards, it is key to save the profiles. This lets each user have their own. 

Remember, you need to save your custom macro, keyboard mapping, and lighting using the device's software. Make it a point to always copy these settings as they can be wiped out in the process of updating or changing the system. So, to have an efficient wired keyboard, watch for driver updates. Use the diagonal tools and keep custom settings.

Portronics Wired Keyboards - Product Spotlight

Portronics is one of the most reliable brands in tech accessories. They make wired keyboards for productivity and ergonomics. Some Portronics keyboards provide basic typing. Others have unique features to fit users' needs. These keyboards are the epitome of ergonomics, built well, and quite wired keyboard price is affordable which makes them ideal for home and office use.

Ki Pad 2- Wired Keyboard

Ki Pad 2 best wired keyboard

  • Full-Sized Keyboard with Num Pad: The keyboard layouts are comfortable and common. The numeric pad aligns to form the number row.
  • Dual-Colour Keys: Hence, black and grey as your office and work environment color palate would make things a little spicy and lovely.
  • Shortcut Keys: Multimedia keys that are very useful in the office and present of Indian Rupee symbol key and other keys.
  • Noiseless Typing: Membrane switches have noiseless typing. Users should consider their benefits.
  • Long Cable: 1. It's an extra-long 5-meter USB cable. It lets you position the device at precise angles.
  • Spill-Resistant: They ensure that it does not accidentally spill so that the wastes can be easily cleaned without affecting surrounding objects.
  • Compatibility: Holds compatibility with Windows, Linux computers and also the Macintosh systems.

K1- Gaming Wired Keyboard


  • Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: Portronics K1 – They took the ‘gamer’ part literally with bright and eye-popping keys and LED backlighting.
  • Blue Tactile Switches: Tactile feedback to ensure correct positioning of keys for accurate inputs during challenging game-plying.
  • Anti-Ghosting Keys: Orgnize many keystrokes at the same time with fine detail to facilitate well-engaged gameplay.
  • 50 Million Keystrokes: Designed for heavy usage and durability to last long enough for large-scale gaming incorporation.
  • Multiple Lighting Modes: 20+ dynamic RGB effects with brightness and speed controls to give you everything ranging from bright, slow-moving rainbow displays, flashing navigation arrows, static, pulsating, and oscillating multi-color displays with color shift and cycle features to bright white scrolling text display with adjustable brightness.
  • Full-Sized Backlit Keyboard: Laptop with a very functional 104 keys that is designed for multitasking and is back lit.
  • 1. 5m Long Cable: Here compact positioning means that you can set up your gaming system in any way that you want.
  • Ergonomic Comfort: Sleek and easily adjustable kickstands are needed for proper wrist angle and support during intense gaming sessions.

Why Choose Portronics: 

Portronics holds a good reputation. It invests in quality and distinction. Among all the wired keyboards in the market, it is a leader. Their products provide consumers with the best mix of strength and elegance. They also have utility and beauty. And, they do so at fair prices. 

Portronics keyboards suit many needs. These needs may be for working professionals, gamers, or occasional users. The keyboards suit these needs. They have features like comfort, customizable lights, and long-lasting key switches. 

The keyboard gives you many options. It has won awards for customer care. Portronics makes sure that it will make you type more efficiently. Select Portronics for the optimal solution in wired keyboards – they are affordable yet powerful.


In conclusion, regular care and handling will make the best wired keyboard last and work well. We explained some things. They included: regular use of microfiber cloths for wiping and cleaning. They also did weekly compressed air cleaning and the most aggressive method. 

This method is done thoroughly, for example, once a week. Other key steps should be taken. They include cleaning up spills quickly and managing cables well. For daily and periodic care, it is like updating keyboard drivers and using software for inspection and setting. 

Lastly, you should consider Portronics wired keyboards as a primary solution for your next purchase. They are effective and tough. Implement these tips and learn to go for the best products in this market so that you may realize the best wired keyboard for laptop that can last for some years.


How often should I clean my wired keyboard?

  • When it comes to the wired keyboard, it will be wise to do the cleaning in the course of the two weeks if possible. In case you observe that the surface is saturated with dirt or crumbs for a shorter duration then, you should clean it more often.

Can I use alcohol to clean my keyboard?

  • Yes, isopropyl alcohol of 70 % plus is recommended for wiping your keyboard clean. For the keycaps, you can remove the key caps and wash them with a damp cloth or use a Q-tip smeared in alcohol. Also, make sure it is not connected to any computer and leave it to dry before using it.

How do I clean between the keys?

  • You should use compressed air, which you can purchase at a hardware or auto mechanics store, to blow out dust and debris out of the keys. Turn the keyboard on a slant and use a directed burst of air in short spurts. The remaining can also be cleaned out using a soft brush or a clean dry toothbrush put gently on the area.

Is it safe to remove keycaps for cleaning?

  • No, it is not safe to remove keycaps for deep cleaning, You should clean your keycaps carefully with dissatisfaction. You should safely remove them by using the keycap puller; you should properly wash these key caps in warm soapy water. Before fixing them back in place they should therefore be thoroughly dried.

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