LCD Drawing Notepad buying Guide 2019: How to Choose the Best One

LCD Drawing Notepad buying Guide 2019: How to Choose the Best One

  • Apr 03, 2019

LCD Drawing Notepad buying Guide 2019: How to Choose the Best One


Being a sketch artist, I often feel the need of a gadget on which I can roughly draw my ideas before it goes under multiple rounds of iterations and gets finalized. Earlier I used to draw on paper. But then I found out that I used to finish the whole diary in just one week.


Such a wastage of paper and cruelty towards environment!


Now, the time had arrived that I had to speeden up the search and look for another alternative.


So, I did some research and found about LCD drawing notepads. Using the gadget, I could freely jot down my ideas on screen without having to worrying about wasting paper. So, I decided to order one.


However, later I found out that choosing a good quality Rewritable LCD drawing notepad is not easy . There are thousands of options in the market. Each one claims to be better than other. Without proper knowledge there are greater chances that you might end up buying a wrong piece and go back to the stone age of papers


This is what motivated me to write this:


Detailed guide to buying LCD drawing notepad

Go ahead! Read it and choose the best one:


What is a LCD Drawing Notepad?

LCD drawing notepad is a wonderful gadget that has reduced the need of paper for drawing and writing purposes. Using this digital drawing notepad, you can randomly scribble anything on the screen without wasting any paper and erase it if you want.


An LCD drawing notepad has the following parts:


LCD Screen


A small tablet screen on which you can freely write or scribble anything.



Stylus is a touch screen pen using which you draw sketches or scribble ideas on the LCD Drawing Notepad. Without it, a drawing notepad is just a flat screen on which you can't do anything.


Magnetic Cell / Replaceable Battery

Battery is what keeps the electronic LCD drawing notepad working. Without it, it will not even get on.


Most Drawing Notepads have Replaceable watch cell batteries which can be changed over time.



Erase Button


You can erase whatever you have written on the screen using this button.


Note: In most of the LCD writing notepads, you can’t save the scribbled designs. There are a few which offer this functionality but they’re quite costly.


LCD Drawing Notepad Applications

  • To draw sketches and diagrams
  • To scribble random ideas
  • To do random calculations
  • To educate children about drawing and writing
  • To outline a rough layout of a plan before implementing it
  • Take down phone numbers / addresses when on a phone call
  • Practice math by kids
  • Practice a new language



What to keep in mind while choosing an LCD Drawing Notepad?



Correct tablet size

Size is an important aspect to consider while choosing an electronic LCD Drawing Notepad.


While you have to be careful that the screen of the LCD drawing notepad is big enough that you can easily scribble on it, you have to also make sure it’s not so big that you can't carry it from one place to another. It should be easy to carry and handle. Smaller pocket sized LCD notepads are also available which may be limited in their use but are very portable.


I would suggest you to compare all the online LCD Drawing tablets available in the market and then choose an appropriate one.


Pressure sensitive LCD Screen


Thin and thick lines add an extra impact to your drawings or writings and make them more impress. This is only possible if the LCD screen of your LCD writing pad is pressure sensitive.


So, while before buying an LCD Drawing Notepad, check its screen and move ahead only if the screen is pressure sensitive.


One-touch Erase Button


One-touch erase button is important in an LCD Drawing Notepad. Otherwise, how would you erase the content that you had scribbled on it?


So, make sure the LCD Drawing tablet has a one-touch erase button. Otherwise, the money spent on it is a wastage.


Important tip: Be careful before pressing the button as the entire screen is wiped out and not the last strokes only. You can take a picture on your smartphone to store the content before erasing it.


Content Safety Button

What if you spent an hour scribbling an idea on the rewritable LCD notepad but then accidentally deleted it?


That's why you need a content safety button that prevents the accidental deletion of the content you have scribbled on the drawing notepad.


So, make sure your LCD Drawing Notepad has one.



Like I said earlier, Stylus is very important part. Without it scribbling anything properly on the drawing notepad will be difficult.


So, make sure you digital drawing notepad comes with a stylus and a stylus holder so that you can scribble anything without any difficulty.


Vision protection

This is something that you need to keep in mind not just while choosing a LCD Drawing Notepad but any gadget.


Health matters the most. You wouldn’t want to buy something that can cause stress on your eyes and damage them. So, it’s important that your electronic LCD drawing pad comes with vision protection.


Build quality and accessories

What if you accidentally drop your LCD drawing notepad on the floor?


Just thinking about it gives you shivers, isn’t it?


Now, if you want to avoid such situations, make sure the writing pad is made of material that’s durable and can withstand small falls.


Also, make sure the stylus you get with your LCD drawing notepad is able to work properly. Otherwise, there will be no use of buying it.



Magnet Feature



What can be more convenient than if you can just stick the drawing notepad to your refrigerator or a metallic surface? This gives you a free hand to scribble.


However, this is only possible if your drawing notepad has the magnetic feature. So, make sure the writing pad you’re purchasing has one.



Battery Life

LCD drawing notepad is operated by battery. This means there’s a limit on the number of times you can use it before having to replace with a new battery.


Keeping this in mind, you need to make sure that your LCD writing notepad comes with a good battery life. Generally, a drawing notepad with upto 100,000 screen life is considered good.


A 3V replace wrist watch battery is considered good for LCD Drawing Notepads which is one of the reason it's used in most drawing Notepads from Portronics.



Best LCD drawing Notepads in the market

  • Portronics RuffPad 12 Plus
  • Portronics RuffPad 10
  • Portronics RuffPad 8.5
  • Portronics 1 Compartments Plastic POR-628 Portable RuffPad


My personal favourite is Portronics RuffPad 12 Plus LCD Drawing Notepad because it is equipped with the latest features. It has received an Best LCD Notepad award.


Although, you can choose the one that goes well with your needs and budget.


Bonus: LCD Drawing Notepad Self-care tips


After purchasing an LCD Drawing Notepad, you would probably want it to last for a long time.


Just to make sure that, here are a couple of tips that you must follow:


  • Avoid using your LCD Drawing Notepad during low and high temperature, or in the strong light. These conditions might affect its working and efficiency
  • Don’t touch the writing pad screen with wet hands, sticky surface, or a sharp objects. Otherwise, it might get damaged
  • Dropping the drawing notepad from height will definitely damage it. So, avoid doing that.
  • As the screen is pressure sensitive, avoid putting too much pressure on it. Otherwise, you might end up destroying it.
  • Clean the screen of the electronic LCD drawing notepad with a soft cloth from time to time. This will prevent the gathering of dust on the screen.





The best way to make sure you don’t get ripped while buying a digital drawing notepad is to know what you’re buying. For this, you need to do brief research which will take time.


But we have saved you from all these troubles with the help of this help guide. We have tried to answer all your queries in it. This buying guide will surely help you make the right decision.


Still, if you have any queries, share in comments. We’ll try to answer them as well. Good luck!


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