LCD Writing Tablet - Make Writing Interesting for your Child

LCD Writing Tablet - Make Writing interesting for your child

There are various opportunities for artistic creativity in today's highly competitive society. A pencil or pen and paper are one such way. However, these days, not everyone can afford the luxury of such extra time or space. Encourage your child's enthusiasm for writing with The  Portronics LCD tablet and let your writing skills flourish with the help of the best writing tablets on the market today.

Well, that's where the top tablets for writing come in! Writing tablets are the future of the writing process, an electronic canvas that can be handled with the touch of a finger. In addition, it is a great way for kids to use their imaginations and learn new skills.

These electronic tablets for writing are more than simply fun; they're useful learning aids as well. Writing tablets have been shown to improve youngsters' hand-eye coordination, which can help them with things like sketching and spelling. These are fantastic and entertaining tools for kids who need to practice writing or who want to express their creativity without being confused by pictures.

The widescreen and pressure-sensitive LCD of Portronics writing pads are great for practicing drawing and spelling while also building imagination and creativity. Children's eye protection is offered as standard with all of the goods sold by Protronics, which is widely regarded as one of the company's most valuable selling points. They feature a wide selection of high-quality writing pads that are both portable and simple to use, making them ideal for children.

You can keep your youngsters occupied and educated with the help of these writing tablets with LCD screens. Also included is a stylus that can be taken off and used to write or draw on the screen.

The Portronics LCD Writing Tablets are a great way to inspire your child's imagination without causing any mess around the house. You have the option of using a variety of brush sizes and colors when sketching. Their display is large enough for your children to practice their handwriting, if they are doing any schoolwork at home, or to draw many pictures of their favorite cartoon characters or creatures.

This is a great and inexpensive choice for a holiday present for your kid, niece, nephew, or anybody else in your family. They can spend hours doodling or writing on them. The built-in battery has a long life span and can be recharged.

A Buying Guide for The LCD Writing Tablet You'll Need Know

Several varieties of tablet computers designed specifically for writing are now available. Since there is such a large selection, finding the best suits your needs can take time and effort. You can find the product that best meets your requirements using the information in the following buyer's guide.

When Choosing a Tablet for Writing, What Should You Look for?

Before purchasing a tablet for your child to use as a writing device, consider the following points:

Drawing area on the writing tablet

Tablets for writing can be found in a variety of sizes. They range in size from the smallest, approximately 8 inches, to the largest, up to 15 inches or even more. Although the tablet's overall size is important, the screen size on which the child will write or draw should be the primary consideration. The LCD screen should be big enough, so the child doesn't feel squished when writing or drawing.

Display features

The Best writing tablet for drawing and writing with a stylus includes a pressure-sensitive touchscreen interface. Children can safely use a tablet with a touch screen without worrying about cleaning the gadget. The finest ones also come with a pen that allows you to write and draw on the screen without your fingers or other objects getting in the way. Those who choose not to write with their fingertips also have this choice.

Material used

The best writing tablets for kids are made from long-lasting materials that can sustain regular use by children. Protronics' writing pads are comfortable for young writers because they use the best material available, and their textured surfaces and gentle thickness are the key features. It helps maintain a healthy writing posture.

Tablet battery life

Always double-check the tablet's battery life before using it. You may expect it to last for at least a year. Make sure to check the tablet's packaging for information on its battery life.

How Much Should you Expect to Spend on a Premium Writing Tablet?

The cost of a good writing tablet might be considerable. Although prices for writing pads tend to range between INR 400 and INR 2000, this range is quite variable. To get an idea of how much they cost, check out the pricing of other tablets on Protronics' official site and do some comparison shopping.

You May Wonder, "Why do I need a Tablet to Write?"

As a multipurpose tool, writing tablets are useful for more than just helping students perfect their writing. Children can use them for various activities, including math practice and sketching. Kids with artistic skills might use tablets to create original works.

Tablets that can be used as writing instruments are helpful for both young people and adults. They can be used for making notes, messages, shopping lists, and drawing pictures to help explain concepts to their kids. As a bonus, writing tablets encourage less paper consumption, which is good for the environment. A win-win for you and the planet!

Portronics Notepads Include Some of The Best Features

You've entered the future of sketching. The Portronics Digital writing pad is made to be your go-to item. Appropriate for use with kids, adults, adults with disabilities, business meetings, note keeping, and even leaving family messages. If your child takes regular online classes, Protronics LCD Writing tablets are perfect for taking notes. Includes a one-touch erase button for when you're ready to start over and a lifetime of erasing cycles of 100,000.

LCD writing pad

Just tap the Clear button once to clear the LCD Writing Pad immediately. It's important to clear the trash can regularly to prevent anyone from finding confidential information. Furthermore, it is radiation-free, has no flashing colors or glares, can be used for long periods, and is kid-friendly.

Latest Improved Technology

The New LCD Writing Tablet from Portronics employs the latest in LCD pressure-sensitive technology, allowing you to draw thick and thin lines as desired by varying the pressure applied with the stylus. There features a sizable screen ranging from 8.5 to 15 inches. The LCD screen is risk-free, radiation-free, glare-free, non-toxic, lightweight, pleasant, and ideal in your or a child's hands.

Eco-friendly and Reusable

By eliminating the need for paper, pencils, and erasers, the Portronics LCD Writing Tablets let you reduce your carbon footprint without limiting your imagination. If you or your child are looking for a way to tap into their imagination, these reusable and erasable notepads are a great place to start. Make good use of it to encourage kids' interest in and skill with art and writing. With the press of a single button, over 100,000 times can be written over and erased.

Lock Function 

With the Anti-Erase Lock button on Portronics's new LCD writing tablets, you or your child won't lose any drafts or written information that hasn't been saved.

Portable, Lightweight, Durable

The Portronics New LCD Writing Tablet is a lightweight and compact model that makes it convenient to bring it wherever you go. It's a convenient size for carrying in a purse, backpack, or briefcase, making it a must-have for any trip from the office to the holiday. The new LCD writing tablets from Portronics are always on and ready to be used, making them great for taking notes.

Re-Writable LCD Writing Pad with Content Safety Button

  • In today's high-tech world, a multipurpose LCD digital notepad is a must-have for writing down ideas, keeping track of appointments, and grocery lists, and helping kids practice their handwriting.
  • You can quickly and easily delete anything that's on your RuffPad with the press of a single button.
  • RuffPad includes a content-lock key to prevent the accidental deletion of critical notes, sketches, and other content. 
  • A paperless notepad is better for the environment and saves trees. It's safe for youngsters because it contains no toxic substances or metals. The softened edges and lightweight design of the stylus make it ideal for children.

Final Verdict 

Eliminate the need for paper with the help of Portronics new LCD Writing Tablets. Don't waste paper or pencils writing down ideas or making lists and drawings. You can use a stylus or another similar tool to write or draw on the screen. The screen's sensitivity to finger pressure allows for the creation of both thick and fine lines. 

Your notes will be visible on the tablet until you press the erase button. A single click can quickly remove all of your notes. The battery can be replaced after up to 100,000 deletions. It is recyclable, in addition to being lightweight and easy to carry. Can communicate with those who are deaf or hard of hearing. 

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