Make your Travel Exciting with Portronics Auto 15 Wireless Audio Connector

Make your Travel Exciting with Portronics Auto 15 Wireless Audio Connector

Technical advancement and improvement is the motto of Portronics. Keeping the same sense of innovation we are launching Auto-15 Bluetooth Adaptor’ for car stereos under the Auto Bluetooth Adaptor series to convert non-Bluetooth car stereos to Bluetooth. This one-of-a-kind device converts your old boring car stereos into an exciting Bluetooth feature. The super exciting product will make your life easier by connecting itself with car stereos as well as Bluetooth earphones. 

What Auto-15 Bluetooth Adaptor offers?




Light-Weight & Compact: 

If you are looking for a smart device that you can carry easily anywhere, Auto-15 Bluetooth Adapter is the perfect pick for you. It is small in size and can be easily carried in pockets that make it unique and user-friendly. The product weighs only 35.9 gram and it’s sleek in design. ‘Auto 15’ LED display switches definitely add to the beauty of this device. 

In-Built Microphone

Plugging in and out for taking calls is an annoying task. Auto-15 Bluetooth Adaptor ensures that you don’t miss any important call and talk with proper sound clarity. Our product has been designed by keeping in mind the corporate work culture. The users are also allowed to reject calls and customize volume during the call.

Voice Assistant at Service

Pressing the button to change music or increase the volume while driving might divert your concentration. To make your journey hassle-free and smooth, our flagship product comes up with a pre-installed voice assistant technology. All you need to do is press the ‘Activate’’ button!

Amazing Battery Backup 

In the everyday hustle-bustle of life, you might forget to charge your phone before leaving home. Worry not; we got it covered for you. Our Auto-15 Bluetooth Adaptor is equipped with a PD 20W+QC3.0 charger that enables fast charging.  Not only this, you can charge multiple devices at one time.

Crystal Clear Sound Quality with Bass

A car and good sound quality is a match made in heaven for all the people who like to sing loudly on their journey. Portronics Auto-15 allows you to experiment with the bass and enhance the quality of your speakers. 

Latest Bluetooth Technology 

For meeting up the requirements of our tech-savvy customers, we have equipped this product with the latest Bluetooth Version 5.1. It enables connecting your smartphone to the car stereo system, streaming music, transmitting calls and listening to your favourite FM channel with ease. 


After ordering the product, many people are still worried about whether the product is compatible with your device or not. Portronics believes in adding value to customer’s money. Compatibility is not an issue anymore with our Auto-15 Bluetooth Adaptor. It can be connected to any car stereo with or without Bluetooth. 

Please Note: Get yourself this mini-device that has so much to offer to our customers and at a very affordable rate. It comes with free Aux wire and USB! 

Portronics is one device manufacturing providers that offers great products across the world. All the devices are equally stylish and technically advanced. The company offers the best quality devices which suit to your pocket and also can add to your choices. To know more about Portronics and the products all you can do is visit the website and select from the vast range of electronic items.    

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