5 Step Buying Guide – So You Don’t Regret After Buying a Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

5 Step Buying Guide – So You Don’t Regret After Buying a Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker.
Buying portable Bluetooth Speakers isn’t getting any easier these days. With tons of options out there in the market choosing one that fits your bill is needs some planning. The key takeaway of this post is that not all portable Bluetooth speakers are the same and it's not necessarily the one with the highest specs or the highest price range that wins the day.

Listening to music is a lifestyle.

Your music needs to follow wherever you go. Sometimes you want to travel and listen to your favorite tunes rock-and-roll style while other times you'd like to lounge around the house and spend a lazy day listening to the classics and go down the memory lane. Whatever your context is, a good quality mobile Bluetooth speaker may just hit the sweet spot when it comes to enjoying different tunes and syncing across various devices as required Bulky wired speakers may not have required portability that you absolutely need.

So if you're looking to buy a wireless Bluetooth speaker and can't seem to decide, we're here to help. Here is a checklist of features to watch out for before you finalize your purchase:

1. Heavy Bass or Balanced

Generally speaking, the frequency range spans from 100 Hertz to 20,000 Hertz for most Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speakers. What this means is that the wider your frequency range, the more accurate the audio production will be. But this doesn't necessarily mean you'll be getting the best quality sound since auditory perception differs from person to person. Besides this, you also have to take into account that some speakers lean on heavy bass like Bounce or powerful treble SoundPot while some prefer a more balanced approach SoundDrum to audio quality or sound reproduction.

2. Power of Drivers Matter

If it's a single full-range driver slim Bluetooth speaker, you'll have the sound output in one direction, either facing up or front. Directional music in upward direction like in case of SoundPot may give the effect of 360 degree sound. And if you go for twin drivers in your wireless Bluetooth speakers, you'll find the audio gets displaced much better and that the output is louder overall. PMPO wattage alone may be misleading as the design and body construction also decides the overall loudness and clarity of a speaker.

Don't let the size fool you because a speaker like SoundPot packs quite a punch and has been a darling of over 5 lakh customers over last 5 years.

3. Form Factor

You wouldn't want a pair of Portable Bluetooth speakers which you can't lounge around or carry with you.

Take, for instance, the Bounce Portable Bluetooth Speaker with FM. It's cube-sized, compact, versatile, and quirky to look at. The aesthetics or design complements its form factor and its range is pretty decent. In terms of size, it's smaller than a Rubik's cube! Pretty nifty, huh?

Even the touch and feel of the speaker is important. Soft but strong silicone body with grey/blue color grill design - simply gorgeous. Metallic finish of SoundDrum gives heavy solid rugged feel. In all cases your speaker should not vibrate and move from it’s place on loud volumes but remain stable as rock.

Sound Drum

All speakers should be user-friendly and easy to use intuitive buttons for adjusting the volume, a multifunction port, and a play/pause button and power on/off switch.

Remember water resistance is also key as your playful kids may splash water on your speakers or you may accidently spray a bit of your shower on them while in shower. Your speaker should have your back covered.

4. Bluetooth Edition, FM Radio & USB Music 

The Bluetooth version you opt for will determine the range and quality of transmission between your portable speaker and your Smartphone or tablet. In general, we always recommend going for Bluetooth version 4 and higher since it provides decent battery life and covers up to distances of 30 feet. Not a bad deal, eh? These days you get Bluetooth Speakers with FM and Bluetooth speaker with USB variants for sale.

Bluetooth Connectivity has its list of pros. For starters, it's easy to set up and you start streaming music in seconds. You can play tunes across multiple devices like the iPhone, iPad, laptops and Android devices.

If you're looking for recommendations, try out the Sound Drum Portable Bluetooth 4.2 Speaker. It's water-resistant which means a little drizzle won't hurt and it has Bluetooth 4.2 which is a pretty good deal.

You can make voice calls for free on the go and a built-in FM radio that lets you tune into your favourite radio station. Having USB Port for playing music from your pen means you can enjoy your playlist even when offline. AUX In port allow you to connect directly to your laptop with an AUX cable and enjoy a movie on your laptop / desktop with sound from the portable speaker with AUX port.

All Portronics speakers which have FM Radio, USB Music, AUX In and Bluetooth options for music.

If you're shopping at Portronics, we have a sweet deal for corporate professionals where you can decide to brand these speakers with your company logo for the ultimate personalization.

5. Battery Life

Nobody likes a wireless Bluetooth speaker that doesn't last long and cries for re-charging too soon. You ideally want to go for a product that gives you very good juice - say, around 6 hours at the bare minimum on mid-level volumes.

All Portronics speakers not only have good quality and powerful built in batteries, these also have auto shut off feature which saves battery when no music if playing! So even if you leave the speakers on and forget about it, you’ll thank this feature for not forgetting to do its job.

Battery Life

Yes, the battery life is important but equally important is how fast the battery is charged. For a non-stop playtime of around 5 to 6 hours the speakers should not take over 2 hours to charge up with a normal USB charger.

Since our speakers run on Bluetooth 4.0, you can rest assured that they won't eat up your juice as these are Bluetooth Low Energy devices.


Last but not least, price does matter. You don't want to break a bank when opting to buy a Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker. In fact, we think there's something for everyone out there from Portronics.

The Portronics product line up for Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speakers features price ranges of Rs sub-1000 to over Rs 3000 which means you get plenty of room to work with. 

If all you are looking something for your elders which is lightweight, and has nice very easy to use FM radio, a USB Drive and a SD card option to stack their music like ghazals, bhajans, old songs, then you can start simple with a product like the Pure Sound or Plugs Speaker which fit nicely in the palm of the hand.


The final factor in choosing the best wireless Bluetooth speaker for yourself is your personal preferences. Really, think about the lifestyle you live and what your needs are.

And with these pointers, you - my friend, are good to go. One thing's for sure - when you buy speakers online at Portronics, there's never a dull moment in terms of cutting-edge innovation and performance.

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