Portronics Guide: How to choose the best Headphones and Earphones?

Portronics Guide: How to choose the best Headphones and Earphones?


Time changes everything!

This same saying holds true in all aspects of life. Be it humans, animals or any object, the significance and need for all these changes with time.

One such example to support this saying is the use of headphones and earphones. Before the global pandemic, it was corporate and daily metro commuters who used earphones or headphones as an essential accessory in their life.

Since long hours of daily travel leads to boredom and what’s better than an earphone or a headphone that can give you the experience of relaxing and enjoying  or work-related communications without disturbing the travelers sitting beside you.

Earphones or headphones give you a personalized experience to see and enjoy all forms of content, with or without sound. The use of earphones helps many people sitting in a shared room to enjoy listening to music or watching videos as per their preferences.

Now that you know the significance of using earphones or headphones, have you ever wondered which brand is best for earphones or headphones?

To answer this question and best options to buy earphones online, check out the features one should look for before figuring out which brand is best for earphones and headphones.

  • Audio Quality

Audio quality is one of the most essential features of every headphone/ earphone. These devices are bought to listen to the content straight in your ears, so what's the point of purchasing a product which cannot assure good quality sound?

Therefore, you must look for quality audio that is fine, auto adjustable and is not too harsh on your ears. Harmonics 300 has all these features that will help us not just to enjoy a supreme sound quality, but also helps in maintain the perfect shape of your ears.

So, make a wise decision and test the product before buying your earphones online and experience the audio quality it provides.

  • Fast Connect

In today's hi-tech technology, everyone expects to have smart devices and headphones/earphones too have become a necessity along with those devices.

It is important to ensure that the earphones have Bluetooth connectivity which can automatically sense other devices when they come within its radius. This auto-connect feature reduces your time and efforts in connecting one device to another.

Harmonics Klip 4 is one of the best retractable Bluetooth Music & Calling Earphone. You can now buy this earphone online in India which provides you fast, automatic and multipoint connectivity across all your devices.

Check out this product and more on Portronics feature to buy your pair of earphones or headphones online.

  • Power Efficient

This holds true for all types of electronic devices, be it smart phones, laptops, earphones or headphones. Whatever device you buy, the device must be power efficient.

Any electronic device which charges faster and a long life battery always comes with good performance. So if you are like those people who hardly get time to power up your earphones or headphones but require 24/7 nonstop use, then power-efficient earphones are just meant for you.

While buying headphones online, you can consider Harmonics 224 as your go to option. This earphone provides you with 5+ hours of nonstop playback with just 1-2 hours of charging. Check out this product at Portronics and buy earphones online easily in India.

  • Touch Sensor

Touch sensitive devices are important. In today's time of the tech-savvy world, every device can be controlled by your slightest touch. All of us look for these touch-sensitive features across every electronic device.

The touch sensor feature of Harmonics One earphones helps you to play or pause your content by simply tapping your headphones. It allows you to activate forward or backward features, change the content being played currently and so on with the help of a simple touch. 

Some devices available at Portronics have high powered sensors that automatically adjust the volume and ensure that it is not too loud and prevents your ears from damage.

  • Light Weight

It is a crucial feature that is generally overlooked by the audience but the weight of the device you wear throughout your day is very important.

One must ensure that whatever headphones or earphones that they buy online, especially in India, should not feel heavy or uncomfortable on your ears. You can check the exclusive range of light weight headphones available at Portronics. Make sure whichever headphone or earphone you buy online, should never make you feel burdened by them.

In fact, the ideal pair of headphones should be such, which is soft, lightweight and never makes you feel the heaviness that you are wearing them for long hours.

  • Adjustable bud sizes

This is important. Everyone has a different structure of outer ears than others. So especially when it comes to using earphones, bud sizes play a crucial role.

Ensure that the earphone you buy online has adjustable earbuds and comes with at least 2-3 different bud sizes. Never force a bud to fix in your ears instead try different sizes until it automatically sets well in your ears.

Look for quality buds and replace them between every 2-6 months based on your use. This practice will help to maintain hygiene and healthy ears. 

Well, now that you know which brand is the best for headphones & earphones. Buy the best earphones and headphones online for yourself and your loved ones.

For amazing and quality products that offer all these features, visit Portronics, an ultimate destination to buy the best quality earphones and headphones online.

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