Promising Portability- Take Leap of Faith with Portronics

Promising Portability- Take Leap of Faith with Portronics

‘We are living in a digital world’. Today’s world is full of electronics which can make our lives easier. But then, why are we still stuck with electronics that make our lives harder than easier? When we are always on the go, the same should be our electronics, isn’t it?

Portronics is a revolutionary brand that primarily focuses on “Portability”.  We bring the best range of consumer electronics which brings Portability to your electronic gadgets. With Portronics, you are free to travel the world with your portable electronics as your side-kick.

Portronics help you port to the future by offering electronics that make your life easier. It can keep the entertainment factor in your energy high! These unique electronics with a user-friendly operation can complete complex tasks. Enough compromising with the quality and style of your entertainment, elevate your experience with Portronics!

At Portronics, all the products are placed under 11 categories. This makes site navigation amazingly simple. You can also find the products you are looking for quickly even if you do not know their exact name! What's more? You can even discover brand new products that you may have not even heard of! For example, who knows if your next favourite portable electronic gadget may be - lying in one of the following categories mentioned below!

We have made a list of all the categories available to explore on Portronics. Bonus! We have also added the customer's favourite unique portable electronic device under the type you can consider!

Audio: From soundbars to truly wireless earbuds- you have them all right here! But is your party restricted indoors because of the lack of portability in your speakers? Chuck them away and get yourself Breeze 4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker! These portable party speakers have a party under the sun or on the beach at night. With the blazing lights of the speaker, you can light up any dark room with music and lights! They are compatible with all Bluetooth devices. Also, have an AUX port, and even offer an SD card slot to stream your piece- no matter what!

Power: Ok, how many times have you got stuck with a phone that is approaching a dead battery? But now the struggle is over! Here Portronics brings to your portable power banks, wireless chargers etc. All types of adapters to charge your devices on the go! With the Brillo II portable wireless charger, you never have to worry about not getting your device set on time. No cables, no hassle- only a fully charged device! The best part is that it doubles up as a lamp. So, no matter where you go- your reading will continue, just like your device's battery!

Smart Watches: A watch that can be your assistant, fitness tracker, and even your mobile phone! Sounds too crazy to be true? But Portronics has Kronos Y1 for you! This smartwatch has all the features you need in a perfect travel companion. Whether you are a beach freak or your soul belongs to the mountains, this watch will hold your hand throughout any journey you undertake. In addition, it is splashproof keeps track of your blood pressure, heart rate, and SpO2 levels. It also lets you customize the watch as per your mood!

Car Accessories: Whether you love long drives and road trips or use the car for work purposes only- electronic portable car accessories are a must! These electronic accessories considerably cut short on the time and effort required to inflate tires! For example, the electronic Portable Tyre Inflator by Portronics can save the day if you have it with you. Its automatic pressure detection system can inflate your flat tire accurately in just about 9 minutes! The best part is- this tiny little device with a rechargeable battery is small enough especially to lay in your car without even taking up any space.

Laptop and mobile stand: Laptops slipping from laps and holding mobile phones causing aches- sounds like a daily drill? Not anymore! With the My Buddy G laptop and phone holder offering you various elevation angles, you no longer have to struggle to get your desired angle of your computer to start working. It also has a mouse pad, a boon to all those struggling to find an optimum surface, for operating your mouse connected to the laptop. It is lightweight and its foldable design makes it portable and convenient for use anywhere!

USB Hub: Are the ports on your device enough for the number of external devices you attach to it? Are they all compatible? If the answer to one or both these questions is no, then Portronics brings to you lightweight and mess-free portable USB Hubs. The Sport 9C is small enough to fit in your pocket and, also, versatile to be compatible with nine different types of ports! No more entangled wires in your travel bag, no more scurrying around to try and find the perfect charger, no more mess! Sport 9C is the only answer you need for all your messy, chaotic cable problems.

Innovative Products: These products are the real game-changer! These are revolutionary electronic products that make your life easier. The best part about them is their portability - wherever you go, they go with you! With a product like Cleansify, you can even make the ickiest task like cleaning ears fun and convenient. This tiny little device fits in any bag and sticks with you wherever you go! Equipped with a real-time endoscopic camera, you can clean your baby's ears with the utmost safety.

LCD Writing Pads: Save Paper, Save Environment! Do your rough work and make rough notes on the LCD writing pads. These electronic writing pads need no wires to work and are so lightweight that you can carry them everywhere! With a stylus pen, a built-in lock safety button and up to 100,000 over-writes, the Ruffpad 15 is the perfect LCD writing pad for you! You can let your creative juices flow on the go and never run out of ink or paper.

Cable and Connectors: Charging and data transfer would have been a lot easier in a new place, if you had all compatible cable types! Portronics brings to you exactly what you are looking for! The Konnect 3 Way cable connector enables you to charge or transfer data to any device. You can use three other devices on the same cable with three different cable types. Yes, even all at once! Isn't it the perfect portable connector to make your travel and trips a lot less stressful?

Keyboard and mouse: A lot of us prefer external keyboards and mouses. Carrying a mouse is not that difficult a job, but having a keyboard around can be very difficult! But this difficulty is also done with as Portronics brings a portable electronic keyboard- Chicklet. The incredible feature of this QWERTY keyboard is that it is foldable and this feature makes it very compact and easy to carry anywhere. Just unfold, type, fold and repeat!

ProjectorsProjectors can turn the real world into a world of fantasy with just the press of a button. But the projectors are often heavy and need a lot of cables to create the magic. But with the Pico 10 Smart Music Projector- you can create your projected world in high definition just anywhere! This small projector is compatible with almost every smart device and gives crystal clear projections. But wait a minute! Not only visuals, but this projector can double up as a Bluetooth audio projector too!

Why choose Portronics?

With the kind of life we live today, we are always on the move! Electronics are supposed to make your life easier. But if those electronics stay-at-home are not available for you when you need them, what is the point of investing in them?

Portronics understands this, and that is why we bring to you those electronics that move with you. These portable electronics have got your back no matter where you go!

The other features that set Portronics apart are:

  1. Reasonability of price- Portronics wants its portable electronics to reach the most significant number of customers. That is why our prices are one of the most reasonable ones in the market!
  2. Exceptional Quality- We keep the prices of our product low. We at Portronics never compromise on our exceptional quality!
  3. Dynamic- market trends keep changing, people's requirements keep changing, and so do our products! We keep updating with the changing world to offer you something unique and beneficial every single time
  4. Research- Be it the customer's requirement or the safety and ease of using a particular electronic equipment, thorough research is put into making Portronics the best!
  5. Experience- Portronics have now been in portable electronics for more than ten years.. This experience has proven highly beneficial to our customers and has given us an edge.

So what are you waiting for? Let go of those old-fashioned gadgets that keep you stuck in the past. Instead, embrace the newest technology and the most versatile, innovative products and take a leap of faith with Portronics!

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