The Best Portable Mobile Chargers for Your On-the-Go Lifestyle

the best portable mobile chargers for your on-the-go lifestyle


Have you ever found yourself in a panic when your phone's battery dies while you're out and about? Mobile devices are central to work, entertainment, and communication today. Few things are more stressful than a dead phone with no way to recharge. 

Portable chargers offer a convenient way to keep your devices juiced up wherever you are. Leading brands like Portronics boast a comprehensive selection of portable chargers, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your specific needs.

The purpose of this post is to guide us through choosing the best portable mobile charger for our specific lifestyle and preferences. We aim to assist you in selecting an ideal Portronics portable charger. We will do this by outlining key factors to consider. 

These include battery size, charging speed, portability, and safety features. With the right charger in your bag, you'll stay powered up no matter wherever you roam. Keep reading for tips to ensure you never have a dead device again! 

Why We Need the Portable Mobile Chargers

In today's world, smartphones and other mobile devices have become indispensable.. We rely on them for everything from staying connected with loved ones to completing work or school tasks. This increased dependence, however, highlights the need for reliable and convenient charging solutions.

With this increased usage comes the need for reliable and convenient charging solutions. While wall chargers are useful, they have limitations. They tie us down to outlets and aren't portable, making it difficult to charge our devices on the go. Imagine a camping trip, an outdoor concert, or even a long day out – situations where finding a wall outlet can be a challenge. 

In such situations, portable power banks become essential. These pocket-sized lifesavers provide a way to charge your devices anywhere, anytime, ensuring you stay connected and productive throughout the day. Portronics, a trusted brand known for innovative solutions, offers a range of portable chargers designed to keep your devices fueled up wherever you are.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Portable Mobile Charger

When choosing a portable charger, consider several factors to ensure it meets your needs:

  • Battery capacity: It is the most important part as it shows how many times you can charge your device before needing to recharge the charger itself. Higher capacity means more charging cycles. Your devices won't run out of power.
  • Charging Speed: Fast-charging technology is essential for quickly replenishing device batteries, especially when you're in a hurry. Look for chargers with this capability to ensure your devices are ready to use quickly.
  • Port Options: It's important to consider the number and types of ports available on a portable charger· This ensures compatibility with various devices, like smartphones, tablets, and even some gadgets. Multiple ports allow you to charge multiple devices simultaneously·
  • Portability and Design: Choose a portable charger that is compact, lightweight, and easy to carry·This makes it convenient to take anywhere, whether on a trip, to work, or running errands.
  • Safety Features: Safety is paramount for charging devices. Look for chargers with built-in safety features. These include overcharge and surge protection to safeguard both your device and yourself from potential damage.

Also, think about features like wireless charging and battery indicators. They add convenience and functionality. These features can improve the usability and versatility of your portable mobile charger. They ensure you always have reliable power on the go.

Portronics Top Picks for Portable Power Banks

Luxcell B 10,000mAh Power Bank: Style Meets Convenience

Elevate your charging experience with Portronics' Luxcell B best 10,000mAh power bank. This sleek and compact device offers a high-capacity solution for all your power needs, wrapped in a luxurious design that makes a stylish statement.

Luxcell B 10,000mAh Power Bank
  • 5W High-Capacity Performance: The Luxcell B packs a 10,000mAh capacity, providing multiple charges for your various devices. Its 22.5W maximum output enables ultra-fast charging for smartphones, tablets, and other USB-powered gadgets, ensuring you stay powered up on the go.
  • Luxury Charging Solution: Make a fashion statement with Luxcell B's luxurious design and four stunning color variants. Fast charging meets elegant design for a brilliant power solution.
  • Dual Port Fast Charging: The two fast-charging ports, a Mach USB-A (22.5W) and a Type-C PD 3.0 (20W), provide the convenience of charging multiple devices at once, ensuring efficient power management for your devices on the go.
  • LED Battery Indicator: An integrated LED battery indicator keeps you informed about the power bank's remaining capacity and your device's charging status.
  • Universal Device Charging: The 10,000mAh power bank is designed to charge a variety of devices, such as Android smartphones, iPhones, tablets, Bluetooth headphones, speakers, and other USB-A and USB-C devices, with maximum efficiency and durability.
  • Slimmest Power Bank: Take the Luxcell B with you wherever you go - its compact and lightweight design makes it the ideal companion for on-the-go charging.
  • Safe Charging: To guarantee the security of your devices, the Luxcell B 10,000mAh fast charging power bank has been BIS-certified and features advanced circuit protection against overcharging, overheating, and short circuits.
  • 12 months Warranty

Luxcell 10K Power Bank: Powerful Charging, Premium Design

Never run out of battery again with the Portronics Luxcell 10K Power Bank. The device has a high-capacity 10,000mAh Lithium Polymer battery. Delivering a super-fast 22.5W max output, it quickly charges your devices to keep them ready to go.

Luxcell 10K 10000mah Power Bank
  • 22.5W Portable Power Bank: The Portronics Luxcell 10K Power Bank features a high-capacity 10,000mAh Lithium Polymer battery and delivers lightning-fast 22.5W charging to keep your devices powered up in no time.
  • Luxury Charging Solution: The Luxcell 10 Power Bank offers both beauty and brawn, keeping your devices going strong. Plus, you get a free Type-C cable included – that's extra value in your pocket!
  • Type-C PD and Mach USB A Ports: This slim power bank has dual ports that allow you to charge 2 devices simultaneously. The Mach USB A port provides up to 22.5W of power, while the Type-C PD 3.0 port can deliver up to 20W. The Type-C port can also be used to charge the power bank itself.
  • LED Battery Indicator: An LED display keeps you informed about the remaining power in the bank, ensuring you can manage your charging needs effectively.
  • Broad Compatibility: The Luxcell 10K power bank can charge a variety of devices, including Android phones, iPhones, tablets, and speakers with either USB-A or USB-C ports. Its 10,000mAh capacity can fully recharge a 3,000mAh phone battery up to 2.4 times or a 4,000mAh battery up to 1.8 times.
  • Sleek and Compact Design: The Luxcell 10K power bank has an ultra-compact body with a premium, fine touch finish. Beyond its powerful performance, it features a lightweight and portable design that makes it easy to carry around.
  • BIS Certified: The Luxcell 10K power bank is BIS certified and features advanced chip protection layers, ensuring your devices are safeguarded against short circuits, overheating, and overvoltage issues. This makes it a durable and reliable charging solution.
  • 12 months Warranty

Luxcell B12 10,000mAh Power Bank: Portable Power, Efficient Charging

Stay powered up on the go with the Portronics Luxcell B12, This 10,000mAh type c power bank delivers fast and efficient charging with a 12W maximum output. It has a high capacity. It ensures your gadgets are charged and ready for action. It does so no matter where your adventures take you.

Luxcell B12 10000mah power bank with Type C input port
  • 10,000 mAh Power Bank: The Portronics Luxcell B12 power bank is equipped with a 12-watt maximum output, ensuring quick and efficient charging for all your devices.
  • USB Output Port: Achieve rapid device charging with the 12-watt USB output port on this power bank. It works with smartphones, speakers, neckbands, earbuds, smartwatches, and more.
  • Type C Input Port: The power bank includes a Type-C input port for charging. Connect the Type-C port on the power bank to a computer or USB charger using the provided charging cable.
  • Advanced Design Excellence: Proudly manufactured in India, this power bank features rapid charging capabilities, durable performance, and a sleek aesthetic. A complimentary charging cable is included to make it even more convenient.
  • LED Battery Indicator: The LED indicator on this 10000mAh power bank provides real-time updates on the available charge. At the same time, the Wake-Up button makes it easy to start using the battery.
  • BIS-Certified: The durable design of this power bank includes advanced chip protection layers to prevent damage from short circuits, high temperatures, and over-voltage.
  • Compact and Lightweight: With its sleek design and tough exterior, the Luxcell B12 is the ideal companion for those constantly on the move. 
  • Affordable Power Solution: This power bank offers a combination of affordability and functionality that is ideal for those who require consistent access to charging capabilities, especially when traveling or in situations where outlets are scarce.
  • 12 months Warranty

Upgrade your charging experience with the Portronics Luxcell B12 10,000mAh Power Bank – a perfect blend of power, efficiency, and portability.

Ampbox 10K Power Bank: Unstoppable Power, Ultimate Portability

Experience unstoppable power on the go with the Ampbox 10K Portable Power Bank. Powered by an advanced Lithium Polymer Battery, this compact device delivers a whopping 10,000mAh battery capacity, ensuring your devices stay charged and ready for action.

Ampbox portable mini power bank
  • Unstoppable Power: With its impressive 10,000 mAh battery capacity, the Ampbox portable power bank, powered by an advanced Lithium Polymer Battery, is the perfect solution for keeping your devices charged on the go.
  • Smallest Power Bank: With a weight of just 182 grams, this portable gadget is convenient to carry with you wherever you go.
  • Real-Time LED Battery Display: Stay in charge of your device with the real-time LED battery display, which provides constant updates on the power remaining.
  • Swift Power Delivery (PD): With a 22.5-watt fast charging option, this sturdy power bank ensures that your devices are quickly charged and ready to use.
  • Mach USB A & Type C Ports: Supports both Mach USB A (18W) and Type C PD (22.5W) charging options, allowing for simultaneous charging of two devices. 
  • Premium Build & Trustworthy: Proudly crafted and manufactured in India from premium materials, this power bank guarantees long-lasting performance and rapid device charging. It also comes with a bonus Type C cable.
  • Silicon Tag, Attach with Ease: The Ampbox comes with a handy silicon tag that allows for easy attachment to your bag or belt loop, making it incredibly portable. Plus, you can rest easy knowing a 12-month warranty covers it.
  • 12 months Warranty

Upgrade your charging experience with the Ampbox Portable Mini Power Bank – a perfect blend of unstoppable power, ultimate portability, and Indian craftsmanship.

Ampbox 27K Power Bank: The Ultimate 4-in-1 Charging Solution

With a maximum output of 65W, the Portronics Ampbox 27K is your all-in-one power solution, offering unparalleled versatility and convenience. Featuring two 18-watt Mach USB-A ports and two 65-watt Type-C PD ports, this power bank ensures seamless charging for all your devices. Plus, the Type-C port serves as both an input and output, allowing you to charge the power bank itself with ease.

Ampbox 27K 4-in-1 mini Power Bank
  • 4-in-1 Power Bank: The Ampbox 27K from Portronics is equipped with two 18-watt USB-A ports and two 65-watt Type-C PD ports, providing you with a versatile and powerful charging experience.
  • Laptop Charging: Our power bank's 65w Type C PD port allows for fast and efficient charging of your laptop while you're out and about. Say goodbye to low battery anxiety.
  • High Power Capacity: With its ultra-high 27000mAh capacity, this power bank offers high-speed charging and extended battery life for your devices.
  • Real-Time LED Battery Display: With the real-time LED battery display, you can stay in control of your power bank's battery levels and ensure that it is always charged when you need it.
  • Premium Build & Trustworthy: Manufactured in India with care and precision, this power bank is constructed from top-notch materials, such as durable plastic housing. It even includes a bonus Type C charging cable to make it even more versatile.
  • Safe & Smart Charging: With the built-in IC protection, your devices are safeguarded against over-charge, over-discharge, over-current, and short circuit. This ensures stable and efficient charging at all times.
  • Compact and Powerful: With its slim and lightweight design, this power strip is perfect for on-the-go charging. Despite its small stature, it can charge your devices quickly.
  • 12 months Warranty

Upgrade your charging game with the Portronics Ampbox 27K Power Bank – the ultimate 4-in-1 charging solution that combines power, versatility, and Indian craftsmanship.

How to Use Your Portable Mobile Charger Effectively

To maximize the performance and lifespan of your devices and portable charger, follow these tips:

Maximize Battery Life

  • Avoid fully draining your phone's battery each cycle. Deep discharges strain capacity over time. Recharge more frequently from 40-50%.
  • Keep your phone away from extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, as heat and cold can accelerate battery degradation, so avoid leaving your phone in a hot car or freezing environment.
  • When possible, limit phone charging to 80-90% capacity. Frequent 100% charges add stress. The lower portion of the battery charge range is ideal for longevity; aim for the lower range for optimal battery longevity.

Proper Charging Practices

  • Use the wall charger recommended by your power bank's manufacturer for optimal charging speed and efficiency. Incompatible chargers charge slowly or can be damaged.
  • Don't interrupt the charging cycle. Allow your portable charger to reach 100% before unplugging from the wall to ensure it's fully juiced up.
  • When charging your phone, close unnecessary battery-draining apps and features like Bluetooth to direct more power towards charging and speed up the process.

Keep it Ready

  • Completely recharging the power bank after each use ensures it's always prepared to power your devices when you need it most.
  • Bring your charger's charger! Keep the wall adapter with you to recharge your power bank on the go.
  • Check the charge level occasionally if storing for long periods. Top up as needed to keep it fresh and ready for use.
  • By adopting these tips, you'll extend the lifespan and maximize the utility of your mobile devices and chargers. Stay conveniently powered anywhere! 
  • Ensuring your portable charger is always ready for use

How do I Extend the Life of a Mobile Charger?

There are several steps you can take to extend the life and preserve the battery capacity of your mobile charger:

  • Avoid fully draining and overcharging the battery. Keep it between 40-80% charged when not in use to prolong lifespan.
  • Always use the original wall adapter and cable designed for your device. Incompatible accessories can damage the battery and reduce efficiency.
  • Extreme heat or cold can damage the battery. Avoid exposing your device to these conditions.
  • Store your power bank with a 40-50% charge if not used for an extended period. Fully draining/charging when storing damaged capacity.
  • Clean the charger's charging port periodically to avoid debris buildup that can hinder effective power transfer.
  • Handle the charger carefully and protect it from drops or blunt force which can damage the battery and circuits.

Following the maker's usage, charging, and storage guidelines can also maximize your power bank's battery health over time. With proper care, a quality mobile charger can deliver reliable power for years.


In our constantly connected world, a portable mobile charger is an essential accessory for ensuring your devices never run out of juice. It keeps you productive on long work days. It prevents boredom on travel. Backup power means you're never tied to a wall outlet.

Among the many options, the Portronics Ampbox 27K pocket power bank stands out as the best. It has a huge 27,000mAh capacity. It has many output ports and advanced safety features, like temperature control. This 4-in-1 charging solution provides the ultimate portable power for all your gadgets. 

Take the guesswork out of choosing a reliable portable charger - invest in quality that you can consistently depend on. Share your thoughts and personal charger recommendations in the comments!


Q1. What are the benefits of having a portable mobile charger?

A portable charger ensures your devices never run out of battery, keeping you productive and connected wherever you are. It provides backup power and frees you from being tied to a wall outlet.

Q2. How do I extend the life of my mobile charger?

Follow the tips mentioned for maximizing lifespan: avoid extreme temperatures, use the original charger and cable, store with a partial charge, and clean the charging port regularly.

Q3. What are some damages caused by improper use of a charger?

Improper use can shorten the lifespan of both your charger and phone battery. It can also lead to safety hazards.

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