The Best & The Most Affordable Neckband Headphones for Students

The Best & The Most Affordable Neckband Headphones for Students

Rahul, starts his day early, like most of his friends who study with him in first year of college at South Mumbai. He commutes daily from Goregaon taking a crowded, sultry hot and a fairly noisy local train journey everyday just to get to his college.

But this commute actually doesn’t bother him now as much as it used to just about a month ago. He’s found his own fun and educational personal space in the same train compartment.

Also throughout the day, he attends a lot of lectures, reads a few chapters of his favorite books and sometimes goes for a long walk at the college grounds before taking the same long and crowded train back home. He comes back home tired but not frustrated.

You must be wondering how he does all of this, daily, with utmost ease, enjoyment and dedication. Well, amigos, it’s because he is riding high on a trend and has got himself Harmonics Z2.

So what’s the trend? Over the past few years a unique variety of earphones, known by many names such as ‘behind the neck headphones’, ‘neckband headphones’ and ‘collar headphones’ have entered the Indian market and their popularity is off the charts.

Whatever terms you may use, it has become a trend among people to use these around-the-neck in-ear earphones.

However, no need to fuss about if you haven’t experienced this useful development in line of earphones. Basically their wide varieties of features, and convenience have guaranteed their huge popularity and demand.

But you got to be careful before buying your pair of neckband headphones. Keep in mind following important aspects so you won’t regret later.

Here I’m recommending Harmonics Z2, the latest state of the art headphone launched by Portronics this festive season specially targeting people on the go.



Harmonics Z2 Wireless Stereo Headset packs in a state-of-the-art electronics that allows for additional features without being large, heavy, awkward & expensive. These features include:


Harmonics Z2 Wireless neckband earphone


  • Sublime Sound & Bombastic Bass- The most amazing feature of Harmonics Z2 Wireless Earphone with mic is that it provides with the clearest and the most magnificent sound, equally well from both its ear pieces. It is practically leaps and bounds ahead of its competitors in this price segment. This neckband earphone comes with powerful 22 mm drivers that delivers a lucid quality of HD stereo bass for a more realistic and theatrical experience


  • Optimal Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC)- Harmonics Z2 is second to none when it comes to cancelling the noise of the crowd. Whether you are traveling in a metro or bus, stuck in a traffic jam, reading a book, working out in a gym or jogging in the park, you can be fully assured that nothing will bother you listening to your favorite jam or having a conversation on the phone.


  • Excellent battery life- You can keep exercising to that workout music, keep dancing to your favorite songs or even relax with your beloved tunes for hours on end, all thanks to the its large 250 mAh battery. Harmonics Z2 can go run smoothly for up to an astounding 30 hours of playback from just one charge up. The neckband has C-type charging port, which even with just 10 minutes of charging can run the device for up to 3 hours. You can listen to multiple podcasts, lectures and videos hours on end and this neckband headphone will still be juiced up enough for a round 2.


  • Dual pairing- With Bluetooth V5.2, Harmonics Z2 Wireless Headset can seamlessly connect with two devices, be it Android, iOS, or Windows, at the same time. You can multi-task completely hassle-free.


  • Additional Clicking Controls- With just the click of a couple of buttons, you will be in complete control of what you want from the neckband. It is easy as a breeze to turn the volume up or down, thanks to its microscopic sound control. You can even use it for music playback, attend calls and even for voice assistants like Siri, Google & Alexa. Harmonics Z2 is absolutely perfect for gaming and/or streaming online content with minimum to no problems.


  • A Style statement- Portronics Harmonics Z2 improves your style so much so that it goes along with absolutely any attire, professional, casual, party etc. It comes in dual colors options to match your style.


  • Rugged Yet Convenient - Harmonics Z2 Wireless Stereo Headset is right where and right when you want it or need it.


First let us point out the most obvious benefit; there is no dense jungle of wire that you need to untangle from your other stuff. The only wire you need to look for is the one hanging around your collar, connecting the two earphones. The wiring of the most headphones is quite fragile and can easily be damaged forcing you buy a new set. That is a hassle you won’t have to worry about anymore with Harmonics Z2 due to its around-the-neck band made with strengthened silicone.

Secondly, it is exceptionally comfortable to wear. There isn’t a long wire dangling from your ears to your hands, increasing the pressure and weight on the ears and also causing the earphone to slip off the ears. Since, the wire wraps around your neck, no unnecessary pressure or weight is on your ears. Hence there won’t be any itching, pain or any numbness in that area.

Also, the ear buds are metallic, with a magnetic latch. Overall, Harmonics Z2 is an incredibly lightweight yet considerably sturdy headphone. 

So Finally…

Aesthetic design, background noise cancellation, crystal clear sound & bass, easy clicking controls, dual pairing function with Bluetooth V5.2 and 250 mAh battery with a running time of 30 hours. All packed into a pocket friendly and reliable Portronics product. It even comes with a warranty of 12 months. So be absolutely worry-free and confident about buying Portronics Harmonics Z2 best earphones under 1000 to make your work life and social life as smooth and seamless as possible.






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