Top Car Dashboard Accessories For Better Driving Experience

Top Car Dashboard Accessories For Better Driving Experience

Car technology has been advancing. One feature that many car makers have adopted is hands-free driving. People constantly look for better driving conditions and more safety. So, the market for car accessories has become very popular. 

Technology has advanced. One of the most groundbreaking products in car gadgets is hands-free accessories. The Portronics brand drove this.

This is a continuation of the safe driving campaign. The designers created the gadgets to achieve the following goals. Portronics has a lot for today’s car users. They have voice-commanded infotainment systems and portable smart chargers.

In this guide, we will discuss the best car accessories that will transform your drive to the next level. Prepare to encounter new tech trends. They will keep you informed, amused, and, most importantly, directed toward the road ahead.

What Are the Need of Hands-Free Car Accessories

Incidents related to distracted driving lead to causes of accidents due to its occurrence. Distracted drivers are in many accidents. They can cause several injuries. Sometimes, they can even cause death. This happens every year. Spare a minute is sometimes followed by disastrous consequences. Car accidents are often caused by distracted drivers. 

Too many accidents, injuries, and deaths happen each year. It's because people can't keep their eyes on the road. Just a moment of not paying attention can lead to a disaster. The risks are small for hands-free car accessories. This includes the best bluetooth ones. Drivers can be as attentive to the objects in their car as to the traffic. 

Currently, most countries have made laws. The laws prohibit using a mobile device while driving. Drivers can use gadgets and be safe on the road. They just need to know about the various hands-free car accessories. These include the best dashboard and bluetooth car accessories. These solutions make driving safe. They also reduce the driver's stress. And, they ensure adherence to the law.

Introduction to Portronics Hands-Free Car Dashboard Accessories Product 

Portronics chooses hands-free car dashboard accessories. This shows the company puts safety first while driving. Check one of the best products the brand has to offer.

Auto One

portronics auto one bluetooth car adapter

  • Safe Driving: The Portronics Bluetooth car adapter offers hands-free driving and in-car audio streaming with a large display for call details, music info, and more.
  • Hands-free & Noise-free calls: Auto one car Bluetooth device has a powerful mic for clear, noise-free hands-free calls.
  • Treble & Bass Music Streaming: Stream music via Bluetooth 5.0, microSD, or AUX with treble and bass modes, color sync, and a dedicated bass button.
  • Fast Charging: With a QC3.0 charging port, it offers high-speed charging, up to 3 times faster than conventional charging.
  • Bring Voice Service in Your Car: Use Siri or Google Assistant for calls and directions with the Portronics car Bluetooth device's voice service capabilities.

Auto 12

portronics auto 12 bluetooth car stereo
  • Wireless Bluetooth technology: Turn your non-Bluetooth car stereo into Bluetooth with the Auto 12 Bluetooth V5.1 gadget for wireless music streaming and hands-free calling.
  • Easy to Operate: Connect your smartphone to Auto 12, then Auto 12 to your car stereo via Aux cable to instantly enable Bluetooth streaming in HD stereo sound with automatic hands-free call mode.
  • Stereo sound: The latest Bluetooth 5.1 with active noise cancellation ensures stellar audio quality for music and calls.
  • Voice-Assistant: Activate voice assistants like Siri or Google Assistant with a single command while driving.
  • Enhanced Bass: Built-in button to increase bass for louder, high-fidelity music wirelessly on any stereo.
  • Portable & Travel-friendly: Auto 12 easily sticks to the dashboard for zero-setup Bluetooth streaming on the go.

Hands-Free Calling Solutions for Your Car

Bluetooth Car Kits: A Seamless Connection

Bluetooth car kits have transformed driving. They make it safer and easier. This enabled you to link your smartphone to the vehicle's speakers without the use of cables. You can make calls without holding the phone. You can select songs in your music playlist. You can even use Siri or Google Assistant without using your hands. Some luxury car dashboard accessories also integrate with Bluetooth for added convenience.

Some of the potential Bluetooth car kit features include noise-canceling microphones for clear voice transmission during hands-free calls, unique pairing with more than one device, and compatibility with several audio formats.

They also have FM transmitters. These play music or other audio over the car's speakers. An example is the Auto 15 Wireless Audio Connector from Portronics. This innovative device uses Bluetooth 5.1 technology to seamlessly connect your smartphone to your car stereo. The Auto 15 lets you enjoy hands-free calling and music streaming from your phone. It even has FM radio. And it all has clear sound and strong bass.

Wireless Car Chargers with Bluetooth Integration

A wireless car charger with Bluetooth is a great add-on for any car. It fits today's lifestyles. Wireless charging is handy. It comes with motorized hands-free devices. It ensures your devices are always charged and ready for use. You can use it while you drive safely without distractions.

The manufacturer decides chargers for many smartphones. They may offer different options for charging, such as Qi wireless or USB-C. The Charge Clamp 2 from Portronics is an innovative 15W wireless mobile holder that prioritizes safety on the road. Just set your smartphone on it. It will wirelessly charge your device and keep it at eye level for easy use. 

Its 1-meter cable helps you avoid tangles. The Type-C port ensures fast charging. While your phone charges, you can use its Bluetooth to take calls and voice commands, listen to music, and activate your voice assistant. All while your device's battery charges for the next ride.

Smart Navigational Aids for a Safer Drive

Car Mounts: Guiding Your Journey

Car mounts have become an essential accessory for drivers in today's fast-paced society. These practical accessories let you safely attach your smartphone or GPS to your car's dashboard or windshield. They let you navigate easily without taking your hands off the wheel. The Clamp Y mobile holder from Portronics is designed to help you drive safely by fixing your device at eye level, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road.

To enhance your hands-free driving, pair your smartphone with a car's bluetooth microphone. It lets you make and receive calls without ever touching your device. Many car bluetooth devices also come with noise-canceling technology for clear audio during calls. When considering a car bluetooth device, be sure to factor in the car bluetooth device price to find the best option within your budget.

With its 360-degree rotation and 180-degree arm extension, it offers multi-angle support for optimal viewing. Its universal compatibility fits devices from 4 to 6 inches, and the practical design allows easy cable connections while providing stability and durability. 

Beyond Calls and Navigation: Multi-Functional Hands-Free Accessories

Music and Entertainment Control

Get the newest integration technology for wireless enjoyment of music and entertainment on the go with Portronics' Auto 10. This Smart audio connector + 3.4A car charger features a Bluetooth 5.0 adapter that syncs with your phone and connects to your car's FM receiver, allowing you to play music directly from a pen drive or MicroSD card. 

The built-in mic lets you take calls hands-free while driving. The included 3.4A car USB charger keeps your devices powered up. This stylish, lightweight Auto 10 setup is protected and comes with a 12-month warranty. With immersive entertainment at your fingertips, control playlists, volumes, and apps through voice commands or touch. 

This integrated solution allows effortless transitions between songs, podcasts, and movies without holding or viewing the screen - whether at home, in the car, or on the go. Experience ease with integrated controls for your in-car entertainment.

Practical Tips for Using Hands-Free Accessories Effectively

Before connecting the hands-free devices, there is a guide that will help in setting up the devices and ensuring that they share their connection. Check the user guide to pair your device with your smartphone and/or car system- Ensure that both are Bluetooth compatible. If you are facing connectivity issues you should restart both the devices, check whether both the devices are in the right pairing mode and lastly check if there is a new update available for it. 

To have the battery charge last longer, switch off the hands-free tool when it is not in use and the volume to an unused level. There are options for saving power from which one should set to use, and better observe the battery capacity frequently. 

Be very careful and ensure that the particular hand-free accessory that you intend to buy is compatible with your car and with the particular smartphone that you intend to use with it. About car kits The car accessories of Portronics are proactively designed to fit different car brands and most smartphone models.


There are numerous benefits associated with using hands-free driving accessories, including improved safety and comfort. The following aspects show that Portronics plays an essential role in making driving enjoyable and safe. 

Go through the complete series of the Car Dashboard Accessories offered by Portronics to have complete solutions. These car accessories enhance your driving experience in that you can stay connected in the car without a warning. Get ready for the revolutionary hands-free systems that will make your trips safer and more pleasant.


Q1: What are the best car dashboard accessories for a better driving experience?

A1: The best car dashboard accessories include hands-free phone mounts, Bluetooth audio connectors, and multi-port USB chargers. These accessories enhance convenience, safety, and connectivity while driving.

Q2: How do hands-free phone mounts improve driving safety?

A2: Hands-free phone mounts keep your phone at eye level, allowing you to navigate and take calls without taking your eyes off the road, thus improving driving safety.

Q3: Why should I consider using Portronics car accessories?

A3: Portronics car accessories are designed for universal compatibility, durability, and ease of use, providing a safer and more enjoyable driving experience.

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