Ultimate Guide for Choosing Right Projector for Your Home in 2024

Ultimate Guide For Choosing Right Projector for your home in 2024

Projectors have been widely used as a presentation tool worldwide for business presentations, home theater systems, game events, and classrooms. Whether for sharing presentations or having an at-home movie night, projectors come in different sizes and styles, providing various uses to accommodate our daily lives. A big-screen presentation can take things to the next level and leave a lasting impression.

We buy projectors for various reasons, from offering student-friendly lectures to making a presentation at the workplace or watching a movie at home. There are various types of projectors available in the market, but finding the right choice for you can seem intimidating and time-consuming. 

Multiple questions may arise when we are planning to buy a home projector. When it comes to buying a projector, it is challenging as many of us don't know much about the projectors. So, here are some of the Frequently asked questions you should know before buying a projector.

What is a Projector?

A projector is an electronic device that takes the images generated by the computer and reproduces them by projecting them onto a screen. The projector is an output device capable of connecting to a computer.

It is an optical device that projects a figure or a picture on a surface.

Projector Screen

When choosing the right projector for your home, it's important to also consider the type of screen you'll be using. The projector screen can greatly impact the quality of the image projected, so it's important to choose the right one. Factors to consider when choosing a projector screen include the screen size, aspect ratio, gain, and material. A larger screen size will require a higher resolution projector, while a higher gain will reflect more light for a brighter image. The screen material will also affect the color accuracy and contrast of the projected image. Overall, choosing the right projector screen can greatly enhance your home theater experience. Portronics offers a range of portable projectors to help you create the perfect setup for your home.

How to Choose Projector For Home

When choosing a mini projector for home, there are several factors to consider to ensure that you make the right choice. First and foremost, you need to determine the intended use of the projector, whether it's for movies, gaming, or presentations. The resolution and brightness of the projector should also be considered based on your usage requirements and room lighting conditions. Other factors such as contrast ratio, throw distance, and aspect ratio should also be taken into account. Additionally, you may want to look for features like keystone correction, lens shift, and zoom, which can make installation and setup easier. By carefully considering these factors and doing your research, you can choose a projector that meets your needs and enhances your home entertainment experience.

What are lumens in a Projector?

Lumens are units for the measurement of the projector's brightness. Brightness is one of the most important factors considered while buying a projector.

A lumen is a standard unit used to measure light or brightness. The more will need the lumen; the more will be the projector's brightness. Projector pictures are more space-dependent. The distance and ambient lighting will both play a role to determine the brightness of the lamp. 

Portronics BEEM 200 Plus is one of the best portable projector for home equipped with 200 Lumens, the Beem 200 plus LED Projector offers picture brightness and superb clarity. It comes with in-built 6W speakers and provides fantastic playing sound for long hours.

How to connect the mobile to the projector?

Before connecting the mobile to the projector, you need to check the connectivity options offered by the projector. 

So the first step is to check the connection options available on the projector. Some projectors have USB ports, and some can directly connect through wireless mirroring. 

  1.  While connecting the mobile to the projector, you must also check what connections your phone supports.
  2.  If your device has a Mini-HDMI port, use a Mini-HDMI cable to connect between an HDMI port on the device and the standard HDMI port on the projector.
  3. If your mobile has a dedicated Type-C to HDMI out feature, use a Type-C to HDMI data cable or Type-C to HDMI converter to share screen on Projector.
  4.  If you have reliable wifi, you can connect your android phone or tablet to the projector directly. Your projector must support WiFi direct.

Portronics Projector come with multiple connectivity options. You can choose from different audio sources, like VGA Port, HDMI, SD Card slot, USB Port, etc., to display your favorite content on a big screen. It is ideal for conferences, home cinema experiences, and much more.


How to connect the projector to a laptop?

The steps for connecting the projector to a laptop are as follows. 

  1. First, Plug an HDMI cable, adapter, or a VGA cable into your laptop.
  2. Plug the other end of your cable into the projector.
  3. Turn on the projector.
  4. Remove the projector cap, and open the lens of the projector. 
  5. Go to laptop projection settings and share the display screen. Your projector is ready to use and can run whatever you want.

How to connect the laptop to a projector with HDMI

The step-by-step procedure to connect the laptop to a projector with the help of HDMI is as follows. 

  1. First, plug the power cord into the wall, on the power button, and then turn on your projector.
  2. Then connect the HDMI cable to your laptop's HDMI port and then connect it to the cable to the other end of your LCD projector.
  3. While plugging the cable, place the cable securely to avoid any further issues.
  4. Now turn on the laptop ,go to laptop projection settings and share display screen. You can run whatever you want and your computer screen will display on the projector.
  5. The projector and your laptop are connected, and you are now ready to watch a movie or share a presentation.

What is the lens shift in the projector?

The Projectors with the lens shift will give greater flexibility on where you place the portable projector. The lens shifts come in two different forms: the vertical lens shift and the horizontal lens shift.

The vertical lens shift offers latitude on where you can place the projector vertically relative to the center of the screen. In contrast, the horizontal lens shift gives you a similar capability horizontally.

This means that with both vertical and horizontal lens shifts, you could, for example, place a projector on a nightstand or a table where the projection lens is lined up perpendicular to an edge of the screen and still throw a perfectly rectangular image onto the screen.

All Portronics bluetooth projectors come with a distance base display. For getting a bigger screen,we have to put the projector approximately 10 to 12 feet away. For getting a small screen, we can keep it 4 feet away from the wall to control lens focus. 

Which should I buy- a commercial or a Home projector?

There are two types of projectors available in the market: the first is the commercial projector, and the second is a mini home projector. A commercial projector is mainly used in the corporates, offices, and conference rooms, whereas the home projector is used in the homes.

Portronics Pico 10 Projector

The main difference between the commercial and the home projector is that the commercial projector has higher brightness, and it can be projected on a larger area so that more participants can watch it. The home projector is suitable where you require projection of pictures in less area. That is why it is suitable for smaller areas. 

Portronics offers a Pico 10 portable mini projector that power packs hi-resolution and clarity onto your screen. Despite being compact ,it has 280 Lumen brightness all the while giving a crystal-clear 480 p resolution. 

 This portable projector for home gives out distortion-free images even after the application of the electronic zoom function. The projector has dual 5W in-built speakers that, together with the hi-res enable a larger-than-life visual treat!

Does the room size affect the choice of the projector?

Larger rooms such as conference halls or living rooms have a longer projection distance. You need to check the projection distance for small, narrow rooms such as studio apartments or bedrooms. We recommend using a short-throw projector.

Do I need to remodel the interior design when we have to install the projector?

We recommend choosing the projector with a powerful zoom and lens shift features to maintain the best quality or the one that can be placed on the table or thrown by the side projection when placed in the corner. 

 This kind of projector enables you to easily enjoy outstanding audio and video experience at home without any remodeling. It is important to have room for cables in advance when installing the projector.

Whether the projectors are portable?

If you're planning to install your portable projector in a fixed position for something like a home theater, you don't have to worry about portability. If you plan on traveling around and using it for business presentations, you'll want something as small as possible.

Should we buy brighter projectors?

The projector is conventionally used in an ample, well-lit space. So it would be prudent to buy a projector that offers adequate brightness and clarity while in use. Brighter colors and better contrast provide greater interest to the spectators and bring out the true meaning of a presentation, especially when dealing with children or business colleagues.

People who view images and videos of higher quality are bound to become more attentive and make your effort a success with the projector. Specially crafted projectors can provide up to thrice the average brightness available in standard projectors. So keep calm and choose wisely.

There are various types of projectors available in the market, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. It depends upon your requirements and budget to choose the best projector for home and office, and it is recommended that you should do proper research about its specifications before buying a projector.

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