Essentials To Consider While Buying A Car Mobile Holder

Essentials To Consider While Buying A Car Mobile Holder

Even though it is a good practice to pull over while calling or texting, the majority of people simply don’t do this and take the risk of using mobile phones while driving. Let’s be honest, we all suffer from Optimistic bias, commonly defined as the mistaken belief that one's chances of experiencing a negative event are lower than that of one's peers. To remedy this, you must invest in a universal mobile holder for a car that’ll let you use phone hands-free when you drive. Choosing the correct phone mount for a car can be tricky since the options are abundance these days. However, mulling over the following essentials will certainly make your decision for choosing the best cell phone holder for car:


The car mobile phone holder must keep the device at eye level. If you have a preference for windshield-mounting, be certain the front visibility is not hindered. Based on the design you opt for, some double up as a wireless charger for phones too.

mobile phone in car mobile phone holder

However, passive mounts will need that you connect the device to the 12V electrical system of the car in order to charge the device. The holder must offer better ease of access to the device without covering essential buttons and ports. Moreover, it must let you put the caller on the speaker, without blocking the audio, for better call quality as you keep hands on the steering wheels.



Mounting and dismounting of the phone should be easy and not take too much effort. One-click release buttons help do this like a breeze, especially when you have to enter and leave your vehicle multiple times.

Universal Design & Useful Features

Car Mobile holders can be mounted on AC vent, dashboard and windshield mounts are the major three kinds of car phone mounts available in the market to choose from.

However, not every mobile holder is the same. A number of them are designed exclusively keeping in mind a particular Smartphone brand. Your multiple devices be in the small, medium or large categories. So go for a universal mobile holder that can simply fit in every type of mobile phone with their cases. Such mobile mounts are totally adjustable to hold multiple brands of devices.

Do not miss to double-check the dimensions to be certain that you’ve selected the correct car mobile phone holder. There must not be any space left in the holder for vibrations.

Universal Design & Useful Features

There should be a tilt swivel to let you position the device in portrait or landscape viewing angle that suits you, which is very helpful to the ones who rely on navigation while driving.  

The zoom feature lets you bring the mobile closer to you for enhanced viewing quality and more privacy.


Since your key priority must be securing the phone, you must consider investing in a phone holder that is strong enough to hold the mobile in one place throughout despite pot-holes, speed breakers and sudden breaks. An ideal universal mobile holder is usually made of using a high-quality rubber or ABS plastic material. It is sensible that you keep away from the holders that lose their suction strength during extreme hot or cold weather conditions.

If you use of the back case of the device, you can still opt for a magnetic car mobile phone holder that’s fitted with a magnetic back plate. A rubber coating ensures neither your car not mobile is damaged.

Now, let us take a quick look at some of the key features that the majority of premium universal phone mounts offer you.

    • Ultimate Handiness – Such phone mounts for car offer you with the flexibility of zooming it out four inches, rotating it for the full 3600, tilting it sideward up to 450 and pivoting it from one side to the other 1800 without any hassles.

    • Elegant Features for Safety – Since a universal mobile holder offers wireless charging as well, the top-rated manufacturers lay emphasis to design such products considering Safety First standard in mind. This is for the reason to make sure the safety not just from the current surge, overvoltage, over-temperature protection but even from the extreme summer heat in the car as well.

    • Lightweight & Stylish – These car phone mounts are known for lightweight body and take up minimal space in the car. Moreover, they are designed to look elegant on the dashboard. They can survive extreme weather conditions effortlessly and do not lose their suction power easily.

Interruption-free driving with a high-tech mobile phone boils down to picking the correct phone mount for a car.

Even though accessing mobile phone while driving must be avoided at any cost, however, choosing the best cell phone holder for car will ensure safety, to some extent.

Have fun while driving yet remember to Drive safe!

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