Your Perfect Gym Buddies – Neckbands or Wireless Earbuds

Your Perfect Gym Buddies – Neckbands or Wireless Earbuds

Weights. Lifts. Good Music.

Going to the gym and maintaining a constant gym routine can be tiresome tasks. The daily challenges of weight lifts and push-ups can make you feel like quitting the thing altogether. But what if you had your favorite music to boost you up? The perfect playlist of motivational and energetic songs can boost your spirits and help you achieve the ideal figure you aspire to have.

Now, to have the perfect music with you to boost you up in the gym, you also need the ideal earpieces for it to listen to. Wired earphones and headphones can appear like a nightmare in a gym when each movement during your exercise can lead to falling off an earphone, or the entangled wires can sometimes even lead to some mishap, perhaps. What to do in such a case?

With the modern technology developing every day to cater to the demands and needs of the common public, you can have neckbands, wireless headphones, ear pods, and a lot of other options to save you from, literally, the 'wired' mess and let you enjoy your music as you complete your workout routine.

Today, in this article, we will consider two such options – Neckbands and Ear Pods and see which can make a better fit for you in the gym.



These are sometimes even called 'behind the neck' earphones or headphones as literally, they comprise earphones and a collar attached to them, which usually have the microphone to speak in. In recent times when people were tired  with the wired earphones and their constant falling off while walking and even having to hold the microphone close to them while speaking, these came as a savior.  They are popular now, and some of the most relaxed neckband earphones we recommend are Portronics’ Harmonics 300 and Harmonics X.

With their soft silicone material that doesn't irritate your skin and a particular element attached to the earbuds to fit better in your ears, these two wireless neckband headphones are indeed a blessing for gym lovers and enthusiasts. It has a sweat-proof body, so there goes your worry of using earphones in the gym, which may lose some of its features if exposed to sweat or any liquid.




  • Lightweight and comfortable on the skin.
  • Works great with all kinds of smart-phones’ Bluetooth.
  • Usually have a long battery life of up to 7 to 8 hours.
  • The sweat-proof body makes them a perfect match for gym, workout, and merely jogging out.
  • Neckbands have easy touch control of music, volume, and call settings. So, there is no worry about managing these things with your smart-phone continuously.


Additionally, Portronics’ wireless neckbands have brilliant sound quality with fantastic stereo and bass. They also come with noise reduction technology, and some neckbands like Harmonics 200 even have retractable earbuds so long, hanging wires will never be a trouble with them.  Harmonics 200 even has a range up to 10m, so if your device is kept at a safe distance from you and the gym equipment, you can still enjoy good music with definite, good sound quality.



While the name is self-explanatory, these are the latest trends initially developed by a different company. Still, now,  almost all leading technology companies are bringing up their models of these wireless earbuds.

If you are a person who has genuinely become tired of wired earphones and sometimes wish to have some small microchip in your ear through which you can listen to calls and music, this is the perfect item for you.

While working out with all the heavy pieces of equipment, you may not want to have any strings around your ears posing a difficulty to you—these incredibly lightweight and easy-to-use earbuds become an instant love for the people in the gym.

Portronics’ Twins 33, Harmonics Twins 22, and Harmonics Twins II are some of the most relaxed wireless earbuds for you. The classy design with IPX4 water resistance ability makes them your ideal companion for hitting the gym.

Twins 33's Membrane Drivers are sure to bless your ears with fantastic bass and perfect sound quality covering a wide range of sounds and music. Its long battery life and super sensitive touch sensors that will work at your slightest of command are sure to make your dull and tiring workout sessions much better.



  • No trouble with attached wires at all!
  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Comes in various ear sizes.
  • Long-range of Bluetooth
  • Amazing sound quality and bass
  • Smart storage cases with in-built charging


Additionally, Portronics' product, Harmonics Twins 22 comes with voice assistance command settings as well. This can be very helpful for people having artificial intelligence of Google or Siri in their smart-phones. Often, people with jobs where they have to keep track of their messages and calls, such voice command options can help them do their exercise without worrying about checking their phones timely.

Harmonics Twins Mini, another great option in the category of wireless earphones, as the name suggests, is one of the smallest earphones to exist in the country. They are pocket-friendly as well, both in terms of money and carrying them around in your pockets. With 9-hour long battery life and excellent sound quality, you can undoubtedly rely on them for long trips and whole week-long workout sessions.



In a world where people were tired and irritated with wired headphones and earphones, wireless gadgets appeared as a boon to people. With the simple technology of Bluetooth connecting people's smartphones and their devices quickly, life became much more straightforward and convenient for all. Again, as we said previously, technology's main aim was to better people's daily lives, and when exercise and workout are concerned, neckbands and wireless earbuds both come as a rescue from the wired troubles. These tech savvy and cool gadgets are to be trusted with good sound quality and ease of use.

Portronics' various neckbands and wireless earbuds come with sweat-resistant, silicone bodies that are soft on the skin and too light for the user's comfort. With long battery life and long Bluetooth ranges, both gadgets can confuse people with what to choose and what not to.

Wireless earbuds can appear as a much better option to people when they want to avoid any wires in their gadgets at all costs. However, no wires mean no additional attachment for earbuds. So, if they fall while you are working out, there is a chance of someone stepping on them due to their small size, and sometimes, they can even get lost.

This problem doesn’t exist in neckbands. Neckbands like Portronics' Harmonics 200 come with a sturdy and robust neck collar that makes them much reliable to use when heavy pieces of equipment and machines surround one. Also,  Harmonics 300 has magnetic strips attached to the earbuds, which saves them from dangling independently and protects them better.

So, we suggest if you are a person who prefers indoor workouts, Pilates, or yoga, wireless earbuds are the perfect fit for you. They can be your ideal buddy for indoor exercises and relaxation with their small size and lightweight body. Even people who practice meditation and mindfulness can enjoy calm, serene music with a brilliant sound quality that earbuds like Portronics' Twins 33 or Twins Mini provides.

Although, if you are a person who wishes to enjoy the cool breeze of gardens and the fresh smell of grass in parks, the neckbands are your go-to gadget for your music needs. They form a perfect fit for people who enjoy jogging, racing, or only a walk with your dog in the park. Even for older people in your house, neckbands are much easier to maintain and operate and can be useful for them during their morning or evening walks.

For the people who like to see their muscles pump and their body come in the perfect shape in the gyms, neckbands are a much better fit than wireless earbuds. So, you may be lifting heavy dumbbells or doing a bench press, or simply push-ups; these neckbands won't disappoint or irritate you in between at all.

Finally, after this elaborate and detailed discussion about wireless earbuds and neckband earphones, and headphones, we hope you will be able to make your choice about the perfect gym buddy in terms of your music needs. With the ideal gadget, you will be able to listen to your favorite inspiring and energizing playlist and get in shape as you wished for long.

We believe someone said,  with great music comes great energy and with great strength comes a great spirit of exercising to stay fit. In case you ever wonder who said that it was us only.

For more products and information on wireless earbuds and neckbands, check out Portronics' official website.

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