iKonnect AV

Project iPhone on Large Screen - in 5 seconds

iKonnect AV

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iKonnect AV is of user-friendly size which means it is easy to carry in a single hand with 60 X 10 X 160 mm dimensions. It is capable to fit in your pocket and it is an easier and a better idea. This lightning digital AV adapter is made up of ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene) plastic material which makes it durable enough to bear low temperature as well as irresistible heat. It also provides good immunity against chemicals.
The lightning fast digital AV adapter comes with a HDMI por


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Features & Benefits

    It provides continuous charging to your iOS device eradicating the low battery issues when projecting.


    Easy enough to carry in your pocket and almost zero setup time. No need to carry laptops and avoid hassles of finding projector or pairing with one at client’s place.

  • Connectivity

    Project your iPhone (5 and up), iPod or iPad within a few seconds. Display on a large screen of any HDMI port monitor like TV, Projector etc.


    It supports YouTube, MS Office, Google Chrome and Face Time for a better presentation or conference meetings. Does not support apps which require copyright like Netflix, iTunes, Amazon prime etc.

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