Wrapped-M (Type-C)

Wrapped M Type C Cable Cables Connectors

Wrapped-M (Type-C)

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The Wrapped M cable is a cable solution for Charging and Synch data. The outer cable material is made from elegant and robust PVC material that
makes it very flexible and long lasting. The Wrapped M cables are uniquely designed in terms of designs and are positioned to provide the best
comfort and performance while using. Wrapped M cables comes with unibody PVC housing design won't tangle under any condition.We use
unique Strengthening technique to make the cable strong en


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Features & Benefits
  • Unique Design

    The Wrapped M Type-C cables are uniquely designed to provide the best comfort and performance while using.

  • PVC Housing Design

    Unique Body PVC housing Prevents Knottning

  • 6x More Durable

    Proven to be stronger than other Type-C cables.

  • Unique Strengthening Technique

    Unique technology makes the cable srtong & durable

  • Charge & Sync

    Supply power and transfer data via this cable.

  • Thick Cord

    Wrapped M is extra thick (4.5mm) to make sure that the life of the cable is enhanced significantly

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