Car power III

Car power III

Brief Description

Car Power iii Car Accessories With 4 Ports

Imagine you are going for long drives with your friends and family. With Car Power III, every seat occupant, front or back, can charge his/her smart phone, tab, power-bank or digital camera. You do not need to give your device for front seat occupant to charge it. Car Power III helps maintain privacy of device while charging. Simply plug it in the car charging socket. The device comes with 4 USB ports. It has 6A char


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Features & Benefits
  • Multiport Charging HUB

    The device comes with 4 USB ports. It has 6A charging capacity in total. So you can charge upto four of your 1A to 2.4A 5V devices, simultaneously.

  • Smart IC Charger

    In-built short circuit protection makes it a safe device which adapts to the power supply and automatically shuts down in case of an interference which might not be safe. ​Sophisticated circuit design with over-heated, over-current, over-charging protection will automatically stop charging when battery is full and ensure safety and fast charging. The standardized manufacturing of plastics and the electrical connections ensure these fit very well into standard car charging sockets.

  • Compact Design

    Unique compact design gives you freedom to carry it anywhere. You can put it in your bag or even in your pocket.

  • Back Seat Clip

    A clip on the charger lets you hang it on the car set flap easily. With this clip back seat's passengers easily charge their devices.

  • Quality You Can Count On

    Car Power III has an inbuilt smart chip to protect your smart devices against over-current and over-charging. It can be stored away easily in the car when not used.

  • Universal Compatibility

    It supports all kinds of devices and can quickly charge a mobile phone, camera or tab without a hiccup. You do not have to carry multiple chargers when you have Car Power III as it can efficiently charge all.

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