Beem 100

Beem 100

Brief Description

Beam 100 Portable Projectors

This is the true LED projector, which is well suited for Movies, Presentations or Training, anytime, anywhere. BEEM 100 is not only thinner & smaller than its predecessors but also better in brightness and sound quality.

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Features & Benefits
  • Brightness

    Projector brightness is the most popular feature for any portable projector. BEAM 100 is a 100 lumens projector and is great for 10-20 people in a reasonably dark room. 80 inch diagonal screen length can be easily achieved by keeping the projector 10 feet away from the wall or the screen. One can enjoy movies through the SD card, USB drive or through your computer anytime and anywhere. The device is also useful for proffesionals on-the-go to present important presentations / slides and information to a group.

  • Connectivity

    BEAM 100 is one of the most versatile projectors in the market with an in-built multimedia engine. Movies can be displayed through the USB drives, SD card or through a laptop using the HDMI cable. Projector can be also connected through to the Set-top box via the AVI cable already bundled with the projector. USB and SD cards can include almost any video formats and it takes just seconds to operate the projector.

  • Remote Control

    It Comes With a remote control making it easy to operate.

  • Ultra Portable

    BEEM 100 is ultra portable projector you can carry easily anywhere.

  • Functions

  • Inbuilt Speakers

    The speakers inbuilt in the projector are of excellent quality and are good enough for 10 people sitting in a medium sized room. The Projector also comes with AUX output for connecting external speakers.

  • Accessories

    Attractive packaging design

Tech Specs
  • Weight :
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