Top 10 portable Gadgets for everyday Use

Top 10 portable gadgets for everyday use

The Tech lover who lives within every one of us is eager to invest in gadgets. We love gadgets that make our lives a little bit simpler, and that makes us look updated with technology too. Even if you're someone with many gadgets, there's no denying the thrill most of us experience when we come across an amazing piece of technology. 

Portable gadgets are trending these days. These portable gadgets are easier to carry around and are generally available at affordable prices. These portable gadgets are both high-tech but very useful at the same time. If you're looking for the top gadgets at affordable prices, ranging from earphones to writing pads, we have compiled a list of the top ten portable gadgets to buy in India in 2022.

Top 10 Portable Gadgets for Everyday Use

EnCase 103

It will be your laptop's best friend and will safeguard it through all of its trials and tribulations. It will serve as an excellent cover for your laptop because of its thick foam inner case and well-stitched body.

Besides being waterproof and shockproof, Encase 103  Laptop bag is cushioned and constructed of fabric that will last longer. It features water-resistant qualities, which prevent the laptop from getting damaged by water. The laptop sleeve protects the laptop from compressions and bumps, which extends the laptop’s life.

The laptop sleeve features three different compartments. These compartments hold multiple devices such as a mouse, cables, and a charger. Despite this, the laptop sleeve has ample room to accommodate other items as well!

Portronics EnCase 103 Laptop Bag/Sleeve

PU Leather is one of the strongest fabric options available for durability! The Encase 103 laptop sleeve has a strong handle that can lift the weight for an extended period of time!

16.5*11.5 - Encase 103 is a small-sized bag that can accommodate a variety of laptop manufacturers, including Dell, Lenovo, HP, Mac, and Asus, among others. This laptop sleeve provides excellent protection for your laptop!



Make phone calls without lifting a finger - thanks to a hands-free phone system! The sound drum offers clear and distortion-free phone calls as this Bluetooth speaker features a built-in responsive microphone.

The Sound Drum P is going to revolutionize the way you listen to music with its Bluetooth features. As a result of its clever Bluetooth interface, the device provides smooth communication.

Portronics SoundDrum P Portable Speaker | Wireless speaker

For Extra Connectivity options there is a USB Port. We recommend Sound Drum P if you've got a USB drive that's in need of a marathon. Plug-in your device and listen to your favorite playlists!

Many 20W Bluetooth speakers will have a hard time competing with Sound Drum P's 2000mAh Li-ion battery, which has a long life span. Plugin the speaker and start playing!

AUX In Connection - You can play music using the AUX-In port, thus expanding the device's compatibility. It outputs audio that flows from the source device to the speaker in perfect sync!


Brillo 3 

Using a separate gadget to suit distinct objectives was common practice. But, having a plethora of gadgets capable of doing many tasks has now become the new normal. A light that can charge is the pinnacle of such products and Brillo 3 wireless charger is a 2-in-1 device that eliminates the need for a second bedtime lamp and a separate charger.

If you have a gadget that charges wirelessly, Brillo 3 will perform the work for you in a fraction of the time it would take you otherwise. The light acts as a wireless charging port for devices with a range of up to 10W.

The lamp comes in three different modes to accommodate a variety of applications. The three lighting options available are warm light, warm light+white light, and white light. The modes can be modified depending on the purposes for which they are being used.

Portronics Brillio 3 Smart Lamp with Wireless Charger

Change the lamp's light modes by touching the upper panel of the lamp. The upper panel of the lamp is touch-sensitive, and it may be utilized to do so. The lamp's modes may be changed by tapping your way through it. The touch sensitivity is excellent when in use and the device operates without a hitch.

Power is transmitted through a 1M long cable, which provides for a reasonable range of operation. The cable is TPE, which increases its endurance and also prevents it from overheating and overvoltage. 

Lightweight and portable, the Brillo 3 is a small and lightweight invention that only weighs 176gms yet delivers outstanding performance! The brilliance emits as a lamp and as a wireless charger, it is a wonderful complement to its mobility!

Micro USB Port: The gadget contains a dedicated mini USB input that serves as a bridge for the dissemination of the Brillo 3 capabilities. A large number of devices are compatible with the lamp, which also has a wireless charging tab, thanks to its input connector!


Harmonics 250

Even if you charged it for two hours, Harmonics 250 Neckband Earphone can serve as a steady source of pleasure on extended road journeys! You may use the headset for up to 60 hours!

You may use the wireless stereo headset for an amazing 1000 hours on a single charge! '1000 Hours Standby' On a single charge, it can keep its energy for up to 15 days!

A battery capacity of 800mAh powers the wireless stereo headset for hours on end, even while not in use. You don't have to worry about the headset running out of power while you're listening!

Weighs Harmonics 250 neckband earphone redefines the term "lightweight" with a weight of just 58 grams! This silicone-cased headset, weighing in at little over 58 grams, is going to revolutionize the way you use audio equipment. The necktie is practically undetectable to the naked eye with its soft, squishy feel.

Fast Charging: The wireless headset charges itself in record time, which contributes to its extended life. You may listen to your music for a long time on a single charge with Harmonics 250's lengthy runtime.


Power Plate 7

In order to perform many tasks at once, the power converter offers eight independent outlets for convenience. Using this power board guarantees that all plugged-in devices receive equal power.

A total of 2.1A is available from all six USB ports. The Electricity Power Plate 7 Power Extension contains a total of six USB ports that each deliver 2.1A of power. As long as the connected devices are plugged in, they will receive efficient power output.

The Power Plate 7 comes with a 3M cable that measures 300cm in length. Powerboards can be used to their full potential if they are long enough.

Portronics Power Plate 7 Power Board

It has the most up-to-date power saver technology, making it an important part of everyday life!

In the event of a rapid surge in direct current, Power Plate 7 Power Extension can safeguard the circuit from overvoltage. Voltage protection technology is a part of the power board to help prevent this from happening.

The power extension board prevents heating from occurring when many devices get plugged in. Unpleasant as it may be, excessive heat can destroy electronic equipment.

When a short circuit occurs, Power Plate 7 shuts itself down. This feature ensures that the device does not overheat. There's a risk, though, that the circuit would overreact and shut down if too many items get plugged in.

With a high voltage of 2500W, Power Plate 7 also powers the gadgets hooked into it! Use the devices in a different way to get the most out of them.


Talk One

Everything, including our offices, has become almost entirely virtual due to Pandemic. Conferencing has replaced the traditional office environment, and there is a lack of proper technology. A portable conference speaker can make things easier and more vivid. Portronics Talk One Conference Speaker.

You may place your microphone a little further away, and the clarity of your conference calls will not be affected. It provides maximum mobility as well as over-the-range microphone coverage, resulting in glitch-free communications.

Portronics Talk One conference micOmnidirectional microphone gathers up surround sound voices, refines them, and then sends them out into the universe! This function ensures that the majority of the voices, with the exception of interruptions, are picked up. Even when there are a large number of participants, the highest level of clarity is achieved.

Because of the large number of microphones, the conference speaker is sensitive to voices that can be transmitted over the speakerphone. The portable speaker has three different microphones and they can take up the majority of the voices transmitted across the channels and broadcast them.

No matter what Bluetooth device you have, the zoom speaker may connect to it through operating systems, such as Linux, iOS, or Android. Bluetooth 5.1 is the most recent version. This device has a wide range of compatibility, which implies that you can easily wire via gadgets with it.

The conference speaker is equipped with a dedicated USB port that enables the connection of external devices. It gives you greater flexibility if you have a USB-enabled gadget on hand. You may connect to the internet at any time and from any location, and you will be ready for conference calls.

If you have an AUX-in cable, you can also use the conference speaker effectively if you have an AUX-in slot. It has a dedicated 3.5mm connection for the universal porting of AUX-enabled devices. And the output is not affected in any way by this port.


Power Brick II

Lightning-fast charging has become a lot easier and more hands-on. Even if standard porting is time-consuming, power banks have taken their place as the new standard. Despite this. In addition to allowing lightning-fast charging, the Power Brick II's 10000 mAh battery does so in record time! Your life will be easier and more convenient if you add a power bank to your collection of smart gadgets!

As a result, the Power Brick II dual input and output ports allow great performance! This power bank has the most fundamental functionality with dual input and output ports that can charge a Type C device and a Micro enabled device simultaneously with a total output of 5V/2.4A.

For Android and iOS devices, Portronics Power Brick II power bank guarantees that they are charged to their fullest potential. The question of how long a power bank can be used before it has to be recharged is a common one. Power Brick II would come in handy if we wanted to avoid the repetition of the previous situation.

The Power Brick II's body is scratch-resistant using the most up-to-date coatings technology. The power bank's body is scratch-free even after hard handling.

Even though the power bank has a greater battery, it is still exceptionally light and durable. Normally, higher-capacity power banks tend to be bulkier, but this one is an exception. Even if you're short on space, you can still take it with you.

Conch Gama

In-ear earbuds aren't everyone's favorite these days but many people still like them because of their simplicity. They also have pristine sound quality and when it comes to comfort, there's no disputing that wired earbuds are the best option. They're also the most convenient.

conch gama portronics wired earphone

We all enjoy music that is both loud and clear, and even if it isn't, audio quality should never be sacrificed. Every time you plug in the Portronics Conch Gama wired earphone, you'll enjoy the better sound quality because it's outfitted with the newest audio technology.

Portronics Conch Gama Wired Earphone is an in-ear earphone that sets the bar exceptionally high for its class. It will make you fall in love with the sound of your music.

This is your cue to acquire Conch Gama, which has a built-in microphone to keep you in touch no matter where you are. The in-ear earphone is the best option for making and receiving calls for the greatest coverage.

The only wired earbuds that won't tangle are the tangle-free variety, which is a first for the industry. You won't have to worry about it getting twisted if you maintain it this way.

Ruffpad 15

If you want to draw, jot down notes, study, or practice something new, the Portronics Ruffpad 15 LCD writing pad is the tool for you. Take your little notes with you at all times by putting the Ruffpad 15 LCD writing pad in your pocket or purse.

Ample in size and long-lasting in nature, Allow your creativity to soar to new heights! With the Ruffpad 15, you and your writing will both benefit from a new 15-inch LCD writing pad. However, despite its increased size and improved functionality, it can still be stored almost anyplace and is portable enough to take your artwork with you.

System of smart locks Turns on the built-in lock to prevent your messages, drawings, and notes from being mistakenly deleted with a single swipe. No unintentional wiping of material, thanks to its built-in lock button.

Portronics Ruffpad 15 writing tablet

As much as we care about the environment, you must do too. Save on paper; the Ruffpad 15 rewritable pad enables up to 100,000 overwrites. A rounded-edge Stylus adds an extra layer of protection to this environmentally-friendly product.

Tap once to erase everything. The LCD Writing Pad 'Clear' button can be tapped once to delete all of the material on the screen. Don't throw anything out, and be sure to back up your data. Aside from the fact that it's radiation-free, there are no blazing colors or glares, and it can be used for long periods without a problem.


If you like speakers that are both tiny and powerful, finding the best speaker might be difficult. The standard methodology for speakers is based on higher wattages, such as 20W, 30W, and so on. But what if you could have a perfect blend in a speaker that outperforms both in terms of power and sound?

Bluetooth 5.1 Technology has been included in the wireless speaker, which makes it even more powerful. It has rather strong coverage and can be used across a distance of up to 5 meters, ensuring that you never run out of fun activities.

If you're looking for a speaker that will work with your TWS-enabled speaker, Portronics Buzz Bluetooth Speaker is going to be the best choice! Buzz works nicely in conjunction with another TWS boosted speaker, and you are ready to start blasting music.

An SD card transports us back not needed to a time when storage space was highly sought after. Another advantage was the ability to store favorite music that was difficult to discover, which you can still do with Buzz Bluetooth Speaker. Simply insert your SD card and start jamming.

Portronics buzz portable speaker

Each and every time, the highest objective is to build something that combines mobility with usability and interoperability with other devices. Keeping this in mind, Buzz Bluetooth Speaker takes things up a level by including a Type C charging connector that is really universal and charges in less than an hour.

On a full charge, the speaker can operate continuously for around 6-7 hours, which is significantly longer than the typical runtime of a 5W speaker. Because run time is critical in Bluetooth wireless speakers, Buzz Bluetooth Speaker outperforms the competition in this category.


Buying portable gadgets is one of the favorite things of our generation. We need all kinds of gadgets to stay updated with the latest technology and make things easier for us. There can be many other reasons like new features or a significant enhancement in home entertainment, among other things. We've put together this list to help you find your way through the maze of the newest and greatest products and technologies that are launched to the market on a regular basis. Some of the most innovative devices available from Portronics at competitive costs were showcased here. All of the Portable gadgets are of excellent quality and durability. 

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